THe Astrology In DMC Between Jack and Liz

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Chiki Mina
theres an astrologer (lol) who reads some patterns and watever in the movies. He is analyizing Jack and Liz in an astrological explanation.

Well..I really do not believe in astrology, i only believe in myself(sometimes lol) but anyways i think this might help you guys into annalyze more..

NOW im not sure if anyone posted this but im gonna give this a shot..

Captain Jack Sparrow's Moral Compass, Gemini Johnny Depp and Mercury the Trickster

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was not as bad as the critics led me to believe. (SPOILER ALERT!) If Verbinski had cut the entire sequence when Captain Jack Sparrow was held captive by cannibals, it would have been a much better movie.

However, I'm not a movie critic, I'm an astrologer. After the entertainment buzz lifted, I was left with two indelible images: Captain Jack Sparrow's compass, and Elizabeth Swann's angry ambivalence about her feelings towards Sparrow. The movie would have had no emotional weight without these two themes.

Johnny Depp is a Gemini, and Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. (See my essay Johnny Depp: Messenger of the Gods.) In mythology, Hermes/Mercury is the trickster, the master of duplicity. Hermes invented lies. And what better a character than Captain Jack Sparrow to embody this archetype? Sparrow is duplicitous to the bone -- we (as well as Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner) never know where his loyalties lie. Like a true Gemini, Sparrow often switches sides. He is both good guy and bad guy.

An interesting conceit in Dead Man's Chest is that Sparrow's compass points its user to what he or she wants more than anything else in the world. However, the compass is not working for him. This makes sense: Gemini's attentions go in so many directions. Mercury has no "moral compass." Gemini explores the world without regard for right or wrong. Sagittarius, on the opposite side of the zodiac, rules morals and ethics.

Sparrow convinces Swann to use the compass to find the Dead Man's Chest -- she apparently wants it more than anything in the world, because getting the chest will get her to Will Turner. Later, the pirate attempts to seduce her, claiming that "curiosity" (a key Gemini word) about him and his lifestyle will win her over. She retorts that the compass does not work for him because he is dishonest -- if he were honest, he would know what he wants more than anything else in the world. She seems to be saying that he must not exist solely by his Mercurial nature if he is to get what he wants.

Swann seems to have more of a single-minded nature (Keira Knightley is an Aries), yet the power of the Gemini archetype does take hold of her. When the crew finds the island where the chest is buried, the compass temporarily points at Sparrow. In horror, Swann denies to herself that it is Sparrow she wants.

And later, when the Kracken is attacking the Black Pearl and Sparrow is rowing his boat to safety -- thus abandoning his crew -- he finally feels a conflict between saving himself and saving his ship and shipmates. Only then does the compass point him towards what he wants more than anything else in the world.

Sadly, it is after his return to the ship (and the Kracken's temporary retreat) that Swann (presumably in her rage at him for his duplicity, and at herself for her attraction) handcuffs him to his boat, leaving him to be devoured by the Kracken.

To be continued next summer...


So I believe what this guy is trying to say in other words that it is destiny that put jack/liz together...i think

Well, it's interesting, but it doesn't go much into Elizabeth's personality, nor does it cover Will's personality, so it isn't much help in being a deciding factor on 'fate' as it were.

If he really was going to do a proper astrological reading, he'd need to know more details about Jack's birth and such, and then learn the same stuff about Elizabeth (like rising planets and all that)...

So this is just a very small, not-so-in-depth astrological reading.

Although I could do a few tarot readings and see what comes up. big grin

wow Mina, where did you get that? That was really good and interesting, oh by the way I do believe in astrology.

I Love astrology!! Wow...i appreciate the input....JACK/LIZ thats good!!!

*daydreams about Johnny*

Pirates life fo
Wow you people REALLY do read into things a lot. I can tell you that something was filmed today that may explain a lot about the direction the move may take. That might mean WIll/Liz, it might mean Jack/Liz, it may even mean Chiquita/Liz. That's the monkey. Im not going to say what was filmed or what it explains just that it does explain a lot for those that understand it when they see it.

Hmmmmmmm.....and u know this how?

Pirates life fo
I just know.


Pirates life fo
You dont have to believe me. Lovelyone knows what I am talking about.

Tee HEE!

ok dont hold out on me what are u girls talkin about: wink

Sounds fun and all, but Johnny and Keira aren't really Jack and Liz, you know? It's really interesting you posted this and I'm not slamming you or anything, but it sounds like this astrologer has no life, and is not a deep thinker......bad combination. We have no idea when Jack and Liz were supposed to be born, so....yeah.

Originally posted by Pirates life fo
You dont have to believe me. Lovelyone knows what I am talking about.

Im Not saying i dont....just when i asked u a question u just responded with "I just Know" no explanation, if u wanted to talk about it u would have said something but u i just took ur word for it! Im not one to beg anyone to tell anything!! thats it....but ummm thanks for the slight TIP, i!!

Chiki Mina
im gonna get the link so u all wont think im making this up loool

Im very much an outcast when it comes to astrology, Im me becasue God(not to sound like a religoius maniac), the stars didnt make me. Im sagitaurious and i dont believe caca it says about me bc i dont depend my destiny in the back of a news paper laughing out loud i know im annoying but just alot of ppl depend their lifes in the stars when they should within themselves. im gonna shut the hell up now lol


Im gonna refrase what the astrologer said about jack/liz

It was destiny that led these 2 together. Everything has a purpose

Jack wouldnt even bother to go to port royal if Barbossa havent mutiny him and stole his Pearl. He wouldnt have met liz and rescue her!!

Why did liz had that dream? What made her go get the medallion she had hidden for years?? Its incredible that she had that dream about her meeting will reminded her about the medallion. IMO the purpose why she had the dream was like a calling for her.

A change in the wind

You're not as big an outcast as you think, chiki. I too am a Christian and refuse to believe there is a guide like the stars that dictates my personality and life. It's a bunch of bullshit if you ask me, and I have read on it and researched it, so it's something if you can really try something sincerely and find it doesn't work. Back to POTC....
As to why she had the dream, while I don't believe in astrology, I do believe in temporary ESP. Most people at least once have felt some anticipation when something exciting is about to happen. I think Liz woke up that day knowing that day would be like no other.

Chiki Mina
It was a feeling that liz had when she woke up that her dream will finally come true to meet a true pirate. And know the sense of freedom.

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