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The rain was coming down unusually hard. The strong winds made the rain seem to be moving horizontally. Lightning and thunder crashed in the night sky, illuminating the darkness then filling it with nature's tympani. But the weather was never a deterrent when a hit was demanded.

Paradise X walked through the streets coming from the house of his latest target. Paradise had to get out of that place quickly. The target screamed a little too loudly as he was being burnt by the fireball Paradise hurled at him. However, once he got onto the street and melded into the various other folks walking quickly through the storm, he felt a sense of safety, not common in his line of work. Still, he walked somewhat briskly, his hulking physique alone was cause enough for most of the other people of the street to give him a wide enough berth to make his way through without many obstacles.

He flipped the collar up on his long trenchcoat, half to protect himself from the elements and half to protect his face from searching eyes. His wide-brimmed hat was dipped low also to shield his face. His heavy boots splashed through the puddles, but, however heavy they may have looked, made sounds of a slipper on a freshly waxed marble floor. If Paradise was one thing, it was quiet.

He finally reached his destination, a small, run-down hotel. He walked up the stairs and made a left when he reached the second balcony. He reach room 39 and opened the door and stepped in, making sure to lock the door behind him. He grimaced as he looked around the shit hole the proprietors of this establishment passed off as a room. It was a shit hole in every sense of the word. The bed was shit, an old spring mattress with metal spring poking through here and there. The television was shit, they offered 100 channels but about 20 of them actually came through clearly. The bathroom was shit, it looked like it hadn't been clean in ages and hardly looked like a place worth entering to try and clean oneself. The sole table was shit, wobbly and only held sturdy by the Bible that came free with the room. At least it came in use for something, he thought as he chuckled.

But luxury wasn't something Paradise needed. He didn't even spend most of his time in the room. Most of his time the past 4 days were spent watching the target and planning out the kill. He'd spend the night here and leave tomorrow as early as possible and head back home.

After a thorough check of the room he walked over to the table. He took off his hat and coat and laid them on the table. His arsenal was now visible. He unlatched the buckle on his chest and removed the two swords in sheaths from his back. He did the same the the gun holsters strapped to his upper body. He removed his belt which held a bunch of little compartments that held various things like ammunition, smoke bombs, hook and rope, and some other stuff. He also unbuckled the straps around his right upper thigh which held a small cylindrical case. He put all this on the table then moved is to the nightstand next to the bed. He removed the small, stainless steel cylinder that was in the case and placed it on the nightstand. He also took one of the guns out and laid on the bed, keeping possession of the gun. Yes, he'd sleep here tonight, and leave tomorrow morning. Paradise X drifted away in his thoughts which melted into dream.

(ooc/ci I never actually knew what those stood for but anyways i would like to join this roleplay it looks way awesome. And I have never actually role played with you, so I was wondering what type of sample paragraph/role play/short story you woud like me to show you of mine. I love roleplaying and haven't done it in a while considering my other roleplaying site crashed so I'm looking for a fun roleplay. Anyways I beleive and promise to follow all the rules just tell me what I should write to get to join in big grin)

Nyuu were following Kohta and Yuka kindly trough the supermarket when they were to go shopping. "A big smile like always" Kohta said and laughed as he patted Nyuu on the head. Nyuu closed her eyes and cuddled her head to Kohta's hand like a cat. It almost even sounded like she was purring like a cat too. Kohta smiled and turned to Yuka, and with a steady smile on his face he pointed into the direction of a quick food place. "Let us go grab something to eat. I am starving" He said, and Yuka smiled at him "You go ahead, I have to visit the bathroom." She replied to him, and Nyuu were looking at both of them. They went in spread directions, Nyuu stood in the middle and did not know what to do. She looked at both of them over and over again when they walked away. After a short amount of time, she followed Yuka.

Yuka were just about to enter the bathroom, when she noticed Nyuu standing next to her. "No, you can not come with me inside. A bathroom visit is private" She said, and Nyuu got a sad expression on her face. Yuka noticed this and took a deep breath. "No, no, do not get sad. For the good of the world, do not get sad" She said and faked a smile. "Alright, come with me then" She said and sighed. Nyuu gave out a cheering meep before following Yuka into the toilet. It was fortunately a public toilet with several doors to separate toilets. Yuka blushed as she pulled Nyuu trough the toilet who had several other women in it, and they both entered one of the unlocked ones. "Just be quiet" She said to Nyuu who silently nodded.

Minutes passed, and eventually Nyuu and Yuka arrived to Kohta who had three hamburgers ordered. Yuka engulfed her rather quickly, and Kohta was not far behind. Nyuu on the other hand have only had one piece of burger. "Nyuu, you have to eat" Kohta said and took a piece of her hamburger, putting it into her mouth. She rapidly spitted it out, and Yuka got this annoyed look on her face. "NYUU!" She said, and Nyuu shrugged back from the sudden loud voice of Yuka. "That is not nice. NOT NICE!" She said, and Nyuu crawled into a little ball of shame. "Now calm down, Yuka. Nyuu did not do that on purpose. I am sure it was just hot" He said, and Nyuu nodded slightly and relieved as she had an excuse now. "Now have another bite, Nyuu" Kohta said, and placed another piece of the burger in her mouth. That one, too was spitted out.
Yuka got up from her chair annoyed, and walked out of the restaurant. Kohta sighed, and looked at Nyuu "Stay here" He said and walked after her "Yuka.. Wait!" He said.

As the two of them stood outside the restaurant, unhearable talking; Nyuu looked down upon the hamburger. She took half the burger in one bite, and then the rest in another. All dirty around the mouth, she licked the plate. Once her plate was licked, she went over to Kohta's plate until it was clean too. She quickly drank up the soda in hers and Kohta's drink, and quickly did she wipe the dirt of Yuka's seat as an attempt to make up for annoying her.

The two came back into the restaurant and stood stunningly silent, observing Nyuu sitting there, hands clenched together and a smile of satisfaction on her face. "You emptied your plate." Kohta said "And mine" He said and took his plate up. "Our soda as well" He said and scratched the back of his head. She smiled and nodded, and he gave out a relieving sigh. "Pleased to see you are in such a good mood, Nyuu" He said and patted her on the head. Nyuu and Yuka helped Kohta taking of the table, before they left the restaurant. "Now what would you two like to do?" Kohta said and looked at the girls. "Nyuu! Nyuu!" Nyuu said and pointed into the direction of a mechanical riding horse. The two friends laughed at Nyuu, took her to the horse, placed her on the seat and she was ready for a ride. Yuka inserted several coins for a long, relaxing ride and she herself and Kohta went over to one of the benches and observed it. "An 18 old baby!" Yuka said and smiled, and placed her arm over Kohta's shoulder. Kohta nodded "Mhm" He said, and leaned his head over her shoulder.

It took Joey a while to get out of bed, as usual. He stretched himself out over his mattress and yawned loudly before climbing out from the tangle of sheets he had made (he had never been a peaceful sleeper). After pulling on some clothes and sorta brushing his teeth, he walked down tot he kitchen, expecting to see Sarah fixing breakfast. Instead, he was greeted by a small note:

"I decided to go shopping today, so you're on your own until 5. I made some breakfast earlier, but you may need to heat it up. And if you don't wreck the house this time, maybe I'll get you a little something.


Looking at the time, he said, "Great, what'm I supposed to do for 6 hours..." He plopped himself down in front of the television and turned on some news, then opened the mail.

"Bills, bills, sweepstakes, bills, ads... Hey, what's this?" A small, black envelope had sneaked its way into their mailbox, with no return address, but it had been sent specifically to Joey. He quickly opened it, his curiosity getting the better of him, and read it.

"Congratulations Reader... participate in a local tournament... King of Otherworld... tournament of all tournaments... three shall reign..." He thought about it for a moment, then said, "I've never heard of this Otherworld... If this is another prank by that brat, Derick, I swear..."

((Not much, but it gets me in there...))

The three of them were walking home after their shopping moments in the mall. Nyuu was more than satisfied by everything she played with, everything she ate and everyone she met. Walking between Kohta and Yuka, she had this great smile on her face and held them both in their hands. A piece of paper flew over their head and Nyuu let go of their hands, jumping up after the piece of paper. She grabbed it, turned her back on Kohta and Yuka and started to read it.

"What was that you found there, Nyuu?" Yuka asked with a smile, but only got a rapid "Nyu" back as reply. "Now now, you will not keep any secrets to us" Yuka said and walked up behind Nyuu to read the paper. Nyuu turned around, to make sure it was unreadable for Yuka from where she was standing. Slightly annoyed, Yuka tried snatching it from Nyuu's hands but she just turned again which made Yuka miss the attempt to grab the paper. "Kohta!" Yuka said and looked at her cousin.

"Now now, Nyuu. Do not be selfish. Yuka want to read the paper too" He said gently and Nyuu looked over in the two's direction. Happily, she ran up next to Kohta and waved with the hand holding the paper. Kohta grabbed it, while Yuka got more annoyed than before "She never listens to me" She said, putting her arms crossed.

Kohta read the piece of paper out loud, to make sure the two girls heard it.

"This can not possibly be directed at us" Yuka said and walked up next to Kohta, who shook his head. "No, not a chance. There are far better fighters out there in the world" He replied her and they both stood silent for a while. Half a minute later Kohta where about to say something, when you could hear Nyuu giggling in the background. Both turned around and observed the girl, who chased a butterfly across the street forth and back. "Nyu nyu!" The girl giggled.
Kohta and Yuka looked at each other, then back at Nyuu. "No way!" Kohta said, turning his glare back at Yuka again. "It can not possibly be directed to her. It just came flying. No way!" He said and Yuka placed her hand at his shoulder. "Calm down now"

They got home to their house and Kohta was walking side by side with Yuka, as they whispered something. Nyuu walked several meters behind, not being able to hear what they said. She did not mind since she had this pretty, but smashed butterfly in her hand. The butterfly were of the most beautiful colors, but also covered with this green goo which seemed to be butterfly blood. Nyuu just giggled and bounced into the house right after Kohta and Yuka, closing the door as she entered.

By this time, Nyuu had grown tired of her butterfly that was not moving anymore. She scrapped it, as well as the green goo of her hand. With a smile, she walked up to Kohta and was pulling in his arm. She pointed at the piece of paper that he held in his hand and with a sigh, Kohta opened his mouth "Nyuu, we have to talk" He took a deep breath and swallowed what to him felt like spiked iron "Lucy too. We need to talk" He said and Nyuu arched an eyebrow, before her eyes switched from something big and innocent, to something not quite as innocent and way more serious.

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