TA vs Warhammer 40K and UEF

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clash of 3 universes, TA seeks the destructuion of both UEF and 40K universes, in desperation they band together to fight the machines. (gwarsh this reminds me of terminator)

wow i thought this might be popular but what do you know? no expression

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Warhammer pwns TA, they have too many armies

TA is huge in numbers and soilders are far larger than any of either army... but yes they are heavily out numbered at best

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Warhammer has space ships which blow up planet not to mention all the Gods

TA has the superior technology.... i would've thought anyways

Peewees alone fires projectiles equivalent of kiloton nukes (ala concentrated fire). There also measured to about 30 feet tall.

To kill AK's you need firepower equivalient to a 1 megaton nuclear bomb. Thats some pretty crazy shite.

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thats a load of rubbish lol, 1 kiloton nuke per shot, what are you smokin i want some....i love TA but if the weakest unit fired 1 kiloton nuke blasts they would not use nuklear weapons

Heres the calcs that I found for the AK

Some statistics for the AK (taken from ingame pressing F1)
Max Velocity: 20.6m/s = 74.16 km/h
Acceleration : 1.1 m/s/s
Turn rate : 181 degrees/s

The following calcs attempt to obtain the absolute minium stats for the AK.

Not to get a comparison of the weapon the AK has:
It has a laser (with technobabble).
The internal game files(these undergo some altering by the game especially velocities & accleration) state that it has :
max damage: 265

The weapon has the following raw states:
reloadtime=.865 (in seconds)
damage done =30 (laser damage, ie no splash damage)

Max damage/ damage per hit = number of hits needed
265/30 = 53/6 = 8.833
Thus the Ak can take 8(truncating down) of its own weapon shots.

Now to get a useful information I will compare it to the nuclear missile. Since all the files are consitant, any scaling done by the game cancels.

Nuclear missile:
edge effectiveness = 1/4 (% of damage that is applied at the edge)

Ak laser damage/ nuclear missile damage = 30/5500 = 3/550
So the AK's laser is 3/550 th weaker than the nuclear missile.
Thus it only takes 12/275 th of the nuclear missiles' peak firepower.
It only takes 3/275 th of the nuclear missiles' firepower at the absolute edge

Given the lowest value I've seen is 100mt for the nuclear weapon:

Absolute minium:100mt * 3/275 = ~1.090 mt
Middle value:100mt * 12/275 = ~4.36 mt
High Value:100mt * 53/6 * 3/550 = 53/11 = ~4.8181 mt

Minimum of 1 mt to kill just an AK!
So not only is it fast, but take a hell of a pounding.

Can some one check that for me?

These values use data from Original TA version 3.1 with Core contingency & Battle Tactics installed.

:edit: Quicker way to do it.
Divide the hitpoints of the unit with the damage the nuke does, Times by the yield of the nuke. Doing this for the AK gets a value of ~4.8181mt

So yeah.
With that said we can assume that the nuclear weaponry they use would be a triple digit nuke compressed to meet a certain radius of ground.

and make a note that mt stands for Megatons.

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