Villains of the Dc and Marvel Universe

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[My rp is centered entirely on the Villains of the comic book universe, specifically those of Marvel and DC comics. Other comic branches are welcome. In this game, the villains are the protagonists, while the heroes are the antagonists. Villains vie to destroy the heroes once and for all, and are in escence, the "heroes" of this game, in that they are meant to win. I've decided on a select group of villains to start up the team, and they are : The Joker (founder, played by me.) Clayface, Blob, Killer Croc, Sabretooth, Riddler (Also probably played by me, havent decided yet.), Mystique, Toad, and Juggernaut. All but Joker need to be filled. Also, go ahead and bring whatever hero you want in. but again NO GOD MODDING. Superman CAN die. But it would take him overexherting himself for a very long period of time as was the case when Doomsday killed him. More classic villains are welcome too.

Rules: 1) No one is immortal, short of having a very good reason to not die in a certain incident. (I.E. Juggernaut) And that must be approved by me.
2) Commonly, attacks on the heroes or the people of Gotham/Newyork/or wherever are to be crafted by Joker, or presented by an underling to him. He is the mastermind of the operation.
3)Heroes of Marvel or DC will of course form the opposition. Anyone who wishes to be any superhero must first get my permission. Same goes for extra Villains not already listed. New hero/villains are welcome.
4) Creation sheet is as follows
Name: (choose a pre-existing char if you want, chances are I already know about them.)
Level of loyalty: (i.e headstrong or loyal servant.)
Hand-to-hand combat skills:
Mental Stability: (WHOOOO CRAZYS! )

Souichiro Nagi
Has it been approved.

please tell me this is.

Im trying for it, No one is responding. It is a pretty nifty idea though, no? big grin

cant really make the thread until its approved, but meh..

I've never started one of these myself.... Some advice/help would be appreciated, please.

How do I know its approved or not? I posted the idea in the right place. Could it have just gone unnoticed?

Made the thread a few days ago.Im assuming that if they had a problem with it, they'd have deleted it already.

you should stop posting here until you get approved or else it won't

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.