Terminator Timelines

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Original Timeline: 1984-2029

May 12th, 1984
Cyberdyne Machine Network sends terminator (Cyberdyne Systems T-800, Model 101) back in time from 2029 to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor. Tech-Com sends Kyle Reese to protect Sarah Connor. Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor conceive John Connor. Cyberdyne Systems recovers microprocessor and cybernetic endoskeleton arm.

*Kyle Reese: Terminated
*T-800, Model 101: Terminated

February 28th, 1985
John Connor is born.

Sarah Connor committed to Pescadero Mental Institution after an attempt to destroy one of Cyberdyne's facilities.

Sarah Connor diagnosed with leukemia.

Miles Dyson, Director of Special Projects at Cyberdyne Systems Corporation, starts development on a neural net processor. Cyberdyne becomes the world largest supplier of military computers and computerised weaponry. Work on Skynet begins. John Connor and Katherine Brewster meet briefly at Mike Kripke's home where they share their first kiss.

August 4, 1997
Skynet goes online, omitting almost all human interaction with military operations. It begins to learn at a geometric rate. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense.

August 29, 1997
Skynet becomes self aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time. The humans panic, and in chaos, they try to shut it down. Skynet fights back with initiating nuclear war by attacking Russia. Russia launches a counter attack against the United States to eliminate the enemies of Skynet.

Post-Judgement Day
John Connor and Katherine Brewster began to organize survivors with what's left of General Robert Brewster's United States military contacts and resources. Years later, Connor meets a young slave named Kyle Reese from one of Skynet's concentration camps. Reese joins Connor's forces. John later subjects Reese to some rigid combat and survival trainings, secretly knowing of the young man's destiny.

An advanced model of the T-600 is created, with cloned skin made to look like ordinary humans. The new T-800 is now made of living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. They can still be detected by dogs. Cyberdyne Machine Network sends a T-800, Model 101 back to 1984, and Tech-Com sends Kyle Reese to follow it. Skynet's defense grid is smashed, and the humans win the war. Prototype terminator T-1000 created. Skynet and its Machine Network sends the T-1000 back to 1995. In response, Tech-Com sends a reprogrammed T-800, Model 101 to protect John Connor.

Alternate Timeline #1: 1995-2032

Cyberdyne Systems T-1000 and the Tech-Com reprogrammed T-800, Model 101 arrive in 1995. Sarah Connor broken out of Pescadero Mental Institution. Miles Dyson dies during a police shootout at Cyberdyne Systems. T-1000 and T-800 destroyed at steelmill. Sarah and John Connor leave Los Angeles.

Sarah Connor dies from leukemia at Baja, Mexico. She is cremated and her ashes scattered in the sea. In accordance of her will, weapons are stored in her coffin.

Sarah Connor: Deceased

John Connor and Katherine Brewster reunite at Emmery Animal Hospital. CRS-Skynet becomes self aware and launches a massive nuclear attack aross the world.

Post-Judgement Day
Skynet begins campaign to exterminate the human race. John Connor and Katherine Brewster begin to organize survivors to form Tech-Com. Jose Barrera, William and Elizabeth Anderson, and sixteen others eventually form parts of the Tech-Com's Command.

July 4th, 2032
Cyber Research Systems T-850, Model 101, infiltrates Tech-Com headquarters and assassinates General John Connor. CRS-Skynet Machine Network sends Cyber Research Systems T-X to 2005 to terminate Tech-Com's leaders. General Katherine Brewster reprograms T-850 as their agent and sends it back to 2005.

John Connor: Terminated

Alternate Timeline #2: 2005

Skynet sends Cyber Research Systems Model T-X Terminatrix from 2032 to terminate all Tech-Com leaders. John Connor reunited with Katherine Brewster at Emmery Animal Hospital. Tech-Com sends Cyber Research Systems T-850, Model 101 to protect them. United States Air Force General Robert Brewster takes over Cyberdyne's Skynet project with Cyber Research Systems (CRS). Skynet becomes fully operational and launches a mass nuclear attack across the world. John Connor and Katherine Brewster take refuge at Crystal Peak's fallout shelter.

*T-X: Terminated
*T-850, Model 101: Terminated
*General Robert Brewster: Terminated
*CRS Staff: Terminated
*Jose Barerra: Terminated
*Elizabeth Anderson: Terminated
*William Anderson: Terminated
*Scott Mason: Terminated

Post-Judgement Day
"The future is not set, there's no fate but what we made for ourselves."

Benhacker cool

Very good and thanks for posting it. It helps sometimes just to look at the time lines for the Terminator films to help make it just that bit more clearer. I know some people can't get their head round it. That must of took some time to do. Once again, thanks, I enjoyed reading that. Anything about the Terminator films is always a good way to start the day. Well for me it is.


T800 CSM101
good stuff, it cleared up some stuff, fort me any way

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