Nash vs. Balrog

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Nash (A.K.A. Charlie) from SFA3, has escaped from Shadoloo HQ. His new mission: Take down the 4 devas. And to start things off, he's going after the brutal boxer, Balrog. Both fighters have their SFA3 movesets.

Balrog is no stranger to fighting, being a one time heavyweight champion, till he was banned for brutality. (And possibly emulating Mike Tyson laughing ) His gigaton blow killed an elephant belonging to Dhalsim in one hit.

Nash is the former US martial arts champion, lieutenant in the US air force, and best friend of Guile. He tried to teach Guile his fighting style, but ultimately remained a far better fighter until his demise. His higher skill is evident is that he uses only one hand for his sonic boom and performs the somersault kick backwards.

Now he's back, and ready for revenge. Nash vs. Balrog. Ready....., FIGHT!

god damn it. This is a good thread, why hasn't anyone posted? It's not like I said Guile instead of nash....

Charlie will rape Balrog.

too bad he is dead, he never had the chance to reach his full potential. if he still was alive, he were probaly stronger be then Ryu!!!!!!!!!! i'm not joking!!

Nash is very good. I doubt he could beat Ryu after Oro gets through with him. But before that, a very interesting match. Nash smashes Balrog into the ground in this fight. This is the first match in a series, guess who the next 3 are? whistle

Balrog is way cooler. But Nash is alot better, this is one of the few times facts go against my opinion of whos cooler, pity really

Nash is better, I'm not sure how Balrog is cooler. Charlie wins.

nash, i'm puzzled by the fact of how anyone who knows them both could think balrog might win erm

Surprisingly, the match is dead even. But yes, I believe Nash has this one in the bag. Which is why I'm starting the 2nd match in the series. Given the MO so far, try and guess who it is? wink

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.