my new theory

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guys, i have a new theory. i actually dont believe it myself, but i can sure come up with a lot to back it up!!!

in the choke on it scene, Jack goes on and on about how Elizabeth can read the maps and do all that captainy stuff. everytime Will is doing something Captainy, she is doing something even more captainy.

she is basically Jack's foil, so she ought to be a captain as well, and a semi-immortal one at that!

the wedding dress sinking after a kraken attack symbolizes her union with the ocean.

the fact that she is mistaken for calypso shows that she has an immortal spark to her, even if she doesnt realize it yet.

the "searching for her husband lost at sea" would represent her searching out and rescuing souls lost at sea. since she has had a lot of fiances, that totally fits in.

Liz is a better captain than jack, actually.

ALL of Liz's ties to port royal have been cut.

Movie 3 would come full circle if Liz ended up immortal, after all her near-death experiences and then being mistaken for an immortal.

The first soul she saves? Jack, of course. Tia was helping her into this destiny by allowing her to basically lead the rescue mission for Jack.

HAHAHAHA im having fun. too bad im banned, or i would plop this theory down at kttc with some fake interviews that seemingly confirm it. teehee!!! big grin

here's a FAKE interview that confirms this theory. big grin

MovieWatcher: So how has it been, saying goodbye to the character of Elizabeth?

Keira: Oh I haven't said goodbye yet. Definatley not. As long as Johnny's keeping his gold teeth on reserve, I'll keep my corset in the closet.

MovieWatcher: We've heard rumors of a 4th installment. Can you tell us anything about that?

Keira: F--- do I look like a producer? I have no idea. I mean of course we'd all like that... but there are a lot of elements that would have to come together to make that work. I will say that movie 3 leaves certain things open, which would be fun to explore more in another picture.

MovieWatcher: And what about your character's relationship with Will Turner?

Keira: That's a pretty vague question.

MovieWatchers: Was it difficult to keep the chemistry between you guys fresh?

Keira: No, never. Orlando's just brilliant. He's me mate. And with the third film, there was a different feel to Elizabeth and Will's relationship. Things are taking a different turn. There are tough decisions, and there was a lot of closure to walk through. And then, new beginnings on the horizon.

MovieWatcher: We've also heard rumors that one of the main characters will become the next Davy Jones...

Keira: Not another Davy Jones, but rather there will have to be a new captain of his ship. This is a somewhat confusing part of the film, because I think everyone expects one character to do it, but it's going to take everyone by surprise. The 3rd film just has more of a supernatural feel to it. I think for Elizabeth, she has been caught up in this world she's always dreamed about being a part of, and she wants to stay there. She wants to live that life. It's very difficult for her to balance out this new desire with her old dreams, but this whole Davy Jones thing offers her a way to do that. It's a huge step, but ultimately, it's the right choice for her.

you made that interview up right? lol

yes of course!!!!

too bad it aint true though. LOL. we should post it on kttc and say its true. hehehehe. oh geee....

LOL would be funny

r all of oyu guys banned from there? cuz if you are then id be glad to post it! big grin lol

do it!!!! big grin and prepare to join the proud ranks of the banned with us...

YAY! ive been a memeber on thwere for a while but never posted...i couldnt stand those Will Liz lovers!

this ought to be fun! lol big grin

Oh Kate you are so freakin good, I believed it all the way. laughing out loud

yay! smile luv ya guys.

hahaha. im out to bed then. night guys!

that was awsome Kate:
SOme one does need to post that on KTTC, ASAP big grin

LOL OMG BRILLIANT i was actually believing that for a while , but i know keira is keeping her mouth shut supa tight and will not open it for any amount of money or jewels lol.

Kate u are definately a genious!! LOL!!They would probably start a threapy thread of their own with!!!

hahahahaha YAY! smile

I said do it send them straight into a stray!!!laughing

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