Rush speaks of POTC3

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I read this over at JDZ...I'm sorry I'm not allowed to post links yet but here is what he said about POTC3:

Rush is speaking from Los Angeles, where he is putting the finishing touches on the third and final instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

"Actually, finishing touches is a bit of an understatement," he laughs. "We're sort of filming the grand finale of the great trilogy where 12 plots all converge on one massive, almost mythological, action sequence. It's quite extraordinary and bigger than Ben-Hur.

"The scene we're shooting is a global pirate summit, and I can't say much because (producer) Jerry Bruckheimer might kill me."

The production, called At World's End, made the news recently, thanks to claims Rolling Stone Keith Richards, shooting a cameo as Jack Sparrow's father, was drunk on the set.

Rush is of no help one way or the other in laying the story to rest.

"I think with Keith you get such an excitable persona you're not quite sure where he's at," Rush says.

"The man I met on set was a very playful, excitable kid . . . this completely eccentric character turns up and plays by totally different rules to the slightly more manicured actors who turn up, so that was very, very thrilling."

Johnny Depp, who famously modelled the Jack Sparrow character after Richards, knew who was boss, Rush says.

"He's the only person in the whole trilogy of films who can put Jack Sparrow in his place, and anyone who can put Johnny Depp in his place is a pretty cool guy."

Though the first Pirates movie was a hit with critics and audiences, the second, Dead Man's Chest, was notable for the fact the reviews were so bad -- and the box office so utterly, utterly enormous.

"There was something in the audience saying, 'Whatever is going on, we want to acknowledge our love of Jack Sparrow and the pirate world'," Rush says.

"And other films became runaway hits despite what any critics think. Critics hated Citizen Kane when it came out."

A global Pirate summit? Hmm, interesting....wonder if that is the scene with all the characters talking and all....

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242 days i think till potc 3 lol

242?! wow. i can remember when i started counting down from like, 280 or somthing! really wasn't THAT long ago. you just have to stop thinking about it too much and it'll go by faster... hard i know!

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a little of patience wouldnt hurt big grin Next thing we know its gonna be already May!! at leaste our DMC dvd is coming son smile

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i liked this interview...keith richards...what a legend big grin

you know it seems lately that every tv channel i turn on SOMEONE is talking about jack sparrow...

in england there is a show called 'the johnathan ross show' and there was an old rock band on with bandanas and funny fashoin sense, and when they were being interviewed, johnathan ross told them that the last time he saw them they were on the black pearl with jack sparrow lolsmile

Jack sparrow is like a whole person now...hes this icon that johnny has created...but hes got a life of his own...its crazy!!! big grin

But i'm loving it because for so long johnny has tried to hide his talents behind low budget films and stays away from the media...and then he decides to do a big budget film...and LOOK WHAT HAPPENS....

he created another person big grin

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