Battle Royale Game Sign Ups

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Register here to enter the battle royale.

Battle Royale is based on the rather violent Japanese movie, basically sign up here, the more people, the more fun, then I'll start a new thread with the actual commencing Battle Royale, rules are simple.

Each of you starts with 20 lives as you register and become part of battle royale, once you're out, you're out, how you decide to take out the oppoent of your choice, is well...your choice.

Note: If they attack you back, you loose a life, and so on, so you might not want to pick a fight with an individual person or that will seal your fate as you fire back and fourth and other contestants find it easier to kill you off with your lower number of lives, word of advice, let noone have more lives then you, take out the person at the top to stay at the top, or at least stay close.

Next rule, You can only have another go once someone else has replied with an action, no double posting, your action will simply be ignored. But no double posting is probably a standard rule on KMC anyway.

The winner is the last man standing.

Apart from that, the only other rule is, make sure your kills are as crazy as possible, lol, we want weird frags.

I will also be in this

Heres an example:

Key: () = Number of lives

(20) Tom: Pulls out the big guns and goes locoroco on Terry
(19) Terry: Calls air strike to bombard Sonia
(19) Sonia: Spreads peanut butter on Tom and eats him
(19) Tom: Cuts off head of voodoo doll of Sonia with scissors, sight isn't pretty!

Get the drift? Get registering smile

I'm in. =|

Okay, got 1, need at least 10, 9 to go.

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there is already a thread for this if you want to try and revive it.

Nice sig, Kuchiki. My friend influenced me to come back and post on this site.

Thanks, I've been using photoshop lately happy

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.