Top 10 Zelda characters.

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Ok, which Zelda characters would you put in the top 10 list. It's their fighting capabilities and power of course....

Phantom Ganon

Interesting list. My list would probably be....

(I'm only gonna put in one Link, it's so hard to know how good they all are)

1. Oh boy, I don't know about this. I'm tied between OOT Link and OOT Ganondorf. I don't think anyone could beat Ganondorf really at this time, they would have if they could in OOT, or maybe they did not want to take any chances. I'd say it's a tie....

2. Wind Waker Ganon. He is weaker than OOT Ganondorf, but he cannot be killed by any means but the master sword, and he is very agile, strong, fast and a good swordsman. His power is also impressive...

3. Majoras Mask. In overall power he'd probably be an inch behind Ganondorf. He can put a moon out of it's orbit by sheer willpower, and he clearly toys with the people in Termina (since he can speed up it's fall at will, but he doesn't until he feels threatened). He can turn people into things such as Deku's or trees if he wants to or have souls to spare.

4. Fierce Diety Link is a damn good fighter, in pure combat he could arguably be on top of the list....

5. Hmm, I don't know, Vaati maybe?

6. Bongo Bongo is good, since he is invisible most of the time, and his size and his strenght makes him a hard opponent for most people to beat. Remember that without the lens of truth, he handed Link's ass to him in some seconds....

7. Volvagi, Zelda states that if he was not down by the time Link completes the fire temple, he would have ruined whole Hyrule alone...

8. Damn I'm running out of ideas. Helmaroc King or Lord Valoo maybe?

9. Twin-Rova???

10. Well, if Morpha went into the ocean, he could control all the water there. That would be sickly powerful. However, since I'm not gonna give him that kind of advantage here, I'd probably put Phantom Ganon or puppet Ganon here....

1. MM Link... With all those mask i dont wanna fight against him. His strong and powerfull, and absolutly my favorite.

2. OOT Ganondorf... Wow, that guy knows what he is doing. Power, power and power.

3. Majoras Mask... Many things are said by this mask, it seems to be very powerfull.

4. WW Ganon... Now he is both good at fighting and talking!

5. Twin rova... They have been visiting Link both in OOT and OOS and OOA

Pewh... 5 last ... tell ya later wink

Cool list.

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