Guild Wars RPG Part I: Ascalon.

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Sorry for further delays; been busy to the point where running my RPs has taken all my reasonable time. Thanks for not cluttering the thread.

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Guild Wars RPG.

It is 1070AE (after Exodus) and Ascalon is at war, fighting a double battle against both the human kingdoms of the Krytans and the Orrians in the Guild Wars, and the Charr invading from the North. The fight is not going well, but the Great Northern Wall always protects Ascalon from the worst of the threat.

However, the Wall is unable to protect Ascalon forever. The Charr are able to use a powerful ritual which calls fire and crystal meteors from the sky, known as "The Searing", destroying the Wall and turning Ascalon into a wasteland.

Two years later, Prince Rurik and his father King Adelbern, the leaders of Ascalon, fight a losing battle against continued assaults from the Charr. As the players fight through the wasteland helping where they can, they find the legendary horn Stormcaller, which is said to hold immense power against invaders of Ascalon. Rurik is able to use the Stormcaller to weaken the invading Charr and push them out of the capital, Rin. Rurik and Adelbern argue about the next move. Adelbern wants to fight off the Charr but Rurik, after seeing Rin's devastation, wants the people of Ascalon to flee across the Shiverpeaks to the safety of Kryta. For this traitorous sentiment the King exiles his son from Ascalon.

(This will be the setting for the first part of the RP. If this RP turns into a success, I will post a new one stating the setting of the next place and continue from there until we head into the next place, and repeat the same action until the RP finally ends.

You can either make your own character or take one of the existing ones that will last throughout the game.

Here is a list of the characters that last within the entire game and need filling out.

Aidan (age 32, Ranger): He was born in Borlis Pass (An area in the next RP version) on the way from Kryta to Ascalon. His mother died in childbirth, and he was raised by his huntsman father. Due to his upbringing he is adept with the bow and excellent at tracking. Aidan is perhaps the wisest out of the heroes but never feels the need to lecture the party unless absolutely necessary.

Brother Mhenlo (age 22, Monk): He is, for the most part, calm and composed, qualities he learned from his training as a monk in Cantha (A different continent). He does however have the tendency to deliberate when it comes to taking action, due to the conflicting views of his parents' patron deities (his mother was a priestess of Dwayna, the goddess of healing, and his father a priest of Balthazar, the god of war). He was born in Serenity Temple.

Cynn (age 20, Elementalist): She was born into nobility, but lost her parents when her home in the city of Surmia was incinerated by the Charr during the Searing. She was trapped under the rubble of her home for several days until a Charr looting party dug her out (who were promptly killed by the naturally magically talented Cynn). She is hot-tempered and fiercely independent. She is in love with Mhenlo and is overprotective of him.

Devona (age 24, Warrior): Her father, who died while fighting an Orrian guild when she was only a young girl, was a warrior in one of Ascalon's most influential guilds, Ascalon's Chosen. She dedicated her life to perfecting her skill with the hammer, in the hope of one day becoming a great warrior. The concept of honour is integral to Devona's personality and she would be willing to sacrifice her own life for the safety of her friends.

Eve (age 20): She is a female necromancer and a close friend of Mhenlo. She met the other heroes of Ascalon in the Catacombs under Ashford Abbey when they tracked a group of Charr there; however, she had already single-handedly wiped out the Charr and raised an undead army in their stead.

The professions for this RP as as follows:

Warrior: Can use Sword, Axe or Hammer (note: When wielding a hammer you cannot wield a shield)

Ranger: Can use a Bow, tame animals as pets, and use Wilderness Survival to attack or defend better.

Monk: Can use a Holy Staff/Rod (note: When wielding a rod you can wield an off-hand weapon such as a Protective Icon, etc.). Can use Smiting, Protecting, or Healing to protect, preserve, or deal damage in combat.

Elementalist: Can wield a Staff of their certain element or rod. Uses Air, Fire, Earth, and/or Water to obliterate enemies.

Mesmer: Can wield a staff of their attribute (Ex: Domination, Illusion, Inspiration or Fast Casting), and can use those skills to turn magic against it's user, summon imaginary phantoms to confuse the enemy, steal health or energy, and cast spells faster.

Necromancer: Can wield any staff using either Death, Blood, Curses, or Soul Reaping. Death magic can allow more damage and summon minions when enemy is defeated (Note: The minions lose health over time and lose more health the longer they are alive. There is a skill I will explain when the RP is approved on how to keep them alive for a certain time). Blood Magic steals or sacrifices health, Curses lays burdens on the enemy, and Soul Reaping steals energy once an opponent is defeated.)

(Here is the character sheet needed to fill out for those making their own characters:


Prince Rurik and most of the people who come in for five seconds of the story will be played by me.

I have two people already who have filled out these characters:

Cynn: Souichiro Nagi
Aidan: Krone

I guess that's it for now, if anyone has questions before we start, tell me!!)

Darth Extecute
Name: Zuke Zion Zaxer
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Profession: Warrior
Weapon: Two handed sword.
The son of Barax Zaxer, with the unknown or secrecy made mother, Zuke have learnt to master the way of the warrior. Ready to die for what he believe in, he is a fatal opponent, thy the one that do not fear death is for sure the most dangerous opponent. He is the kind that charge in the front lines, before the rest of the army. If he fall, then it is his destiny. If his destiny have something else in hand for him, he will live and reach the enemy lines.
His father died in the war, as a hero. One day, Zuke will do the same.
He grew up under harsh circumstances, in war at the front lines. He was taught that only the ruthless survives, and with that as his guideline, he shall keep Ascalon from falling.
Zuke is an extremely well built man, who doubtlessly have higher physical strength, than mental. Short, black hair, which is rarely visual due the fact that he carry metal armor, with fully covering helmet.

Spirit Binder

Cynn: Souchiro Nagi
Aidan: Krone

Custom characters:

Zuke Zion Zaxer: Darth Execute

Spirit Binder
The last day dawns on the kingdom of Ascalon.
It arrives with no fanfare, no tolling of alarms.
Those who will remember, will speak fondly of the warm morning breeze.
People carry on with their daily lives, unaware that in a short while.
Everything they have ever known, will come to an end.


King Adelbern watches from an overhead cliff as the battle between the Ascalon army and the Charr rages on north of the wall. His scribe comes up behind him and salutes.

King Adelbern continues to watch the battle. "Scribe!"

The Scribe salutes again "Yes my lord?"

"These Charr are relentless..but we shall hold the wall at all costs!"

"Yes my lord."

"Take this message to Sir Tydus. Go forth and recruit the strongest. The smartest. Bring to me the bravest in all of Ascalon. Find me the heros who will lead our kingdom, to glory!"

"As you command, my king." The scribe takes the letter and runs off back towards Ascalon City, handing the message to Sir Tydus. Sir Tydus looks it over and smiles. "Thank you. That will be all."


Prince Rurik walks around the city, bidding hello to everyone he passes. Being the king's son, he has men patroling the wall 24/7. He walked outside the city into the place called Lakeside County and continued along the path upwards towards the Theatre.

Darth Extecute

Spirit Binder
Originally posted by Darth Extecute
ermm ]

Darth Extecute
Zuke was walking by the streets of Lakeside County, thinking about this life he lived. He stopped walking, and looked of into the distance, in the direction of the wall. He so badly wanted to enter combat, and fight for Ascalon, like his father did.

In the middle of Zuke's thinking, a theif snuk up behind him and gave a try to snatch the leather pouch he had tied around his waist. Within the blink of an eye as the theif touched the pouch, Zuke's hand launched around the wrist of the thief and they made eye-contact.
"Thief!" He shouted, and spun around, holding the thief's wrist and then dropped him, making him fly at least three-four yards. Charging after the thief as he made impact against the wall, Zuke lifted him up with one arm, grabbing his two-hander with the other one and placing the blade over the throat. "Thief's should be punished by death"

Spirit Binder
Prince Rurik saw the commotion coming from the other side of the outside city walls. He ran over to the strange warrior, carrying his Fiery Dragon Sword in one hand and his Ascalon Aegis in another. "Hello, fair Warrior! What is all the commotion about?" Rurik saw the fat dwarf thief and laughed heartily. "Another Bandit roaming about trying to sneak up on us." Rurik grabbed the thief by the collar of his torn shirt and whispered in his face. "Get out of my sight. You are a disgrace to Ascalon and it's people." He dropped the thief, who stood up and ran as fast as his stubby little legs would carry him.

Rurik turned back to the warrior and smiled "You're Zuke Zion Zaxer, aren't you? I think Sir Tydus was looking for you. You can find him inside Ascalon City, near the Ascalon Academy." Rurik turned back up towards the theater and his love, Lady Althea, a local mesmer of the area. He was stopped suddenly by Captain Osric, one of his men who have gained his respect.


Sir Tydus was standing on top of a small pestidal, talking to some new adventurers who needed some directions. He looked up once and sighed. Where are you Zuke, this is your chance for fame and glory!

Darth Extecute
Looking at Prince Rurik, Zuke gave out a mumbling sound and headed in the direction of the gates to Ascalon itself. "Thievery.. I hate it" He said and the guards waved him trough the gates.. With slow and heavy stepps, Zuke walked along the street..

Eventually he appeared by the Academy.. On his way to where Sir Tydus was located, he passed several recruits with light gear who cleary were traveling adventurers.. Laughing inside, he finaly arrived to Sir Tydus, and he kneels down..
"Sir Tydus, I've heard you have been looking for me. I am at your command. Always!" He said and his head lowered towards the ground.. He placed his sword on the ground, flat between himself and Sir Tydus..

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Sir Tydus looked at Zuke and smiled.

"Ah yes, I've been looking for you. The king has been looking for new recruits to fight against the Charr. This could be your chance for fame and glory! But you'll need to learn more about your craft before you charge into the fray.

Listen, I've arranged for Van the Warrior to meet you right outside the city gates. He'll teach you a thing or two."


Prince Rurik began chatting with Osric "How goes the offensive against the Charr?"

Osric sighed "The same every day. We take out a few of their numbers, and they take a little more out of ours."

"There are some good adventurers out here who are training to fight against the Charr, and Ascalon is the most fair kingdom in all of Tyria. We shall never fall to the Charr, never!"

Osric chuckled "I hope you're right.."

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Originally posted by Kaldorei

With steps of grace, Marie-Lee danced on top of a table in one of the city bars. Her dress and the silk bands that she held in her hand moved in the most amazing of patterns, as she jumped from one table to the other one. Her touch of landing did barely shake the table, as light as she was on her feet. Her dance was of the ancient kind and there was only few in the world that could dance in such an grace.

One of the men in the bar laughed at the girl, throwing his hand after her leg in an attempt to grab it "Come home with me, darling" He said, grabbing her ankle. She looked annoyed at him, before out of nowhere a wolflike creature pounched the man. He was thrown onto the ground and the wolflike creature growled wildly at him. "Alright alright, I am sorry" He said, looking the creature deep into the eyes. The wolf and the man had about the same size, even though the man was a fully grown adult. Marie-Lee smiled, before continue her dancing.

However, the wolflike creature had shaken up most of the bar members as they started shouting and some kind of unbalance was created in the bar. Marie-Lee sighed, realising there was no point in continueing the dance. The barkeeper nodded, walking up to her "Thank you. Here is today's payment" He said, giving her a pouch of money. She nodded at him with a smile before running out of the bar with a smile on her face "See you tomorrow!" She shouted and waved, before giving out a whistle. "Chance, come!" She said and the wolf leaped up behind her, walking calmly. "Good boy" She said, patting him. Outside the bar, there stood this man that assigned new adventures into different duties. She leaned her head to the side, not knowing exactly what to do. She knew she had been ordered to fight for Ascalon, but she was scared. She was too young to die just yet. She looked down at Chance for a moment, giving out a sigh. Chance was too beautiful to die, too. He was not young, but he sure was beautiful. In matter of fact, he was probably one of the oldest wolves alive and still young.

She took a deep breath, before approaching the recruiter. With great hesitation in her voice, she placed her right hand over her chest, watching the man. "Sir. Marie-Lee Bishop and Chance Bishop is reporting for duty!" She did not even know herself that she could have such a serious tone in her voice. It has always been gentle like silk and careful such as the wind. Chance barked next to her and she giggled at him. "Yes Chance. We are reporting for duty. It will be fun" She said, knowing it was the greatest lie she had spoken ever. Chance believed her, starting to wagg his tail eagerly. "Not quite yet, though. We need preparation and such"

"Chance. Get my stuff, will you? Please." She said to the wolf, who dashed away in high speed without giving out a sound. She stood silent, waiting. She did not know what to say to the recruiter and decided that she should just wait for Chance to return. For some reason, anytime he was away from her, she felt alone. There was a lot of people around here, but only Chance made her feel complete. If she did not know better, she was in love with her wolf.
It would not have been very suprising, though. It was an amazing wolf. Legendary, more like. Probably the smartest one existing too, she added when she noticed Chance running back with a crossbow, a quiver of bolts and a bandana in his mouth.

"Good boy!" She said, bending down to him with a smile. She patted him on the head and gave him a big, long hug. "Good Chance. What would I do without you?" She asked him and recieved a bark in reply. "I know. I would not be here, but you do not always have to remind me of that" She said, giggling. She placed the quiver of bolts on her back, her crossbow at her waist and the bandana was tied around her head, to keep the hair away from the face.

Once more, she turned back to the recruiter. She bowed before him, closing her eyes. "I apologize for that, but I think I need my stuff if you are going to send me to the front lines" She said with a smile on her face.
She paused for a moment, before continuing "Is it possible that we could get Chance some kind of armor? I would not live one day if he fell in combat" She said, turning her bed a bit towards Chance with a smile on her face. The wolf himself was already naturally armored, but she wanted to be safe. She wanted to provide him with as much protection as possible.

The two of them had a strange connection. Any time Chance got hurt, so did Marie-Lee. She was pretty sure it was a mutual feeling, however Chance was too proud to admit it. Any time she recieved pain, Chance bit tight and saved her from the situation. There was absolutely no creature or human in the world that was better than him. He was the perfect friend and the only one that truely understood Marie-Lee. The only one who saw Marie-Lee for who she truely was. Not just the girl who danced for money, greeted everyone she met with a smile and helped anyone in need. He knew her flaws and problems, unlike any other she knew. The funny thing was, she did not even tell them to him. He noticed them by natural.

Chance could be a real cutie. It have even happened that he had turned jealous upon boys that Marie-Lee had contact with. The moment Marie-Lee remember the best, was the time she recieved a kiss from a boy and Chance leaped upon the boy, giving him a beating. A sign of love, in her opinion. She did not mind, as love was proven to strengthen the band between one another, as well as increasing the strength one had when the two was together.

She just had to pat him again and she did. After patting him, she once more turned around to the recruiter "Marie-Lee and Chance Bishop reporting for military service, as promised" She said, smile on her face and closed eyes.

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Sir Tydus eyed Marie-Lee and smiled "Ah yes! Marie-Lee and Chance, good to see you both. I've called you here because the King has ordered that all adventurers report to the wall when they feel ready.

I've sent a warrior friend of mine out to train someone, but I can call Aidan over from Wizards Folly to teach you some tricks. He's great at tracking and Wilderness Survival and has served Ascalon for many years. Would you like me to send a message to him?"

"Will we need it?" Marie-Lee asked with a tone of hesitation in her voice. In her opinion, she knew everything that was vital to survive out in the wild. The things she did not know, Chance did know and aided her with. However, if the recruiter wished for her to learn more about hunting and fighting, so be it. She was ready for any order and would accept them with the little joy she found in battles at all.

"Anything you wish, sir" She said, bowing before Sir Tydus. Before Marie-Lee had time to do anything more, the bartender from earlier came running to her. He stopped, a bit exhausted and Marie-Lee turned her head and looked at the man. "Pretty miss Marie-Lee. You forgot your money from the dance show" He said, catching his breath. Marie-Lee quickly turned her head back to Sir Tydus and her cheeks turned tomato red from her blushing. She closed her eyes tight, wanting to die. She extended her arms to the bartender "T-Thank you, Alfred" She said very quietly, recieving the pouch and the bartender ran back to his bar again.

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Sir Tydus' smile faded for a minute, then he smiled again "I will send a message to him. Though you will need to give up your job and the army will supply you with food and money. I'll call you when I get a reply from Aidan and where he wants to meet. Run along now, I have lots of work to do."


Prince Rurik sighed as he watched Althea perform in front of a live audience in a play. "Lovely, isn't she?" Captain Osric nodded. "As lovely as the day is long. You're a lucky man, your highness."

Rurik laughed. "Aye, that I am."

Osric looked at him. "And what of the blessed event? Have you set a date?"

Rurik sighed, unhappily this time. "I've got a more pressing problem, believe it or not."

"What is it, my prince?"

"It's Althea's birthday tomorrow, and I haven't a gift for her. I've searched the shops, the treasure room, I need something utterly unique and breathtaking, like Althea."

Osric held up his hand. "Don't give it another thought, your highness. Leave it to me."

Rurik looked at him wide eyed. "You've served me well these past years, Osric, and for that you have my respect. If you can do this thing for me, you'll have my undieing gratitude as well!"

"Thank you" She said quietly, before giving him a bow. Chance kneeled slightly, to show his respect to the man. Marie-Lee giggled and patted Chance on the head. "You do not have to bow. You are an animal" She said with a smile on her face "You can walk trough your life free without trouble" She said, as the two of them were walking away.
She thought about what the man said, about her having to quit her job. It was a shame, since she enjoyed dancing. She was pretty sure that dances were not allowed in the front line. Even though, if they were it would not be to recommend. Maybe if she wanted the foes to break down in laughter.
She paused her thinking for a while, looking at Chance. "That maybe is a good idea. What you think?" She asked. Chance shook his head, giving out a bark. "No, you are right. Those bad guys do not appreciate the great art of dancing"

After a while of walking, she arrived to a little cottage where she lived. It was very small, only one single room where she had both bed, kitchen and livingroom. Chance ran in trough the hatch he had, before Marie-Lee had the chance to oppen the door. By the time she had entered the cottage, the wolflike creature was already inside the food supply room and digging trough the meat. "Oh, you are hungry. Why did you not say so?" She asked Chance, who replied with a simple bark.
Shooking her head, she sat down on a chair by the table. A lot crossed her mind and among other things, what was she supposed to do during the battle? She had an exceptional aim with her crossbow, but she hated using it to take another beings life.

"Tydus" Aidans husky voice broke the silent air, " I've been told you were looking for me?" Aidan came into the light and lowered his green hood. "Its a fine day Tydus, or 'Sir Tydus'" He added sarcasticly. "How is it the King Trusts you enough to bestow a knighthood upon you!" He laugh.

"I heard word at Wizards Folly that you requested my assistance, I am merly here to find out why..." Aidan finished.

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"The King trusts you too, Aidan. I have been keeping him informed of your deeds, as well as many other fine hero's here in Ascalon. He trusts me because I was there at the Battle of Rin. I fought alongside him when he lead our people against our old King.

Anyway, I called you here because I would like to you to show someone I know a few tricks. Mainly Wilderness Survival skills. Maybe you can teach her how to ignite her arrows, you know, make them explode on contact? I've heard you're exceptionally well with that. Just give me a time and place and I'll send her out to you."

Aidan looked in to Tydus eyes "I'll at the North wall tonight... Tell her to bring her Bow and a knife" he said with a small smile as he flicked his hood back over his head and began to exit the building. "And food! Tell her i like Fresh bread" He said with a loud laugh as he walk down the steps.

Aidan soon entered the Streets walking along with everyone else, he stood out like a sore thumb, his green cloak and hood wasn't exactly the norm for an every day citizen.

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Sir Tydus laughed. "I will. It will be hot, fresh from the oven!"

As he waited, Tydus flipped through some papers, mainly letters from the King and documents that he needed to fill out concerning the advance into Charr territory. When the Charr swept into Ascalon, they destroyed all the buildings and murdered everyone who lived north of the wall. The only place left standing is Piken Square, which is no more than a traders outpost full of abandoned crates from when the Charr swept through.

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