In the Light of Night: Role Play

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In the Light of Night:

There is no past, no history to what you're about read. Just the present. The future is completely up to you, however. Continue reading if you want to know why.

There has always been hell on earth. There have always been cretins. They were once thought of as a clan that only operated at night. No one knew that there were earth bound cretins that possessed the bodies of humans whose souls they stole to feed their precious Dark Fire.

Various creature walk among us today. Shape-shifters, Soul Stealers, Scouters and Possessor cretins that take control of an emptied body and use it to gather as much souls as possible. They have all come together as a collective and now call themselves, the Hell Hold.

Led by Charity Evans, the Hell Hold has been raiding the world of souls for many years. They have even recruited some of the most psychotic and satanic people alive to do their bidding. These people team up with the cretins to harvest souls for the Dark Fire. Little did they know that the Dark Fire had a counter part. And it was called the Light.

It is energy so strong that a specific group of 9 people's sole purpose of birth was to harness the power of it. They come from every corner of the world. Some of them know each other. Some of them are even related. But that Doesn't change their destiny. It Doesn't change the fact that they are the Chosen.

They were chosen for one purpose and one purpose only: to do combat with the Hell Hold and completely destroy the Dark Fire before it consumes the entire planet of earth.


I was there when it all happened. When the Dark Fire came to be. A force so dark and evil that you could taste it. It spawned many different kinds of creatures called cretins to do its bidding. It wanted them to add power to it and human souls were the only thing that gave it strength.

That's when the Light gave me life. It is an energy of such immense power that a select group of people were chosen to harness its power. I was informed that I would have to find, teach and protect those who were destined to harness it's power.

As time went by and I got older and more wiser, so did the Dark Fire. It had gotten so intelligent that it found ways to recruit human beings and gave Dark Fire-fueled power to some of them and turned them all into it's lapdogs, now calling it's group the Hell Hold. The humans that were chosen were some of the most psychotic, satanic and immoral people I have ever seen. They were murders, rapists, mentally challenged, stalkers, liars, thieves, crooks, you name it. I, on the other hand, still had to wait patiently until the Light was summoned.

When Destiny summoned the Light, I was as ready as ever to do my job. It took another 2 years for the Light to be summoned again but it was worth it. The people who summoned it are the most dedicated and will willingly give their life for the rest of humanity.

I then met up with a man named Patrick Forrester. He used to work for the FBI but left when he found out about the Hell Hold and what they were all about. He was now a part of the fight that would determine the outcome of this world.

The Light had it's team and the Dark Fire had it's own. With a lot of training, the Chosen Ones would be ready to take on the Hell Hold. Too bad the Dark Fire didn't wait that long.


True Geek
I am Galeck, Chief Cretin of the Hell Hold. My purpose in life is not of your concern. If you wish to know about it, find me and I'll show you by incinerating you.

The Dark Fire seems to never be full. Its purpose is not clear to me, but I serve it anyway. It is strange to serve something you do not understand, but I am used to it.

2863 years of life has taught me many things worth learning. One of which is to let your elders lead for they can use their powers much better than you and are most likely stronger, also they have lived through many more battles so they know strategies. What violates this rule is Charity. She is in charge of the Hell Hold and is only in her thirties! Such violation of those ethics should be immediately punished, but that Man has not given me permission to kill her... Yet.

The Man is the most powerful thing I have ever seen. I think that he could probably defeat even the whole Hell Hold. I have seen him punish our kind before... Such an amazing thing to watch... I have copied his responses towards failure, but it is nowhere near as impressive. In all my time of knowing him, I do not recall ever seeing his face. I suppose everyone needs secrets, but his are far greater than anyone else I have ever known.

The Dark Fire's hunger makes me work much, but I am sure its cause is far more important than my comfort.


It was a rainy night. Ben had just picked me up from work and we were driving down Route 65. I remember us talking about my little brother, Lewis and my Aunt Jo. I was telling him how she took us in after a fire killed our parents when I was 12 and Lewis was 6 and that's when I saw it.

A creature that had no face and had skin that looked like it was hanging off it's already skinny body. Ben put on the brakes and the thing ripped off my door. That when I felt a power inside of me. It felt like a storm was brewing in my soul. The next thing I know was that it started thunder storming.

A lightning bolt then shot from some where near me and sent the thing flying. I saw Ben with a sword and wondered where it came from. Lightning started to continuously strike the car and it exploded, with me in it.

I woke up in the hospital the next morning and Adendai was standing next to me. He proceeded to tell me who he was, what that thing was and what was going to have to happen next. I wasn't too sure at first but later agreed to join the fight to save as many human live as possible.

Since then, I and the rest of the team have been fighting to keep the Dark Fire at bay. It has been hell but its all coming to a head now. I wonder if we'll all survive?

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