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This is a fantasy RP where you can basically be any mythological creature you choose ( I.E Fairies, Wizards, Elves, Demons, Angels, Vampires ...You name it ) You can even play a human, if you choose.

Green Dragon Inn is a place where all can come and go, stay for the night, grab a drink, meet someone new, make an enemy or friend. It's baroque, castle like walls have heard and seen everything for the past 1,000 years. you can come to find love, or vengeance. Peace, or turmoil. The choice is yours, Green Dragon Inn is just where it may happen.

The Inn is located on the continent Botanica, and it sits between the 3 neighboring realms of Silvyss, Darwin, and Munera.

Silvyss is Botanica's capital. It is a beautiful realm, built with high, amazing architecture, and filled with vibrant colors of pink, maroon, green and blue. Its a lush environment inhabited by mainly humans, Mages, and Wizards.

Darwin is a series of small, pleasant towns. Outside of city limits, however, things can get dangerous. Though mostly safe, a number of dark creatures lurk outside it's town's boundaries.

Munera nearly matches Silvyss in it's beauty, but it is more than a simple threat. It contains many deep mysteries, and only those with great strength, or great stupidity, venture into it's limits. It is said that in Munera's many caves, groves, and hidden passages some of the great Mysteries can be found.

Many Inn residents stay for long periods of time, traveling to each of these realms in search of something. Some stay for a night. Either way, many are faced with a choice. As always, the time old battle between good and evil plays a role. The Inn is a crossroad at which these alliances are formed, and bonds are broken.
The Royal Silvyssian Army, or RSA, is a group of powerful mages and casters and warriors who defend, or try to defend, Botanica against the Divine.
The Divine are a self appointed group dedicated to 'protecting' Botanica from modernization, but it is a very unstable union. Currently, there ar those truly dedicated to defending their home lands, but also, there are some who simply want to reign over everyone. If you choose to be with the devine, you can be a protector, or controlist.

Remember, No matter what faction you choose, The Green Dragon Inn is nearly never the place of violence. Though many assassinations, murders and massacres may be planned there, It is carried out elsewhere. And Angel and a demon may even sit calmly beside each other at a table, and then fight to the death upon exit. Perhaps its just another Mystery of the Green Dragon Inn.

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"Hey can I get some service?!"

A set of pale gold eyes lifted from the glinting, marble table on which they rested. The small, thin girl to which they belonged carefully examine the man who had just walked in. unconciously she raised an eyebrow, and then tucked a lock of soft, silvery hair behind her pale ear. As she moved out from behind the counter, she let a small polishing cloth fall onto it. She kept her eyes focused on the man as she walked over. her footsteps were silent on the Inn's cold, worn floor.

Ilusia couldn't help but wonder what such a person was doign in this area. Most who traveled to Botanica had specific reason for doing so. For a moment she let her eyes drift away, toward the unlight fireplace. It was still quite early in the day, and not many of the residents were even roused yet. After feeling the gust when The man opened the door, she decided it was a good a time as any to light the stone claden pit. It was early june, Botanica's winter. It always brought snow, and bitter winds....along with weary travelers.

Finally Ilusia made itr to the far end of the bar, in a shadowy corner where the man sat. It seemed she was the only one working now, besides the chef who milled around in the back. Sighing, Ilusia silently inquired who would join her, and then tossed her head thoughtfully. As she focused in on the man, her long eyelases brushed swiftly closed then opened, and she nodded slightly.

" Hello. "

She said in a sultry tone.

" How may I help you? "

Keiji simply kicked the front door open and walked in with his hands behind his head. All he did was silently move to one of the seats at the bar and waited to be served calmly. Looking as if he had just been in a big fight he began to remove bits of dirt and broken debris from his armor. Shrugging off his fatigue he looked around the room once more taking in the sight and looks of the other patrons. He knew that his skin tone was far different from all of the rest and his accent was barely there anymore but still present faintly.

After he had removed most of the heavier parts of the armor he pulled his long hair back into a pony-tail and cracked his neck. Looking more tred then annoyed he let out a more friendly then expected, "Is there any kind of drink that I can purchase in this establishment and maybe even a room for me to stay for the night?" He calmly waited for someone to respond to his question.

A Dose Of Vraya
"Back you Vile beast of hell!" a man shouted.
"eh screw off father, I'm not hungry enough for old man anyway" Vraya said smirking. "what the" he said noticing the building. "I've never seen this before" He stepped inside the large double doors avoiding a crossbow bolt full of holy water and noticed alcohol. "Sweet!" he said
he sat down at a bench
"bloody mary please...extra blood"

Darth Extecute
The rattling sound of an armor ancient elven armor was heard as Leo Humf came walking from his room. With slow, steady stepps he made his way trough the inn, despite the fact that he could not see. Using his staff to guide him, he made it to a table and sat down. He sent an etheral pulse of energy trough the tavern and sensed three newcomers. The pulse was unnoticeable but necessary for Leo to be able to know what had changed inside the inn.

He was not hungry, nor thirsty as he leaned back in the chair that he had sat down in. He crossed his arms and just sat quietly, listening. He heard the vampire speak and as he came inside the inn, so did a crossbow bolt. Before the bolt made it half way trough the room, Leo's eyes flickered and the bolt incinerated.

He continued his peaceful waiting, before giving a response to the human samurai "You can find both, in this Green Dragon Inn. Most welcome to our humble sanctuary" He grinned at Keiji and nodded, before leaning back and having his eyes turned against the roof. He would greet the third party, but he seemed to already be talking to the pretty Ilusia, and Leo did not want to interrupt.

As Ilusia turned abruptly, two men, entering one after the other caught her eye. She bowed her head respectfully to the one at hand, with an apologetic nod.

" Excuse me, sir. "

With that she turned herself around brusquely, and snatched up a bottle of vodka, before pourig it into a small, prepaired mixer. As she approached him with the drink, and a small glass, she spoke quietly, dictating rather than asking ' on the rocks '. Before pouring the red tainted drink onto th crystalic ice cubes. light percipitation clung to the side of the glas, and she bowed her head, turning once more. With an aggrivated sigh, se looked toward the door. This was not a one woman job.

She stopped in front of the man who had inquired her before, and with a quick flick of her hand she heald out a set of keys. She nodded down a corridor.

"Take the eastern stairs to the 5th floor, you should be able to find the room from there."

Sighing softly then she waited fro him to proceed with a drink order, before someone else wavered her attention. It was the elven being.. A familiar face in the Inn. He worked fro the RSA, Ilusia wrinkled her nose abit, but he was always kind, at least.

Keiji let out a hardy laugh before he retorted. "I will gladly pay any price for the room that you are offering." As he was talking his sword slipped from the sash he was wearing. Just before it even touched the ground he had caught it and returned it to it's rightful place, tightening the sash this time. "Oh by the way, the name is Keiji Meada. Also I wouldn't mind a strong drink. I plan to pay in full, I have plenty of money." He removed a pouch from his kimono containing all sorts of different types of money from the distant regions of the local continent. Dropping it on the bar he tried to make it seem like he knew which type of money went to which province. (It's hard for him to remember which money belongs in the different areas.)

Alice was stumbling trough the dark forest, shivering, cold and hungry. Above her head a number of birds flew and around her the wolves circled. It was not a wait to feast upon her body, but a protective patrol. Her weak state of mind and cold body made her uncontrolled powers go renegade on her. She with all her might tried growing fur but it seemed like the one thing that would never happen. Frustrated by her failure and hunger, she grew a long black panther tail. Annoyed with her renegade powers she continued her wandering. She did not even remember where she was heading or what had happened to her. She just walked.

In a distance she could see smoke and some building. Overjoyed, she hastened up her movement to get there sooner. He came to the actual yard of the inn and she stumbled over it, holding her robe tight to her body to keep herself warm. Stumbling over the entrance, she made her way into the inn. She got overjoyed by the warmth of the building that met her, as her panther tail started wagging. Exhausted, she dropped herself forward and as she fell, she clung onto the first person she saw to not hit the floor. Someone who seemed to be a female waitress or something like that. She had not spoken to anyone in months, making her having trouble getting any words forth at all. Instead she just hung and looked up in the waitress face and into her eyes.

Eying the currency splayed across the marble counter top, Ilusia indignantly raised an eyebrow. Multiple coins shimmered in the faint light that hung over head. She found their native coin, and took a handful of them, 5 in counting. After putting it in a small, sheepskin pouch, which she then tucked daintily into one of her apron pockets, she let out a soft, affirmative ' hm ' and turned toward the bar. Her lush silvery hair, pinned back into a messy bun, hung over her face. She didn't bother to bat at it, or brush it away from her pale eyes, which were glazed over with a brassy keenness, but instead let it hang.

As she turned the corner, Ilusia began to prepare the mans drink. Her mind wandered a bit, and then she nodded. She poured a glass of straight vodka, and added a bit of coconut rum to taste, and then began on her way back to the man. She placed the glass on the table, and looked away wearily.

Before she could fully react, something hit her lower abdomen. Fairly hard. Her breath taken for a moment, Ilusia's eyes widened, and she let out a soft cough. Her body, tense, and arms constrained by this unknown, Ilusia stood a moment to catch her breath, and rewind. As soon as she had calmed her nerves again, she let her eyes fall steadily onto the figure clinging desperately to her apron. She cocked her head, and gazed into the girls eyes. She noted that this girl was about her size, maybe a little taller even. Her features were soft, and pretty. For the first time in a long time, Ilusia mustered a soft, almost unnoticeable smile as she wriggled a delicate hand free, and placed on top of the girls head. The smile faded to her usual, cynical expression, and she closed her eyes momentarily.

" should sit."

With that, Ilusia pulled free and led the girl to a chair. It was large, red, and heavily cushioned. While there, Ilusia took the opportunity to light the fire at this point. She knelt by it carefully, and lifted her hands as she healed two small stones together. suing her energy as a slight current, they lit. That being done, she made her way to the bar, and brought out a small glass of water, and called back to the chef. In a few moments, she produced a bowl of warm, hearty vegetable soup. She brought it, and the glass of water, to the girl. She sat on a chair parallel to the girls then, and closed her eyes.

With both her hands she took a tight and rapid grip of the bowl. She lifted it up and placed it against her lips, drinking the soup like it was water. The hot soup might have burnt some while traveling trough the mough and throat, but once it reached the final destination, inside her belly, that was all that she could feel. When the bowl was empty she placed it back on the table, grabbing the glass of water. The water was gone in a matter of seconds, to put out the fire that had been started from the warm soup.

Alice took a deep breath after having everythign emptied. She took a look around and not until then did she realise that she in an actual public in. She blushed slightly to her thoughtless behaviour and looked at the one in front of her. She got a smile across her face and pushed the chair back. She got up from it and threw herself on Ilusia's lap, putting her arms around Ilusia's neck and gave her one long, soft hug. The tail that had grown wrapped around Ilusia's leg gently.

"T-Thank you"
She whispered quietly.

Illusia's eyes shot open as she felt the girls body on her own. Once, again, she was heald constricted by the young female. The girl seemed satiated, and thats what mattered. Ilusia sighed contently, and nodded. A chill ran down her spine as the tail wrapped around her leg. The girl seemed content in her lap, and a rosy brush spilled over Ilusia's nose and cheks for just a momnt. Shaking it off, and closed her eyes again, with a soft 'hn.' Her composure returned to usual, and she opened her mouth, then closed it as her eyes met this strange girl's once more, and she spoke in a calm, sullen voice.

"It was my pleasure. Are you feeling better now? "

She gazed down at the young girl with deep concern, and rested her hand lightly on heer foread. it was warm to the touch, and it seemed she could have a fever.

" Is there anything I can get you, miss? "

She paused, looking up for a moment.

" And at that, do you have name...?"

Keiji looked at his drink for a moment before he wrapped his right hand around it and brought it to his lips. The drink was a strong one but still did not seem to phase he in the least bit. His body seemed to loosen up and some tension from earlier seemed to be gone. A slight smile slid across his face as he held the drink in mid air with one hand and removed his sword partially from it's sheath. An odd thing about the sword is that one edge seemed to be darker then the other.

"Great.. more trouble ahead."

Placing the sword back in it's sheath he glanced around the room hoping no one heard him say that out loud. Thinking that he was safe there he began to let down his guard once again. He took another sip of the drink and listened in on the two females that were talking.

As the darkness gave way into early morning, a man was running through the forest. The man appeared to be a guard of some sort, but not one of the many realms nearby. Infact, this guard was wearing the uniform of an Imperial Guardsman from Cantha, far to the south beyond any of the realms. Behind him, a few of his men were following him in an attempt to escape something. As they neared the Green Dragon Inn, they increased their speed. "Hurry! We're almost there!" yelled one of the guards behind the captain. Then, the Imperial Guardsman kicked open the door of the Inn.


Back in the direction the guards were running away from, two bodies were laying face first on the ground. It appeared as if their backs had been split open, and out of them came these horrific looking figures that are hostile to almost anything except their own kind. One of them was carrying what appeared to be a hammer, while the other was carrying a bow to it's side. They then began to walk in the direction the guards ran off to, apparently not in a hurry to get there. From the mists, Shiro Tagachi watched at his minions made their way to the Green Dragon Inn. Then, he dissapeared once more.

"It was my pleasure. Are you feeling better now?"
Alice nodded quietly and held her arms around the girl. The tail remained around the leg of Ilusia and Alice looked her into the eyes, with a clear vision of gratitude. She had only met a hand few of kind people in all her time that she had wandered trough the lands alone.

"Is there anything I can get you, miss?"
She thought quietly for a little while, uncertain of what she really needed. She was no longer hungry thanks to how little she had to eat to get satisfied. The house had warmed her, meaning that all she really had to wear was the robe. She shook her head with a smile and continued hanging around the neck of this girl.

"Alice Wonderland is my name. Thank you for taking such a good care of me"
Her voice was quiet and careful. It was almost like the tones in her voice trembled. She had indeed caught a fever, among many other sicknesses during her wonder. None that could infect the others though, she had such a good defense system that the sicknesses stayed with her. Had to have something to do with her connections to all the animals. Her body did not exactly work like a normal human beings.

Keiji rested his head in his hands once the guards had broken through the door. He remembered what he had said about the sword and let out a quiet laugh.

"Why do I have to always be right..."

Making sure his sword was ready to be used in a split second he remained in his seat but instead in an upright position like almost nothing had happened. The grin on his face returned and he knew that there would be a fight or at least he hoped. His nerves were on end waiting for the oncoming battle.

"Well.. at least I get to do what I'm good at today."

Once more that soft, sad smile crept across Ilusia's small pink mouth. Once more, it faded. The girl's eyes caught her own, and captivated her. She was happy that she was able to help her. As she felt the girl's fingers laced around her neck, another chill sorrupted her body, for just a short moment. She hadn't had this close of contanct with anyone for a long time. In the inn she kept mainly to herself. The last time she had felt someone's hands like this....Ilusia bit down on her lip for a moment, letting her eyes fall to the ground. With a slight shake of her head she pushed the thoguht away. This was much different anyway...this girl's touch was not evil, or threatning...rather, comforting and gentle.

" Alice. "

She rolled the name around in her mouth for a moment, assuring she would remember it in future times; need she ever remember it. For all she knew the girl, Alice, could leave this very night.

" A Lovely name. "

Ilusia's words were disrupted by the brief entry of a few guards. She narrowed her eyes, stood a moment, letting Alice slide off of her lap and onto the chair, where she looked quite small sitting alone. She took deffiant steps toward the doors, and stopped before them, rendering little respect to the guards. She eyed the persona in the Inn for a moment; one of the ones who she had just helped had drawn his blade. For a short moment her eyes locked onto Leo, then she nodded back.

" Whatever business you have, carry it out elsewhwere. Your job, I am sure, is not to come and hide in this inn. Now I request that you leave, and as you have been ordered by your head of command, protect these citizens. AWAY from the Inn. "

She turned abruptly then, and headed back toward the fire place to tend it.

"Why am I so cold?"

"Miss do you know who I can see to get a room."

Turning, Ilusia noted the man from earlier, and blushed realising she hadn't yet gotten him his drink. She cocked her head then. He seemed to be in some kind of discomfort. Stepping toward him, she outstretched her hands. She placed one on his shoulder, and one on the mans cheek. With a nod, she let a small amount of her healing energy flow through him

" That should warm you a bit..And as for a room, thats me. Please follow. "

As sh led him to the small booth she had opened earlier, she looked back for a moment at Alice. She smiled comfortingly, yet distantly, and then turned away. the girl was feverish, and Ilusia did not want to trouble of the imperial guard right now. it would only stress her further. She turned back to Alister and offered a kind smile.

" here you are, sir. Room 505, eastern side, 5th floor. "

with that she turned. her eyes met Leo's own, sightless orbs. She was amazed that they were still as magnificent as ever. She half wondered if he knew she was staring at him.. Her thought pushed on, and she then turned. he was one of them, of the RSA. Many of them hated her kind. He himself could well be one of them.

((Tell me if im wrong.))

Her feet felt like they could hold her any more she walked on holding her back upon her back. She grumbled she couldn't make it back home so she would half to fine a place to stay.Any way she had to get away from the stress back home.She felt the sun blaze down upon her making it even more worse to carry on,just a little bit longer she kept telling her self,but she had no belief in her self. She carried on until not far of she spotted some what a bilding?She walked froward to check it out, seeing it was a place to stay.She opened the door and a small calm breeze push through her hair and aroma filled into her lungs.She never seen this before but she pulled out some money which seemed pushed down into her pockets.She made her way past a couple people and soon got a room.Before she went to her room she sat down upon a chair and pulled the bag of,making her fell weightless.People that where chatting filled her ears but didn't pay much attechen she breathed heavy her body vary weak she had to rest.And she had no clue where her room was and she didn't feel like wondering around like a cluess person looking for a room,to much energy. Later on she would fine some one nice en-of to show her where her room was.She had never heard of this place, it was quite nice,she collasped in the chair in her fox form not carrying who seen her .

((Is it ok?))

Darth Extecute
((You did good))

"I can sense you watching, you know" He said with a grin across his face, turning in the direction of Ilusia. His sight may be gone, but among other things his senses had been increased. The energy based magic was a truly underestimated force. Trough the energy, the magic, he sensed in what direction her gaze was focused at and he could even partly sense the mood of the person. He leaned over the table and checked on his side to feel that his staff was still located at his side.

"I'm not hostile.." He smiled, insecure of what more he could say about the situation. He decided to take just one step at the time. At least now he've stated that he is not hostile. Allthough most hostile would say the same thing, there was not more he could say. He had been living here for some time, maybe it now was time to interact with the girl that had been here even longer.

"Could I get some food and a drink of water"

Ilusia was a bit startled as the elf spoke. A soft ' hmph ' could be heard, unintentionally filing out of her thin pink lips. She blushed then, and choked on her words for a moment before she could bring forth a stubborn, but honest apology.

" I didn't....I wasn't trying to..."
she sighed and placed her hands on her hips, half closing her golden, clouded eyes.
" I'm sorry. "

Ilusia had always had a bit to much pride when it came down to it. Her race had been, to the extent of her knowledge, wiped out in this continent, aside from herself. While she tried to be kind, and strong, she had built up an immunity. A defense with her soliditarity, and sense of lonliness. And at this point, she often told herself she liked it...Shaking her head then, she turned back to metters t hand. His words were clear in her ears ' not hostile '. She had seen him fight..He was strong. incredibly strong. he could easily take her down, and, isn't that what the RSA wanted to do? Ilusia sighed. His smile was very comforting, inviting , almost.

Hearing Alister's voice then, sh nodded, and smiled somewhat. She quickly walked to the chef's counter to order the special, and brought the man some water. She sighed thankfulyl. Her break would be in only a few minutes.


Finally, the clock struck 12, noon. Dark was falling. Ilusia sighed with relief and poked her head into the kitchen. The chef eyed her, and she closed her eyes smiling somewhat. Pushing a piece of hair back she reopened her eyes, and nodded.

" I'm on break...see you in an hour! "

Ilusia untied her black and white trimmed apron, and set it down. She released her hair and then brusquely exited the Inn, after checking on Alice in her chair. As soon as she stepped out side, and the initial chill of the cold air dissipated, Ilusia smiled. She felt the gentle tingle of frigid winds on her face, blowing back her hair. She walked, then , for a short while, and upon coming across a clearing stopped. There, Ilusia closed her golden eyes. A shrill, icy mist enraptured her body, and swirled in a gentle tempest around her. As it faded, her lean, equine body could be noted.

Whinnying, the mare tossed her head and bolted. She ran happily, and freely with the wind, until she found herself upon a cliff overlooking her old home. She snorted, and pawed the air elegantly, dipping her horn into the wind. Finally she could relax.

Darth Extecute
Hearing that Ilusia was going for a break, it would be a perfect chance for him to get to know her more properly and clear the air between them. He knows how she has been looking at him, being RSA and everything. He shook his head with a smile, grabbing his staff. He got up from his chair and exited the Inn. He walked with such an ease, he could easily be misstaken with a man who had his eye-vision remaining. He followed the marks in the ground that indicated in which direction that Ilusia had headed. It did not take a long time before he reached the cliff that Ilusia was watching out from.

"Must be rather lonely" He said with a quiet, calm voice and stood about ten meters behind her. His clean red armor reflected the moonlight and his eyes glew in the brightest of blue.

The mare's eyes widened with a sad sense of familiarity. When she was just a foal, she used to come up here to whinny down to the heard while they grazed. For just a moment, She was young again. A small, proud, long legged little philly, prancing to the top of the cliff. Her mother, she knew, would afterward scold her, but she didn't care. She would toss her elegant little head, and whinny shrilly over the edge, a squeak compared to the other unicorns. Other foals would excitedly whinny back, and their mothers would let out nervous snorts to warn Alora, Ilusia's mother.

She remembered one time in specific, she was calling out to the heard. A heartfelt, deep cry from within was heard around the mountain range, to most, easily mistaken for a mountain horse. Those in the Valley would look up, her piers with devotion, her elders with pride. They had always said she would be something special. Then - she nickered a soft sad laugh in reminiscence- her mother came up behind her. She wondered why the other horses turned back to their grazing so quickly. Then her mother's voice reached her ears.

' Must be rather lonely...'

The young unicorn's head shot up. That was not her mother's voice..she had been lost in the memory. She wheeled around facing her pursuer, and took a step back, just barely catching her balance on the edge of the cliff. She noted then who it was, and, rather than striking out angrily with her hooves, calmed. Those eyes..those captivating eyes.

Illusia snapped back to reality. She took her human form instantly, fighting back tears which she had not even felt. She wasn't even aware of why they threatened to come forth, but they were there. Regaining her balance, The girl tightened the sash around her loosened robes, and glared at the elf expectantly.


Darth Extecute
Leo smiled at her, taking a few steps forward. He did not want to approach her to sudden, since after all he was a part of RSA. He sent a pulse of etheral energy trough the nearby environment, looking back up at her. "Are you upset, miss?" He asked kindly and leaned over his staff. He looked in her direction blankly, sensing the presence of another participant in the conversation. He did not even bother it, instead keeping focus on Ilusia.

He wished that he had sight and could see her with his own very eyes. Tales said that the unicorn is a beautiful race, no matter what shape they had taken. He lifted his hand, offering a shake and smiled "My name is Leo Humf, I'm an energic mage of the RSA. Dont fear though, I'm not hostile.. I'm curious, that's all.. I'm a former warrior, but I'm trying to quit" He said with a smile and waited for her response.
"I know what it's like, being alone.. I've got into the understanding that you too have liver some time by yourself.. A mutual friendship is something I believe would be good for both of us" Leo always spoke a lot. He always had, probably always would.

Keiji rose from his seat without a word and fastened his kimono tightly around his waste making sure his sword stayed in it's place. He made a slight march towards the door but this time he seemed to have a slight limp. He himself noticed it and tried to cover up the wound as best he could. Feeling a liquid start to pool at the bottom of of his kimono's left pants leg and start to seep to his sandal, he tried to hasten his way towards the door. He muttered to himself.

"Come on Keiji.. you can't have them think you are a weakling.. just keep going.. nearly to the door."

Ilusia gazed sidelong as she percieved another entering the clearing. She felt cornered and frightened, but somethin gabout the way the elf worded his statments calmed her..and thoughs crystalic blue eyes heald her captivated and unwavering. Holding herself stiffly, she listened on. Trying to..quit? Narrowing her eyebrow skeptically she moved as if she were going to step back, but rather, took a step forward to meet the elf. He was much older, and a fair amount taller than she herself was. She nodded her head some and spoke quietly.

" Leo..."

As she took his hand, she was embarassed to find the tears she so tightly locked back dripping slowly down her face. She didn't want to speak, fearing the sobbing sound in her voice. Taking a deep breath, she half whispered;

" Ilusia...My name is Ilusia Belthran. "

Darth Extecute
Leo got a soft smile across his face, feeling how she took his hand. She was very brief in words, and he could not blame her, for she was talking to a stranger. In addition he was an RSA member, but this did not seem to bother her much. He got her name, and it was a graceful name and propriate to someone like her.
"I'm not sure you've noticed me, but I've been around the Green Dragon Inn for quite some time now.. It's a relief to finaly talking to you, as you have caught my curiosity a number of times.."
He stood quiet for a little while, shaking her hand. "What's bothering you? Yu seem a bit upset" He could feel that the energy that she was surrounded by was negative, and uncertain of why, the only way for him to find out was to ask. He might be a mage, but no mindreader.

Seeing his smile, Ilusia blushed. She felt now -more than ever- small and insignifigant in the scheme of things. Here stood this warrior in front of her, his sight taken, but still he stood kindly there, treating her how she had not been treated by anyone for a long time. Her eyes skimmed the ground, and for a moment she doubted this reality. his words were like daggers at this moment, cutting through a shell she had so carefully built up and hidden her self in.

" I've noticed you. "

She said, glancing at the ground, and hen back up at the elf's kindred face. She sighed and looked away.
how could I not?
She paused then, drawing in a soft breath.
A relief talking to me?
She looked up then, and then found herself trying to divert her gaze once more, to something; anything that would stop her from answering, and giving herself away to someone she hardly knew. She in herself was a being suspended from the thinnest of threads, waiting to be clipped. Somethig this elf could do easily. The first thing would be falling victim to his words, after this, his blade. Would it not be one less race for the RSA to fight down? A blush covered her nose. She knew she thougth too long and hard about this, but when she was the last of her kind, one couldnt think enough about there actions. She wanted so badly to pour her heart on now, she felt the pull of his words, but she mustered just enough self control not to.

" Nothing's wrong..."

She said in a quiet, distant voice. She realised then that her smalled hand was still in was warm. She trembled then as a gust hit her. The temperature seemed to have dropped a few degrees, and she was cold. Releasign Leo's hand she wrapped her arms around herself.

Keiji neared the door and a smile crept over his face as he realized that he made it to the door unnoticed by any of the other patrons. "Looks like those teachings paid off for once." As he made it to the door and slowly opened the door attempting to leave, he fell forward to ground outside. "Not now... I was so close too.. eh the grounds not that bad." He let out a weak laugh as he sat back up slightly in and out of the Inn this time he checked his wound. When he looked at the cut on his leg he remembered the fight and exactly how he got it. "I let my guard down for two seconds.."

K Tragedy

Keiji took in a deep breath and held it in for what he was preparing to do. Taking out his katana and made a small cut over his prior wound. This would allow for blood to drain and help fight off a worse infection. Now he closed his eyes and used to fingers to probe the wound until he found what he was looking for. In his fingers was a fragment of a blade that belonged to a warrior he had just battled recently.

"Heh.. looks like I do get a trophy for that fight after all."

Now breathing more regularly he removed a large piece of cloth from his sash and tied it tightly around his wound. Forcing himself to stand, he made his way back inside with the fragment still in hand. He still had a noticeable limp but that would be gone in a matter of hours.

Reemerging into the Inn he made his way back to the seat that he had rested in earlier. This time however he had a large grin as he walked to his armor and tied the shard of the blade to the armor's hide under the tiles. He then proceeded to take his seat again and wait for the key to the room he had rented.

Darth Extecute
"Your not really the talkative kind, it seems.. That's alright" Leo grinned and patted her on the shoulder. She made her sentences brief, and she probably was insecure about Leo. He sighed, but decided to let time have its course. By time, she maybe learnt to trust him despite the fact that he's an RSA warrior. On the contruary, it was maybe not what he was, but who he was. After all, he had not been spending a lot of time with people at all, since his group got slain on their previous mission. That was really an incident that punched him heard. Maybe he just lacked the social skills. He shrugged to himself and looked blankly at Ilusia.
"What plans do miss have now?"

" I suppose i'm not. "

Once more, the younger girl blushed. Her face felt warmed under the sudden on wave of emotion, and she raised her golden eyes to his cloudy, blue ones. She noticed something on his face then. A vague look of dissapointment. Perhaps sadness? It was strange for her to see someone as strong as this looking so hurt. She recognized the expression for a moment..a short moment.. from her own face. A sharp pain withheald itself in her chest, and she closed her eyes tightly, letting out a short gasping breath. She then straightened herself, and thanked heaven that the elf was blind. She felt embarassed enough as it was, and a dull ache had formed in her stomach. The wind chilled her again, and she trembled softly. It was beggining to get late, but she did not want to return back to the Inn yet. She took a seat then on a small boulder beside her, and wrapped he arms around her knees. The moonlight began to give her body a soft, rosy glow. Her face heald an illuminated curiosity as she looked up at Leo.

" Sir...Leo...How did you lose your sight? "

The moon seemed to have a positive affect on her. Her tense, witheald demeanor relaxed signifigantly, and she felt calmed. She moved over a bit, in case he wanted to sit, and then realised her gesture was in vain because he could not see. Lowering her head for a moment, she nipped her bottom lip, and then looked back up at Leo, her eyes suddenly widening.

" Don't feel obligated to answer that, Im sorry if It was too personal. "

A Dose Of Vraya
Vraya woke up. He hated waking up at night. It was a lot harder because there was no light to assist you. You had to force yourself. Vraya got out of bed and walked down the stairs. He was wandering if anyone was awake at this time other than the pretty bartender. Maybe he could talk to her. 'that wouldn't be so bad' he thought

Darth Extecute
"Sir Leo?" Leo said quietly and smiled..

Leo gave out a sigh, when she asked him about his sight. It was not that he minded the question, but the bare thought of it woke up the memories of how the foul being that he fought slayed his friends one by one. He took a deep breath and stood silent for a little while, before preparing to speak by clearing his throat.

"It was many years before this day, that me and my friend was sent into Munera to fight of the disturbance that existed.. Me, my best friend and some of the best soldiers RSA had under their control.. At first, things had a positive progress.. One by one, hostile forces fell victim to my blade, until the day HE came.."
He specificly marked the word "he".

"Him was a foul being, not human nor monster but something inbetween.. One by one, friends and allied died by his claws.. As the sole survivor of the group, I fought this being to the end.. During this battle, I suffered major damages, and one of the injuries, was my eyes.. The important thing though, was that he fell by my blade.. I got the revenge that I longed for, payed the price of blood and avenged my fallen friends.."

He paused for a moment, running his hand over his eyes.. Sadly enough his eyes did not react to his motion, but he still had a smile on his face.. "One day I'll get my vision back.. That day I'll be enjoying the view of you, as even if I am blind, just the energy surrounding you is beautiful and therefore the look has to be beautiful by fact.." He smiled and turned around, in the direction of the Inn..

"How much longer is your break?"

As the night continued on, a man wearing chest robes and baggy pants was walking down the path towards the famous Green Dragon Inn. Surprisingly, the tattoos on his arms and his bald head gleamed in the moonlight. In his right hand he carried what appeared to be a holy staff of some sort. Oddly enough, he wasn't wearing any sandals under his feet as he walked. No other sounds could be heard but the pitter patter of his footsteps. The man looked around and sighed. "If only Ascalon was still this beautiful."

As he neared the Inn, he could hear voices coming from the inside. It sounded peaceful, unlike any of the other Inn's he had been to over the past few weeks. Once he reached the door to the Inn, he quickly brushed himself of dirt and dust, then knocked on the door and waited.

Ilusia listened intently. One would notice now, her ways were all a bit horse like. Even in her human aspect. One such habit was how she would often flick her soft, silvery hair. The girl-the unicorn- was really something to behold. She hereself wondered how much longer she would last...if she could really support this race much longer. Surely she had a few good hundred years to live...but what of those out to take her down? As she heard Leo's voice regain, her head piqued. In the long silence she had momentarily regretted the question, assuming it to personal. She would have felt quite bad if she pushed him away so soon. While she would not admit it, Ilusia had been curious of the elf since he started comming into the tavern so long before. She had always kept away from the warrior, even avoided serving him. Even now she couldn't name the emotions or reason that drove her to do so, but now, that feeling had been changed into something else. A sense of valiant relief- and she was thankful for that. Then, as he spoke, she raised her head, silencing even her thoughts.

The story had started as any, but by the middle , Ilusia was grasping her own hands tightly, gazing down at the ground, and back up at Leo's face, stricken with a new emotion. She knew the look well, and felt ashamed immediatly. For long, she felt she was the only one who had felt that way. She truly believed only she , herself, knew true isolation. As she listened on, she bowed her head respectfuly. He had lost his friends and his sight.... Paid a great price, but also made an investment. While many wouldnt comprehend, in losing what he had, he gained understanding. An understanding Ilusia had always pushed away.

As he finished, the girl remained silent for just a moment. She had nconciously moved her hand to a small pendant that hung around her neck. A transluscent, drop of amethyst, swirled with a gold that matched her eyes, was witheald tightly in her hands. She wodnered for a moment if any would remember her when she was gone, as she remembered her family. Still clasping the pendant, she manuevered her eyes towrad Leo, the moonlight spilling over her pale face. Her cheeks were illuminated, and thirsty for the milky light falling from the sky.

As he raised his hands, she let hers meet his, the pendant fallign back to her chest with a dull thud, audible only to her. As she touched his hand, she shivered slightly. his face was cool to the touch, and hardened by life and what it had rendered. It told her stories of his life, and she drank it in with an unsatiable yearning. As he spoke once more, she blushed, and tossed her head. She stood then, lowerng her hands from his own.

" My break ended a little while ago."

With that she smiled sheepishly, and took a step forward.

" its getting late...and cold. We should head back. "


A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she awoke with a start from a dreamless sleep. Dahlia restlessly tossed in the small bed and contemplated whether to get up, or to simply waste another day staring at the ceiling, trying to ignore the lust for blood that had been boiling slowly but surely ever since she was turned. She highly preferred staying in bed once all day, but slight convulsions would leave her tossing and turning. The need for blood was however, inevitable, and would have to be met sooner or later. Dahlia knew this though she did not enjoy the idea of taking another life mercilessly as hers was taken. Maybe there was another way... But no matter, she was losing control over the monster within as each second ticked by.

Hauling her feet over the edge of the bed and untangling herself from the sheets, Dahlia stood and walked slowly to the mirror hanging in her room. She half expected her reflection not to be there when she stood before it, a foolish thought, yet she was always one to believe common misconceptions. Her tawny eyes surveyed herself in the mirror, scrutinizing her iridescently pale skin, her onyx locks of wavy hair, her beautifully defined curves. Dahlia knew she was beautiful, she also knew it was only because of this eternal curse put upon her was what had made her appearance possible.

A sudden shock wave swept through her body, reducing her to a shaking heap on the floor. Of all the things she could have been turned into, she had to be made some sort of demon that sucked the lives out of innocents. Did God hate her so much, this is what he bestowed on her? Or was it in His plans all along? Dahlia soon realized her faith would do little to save her now. God didn't help freaks.

Eventually, though, Dahlia pulled up some confidence and self-control to be able to go and at least sit among others like her in the tavern below. Pulling on a cloak with the hood hiding her face, for she wished to avoid any attention whatsoever, Dahlia looked around the room she had spent the night in. Once quaint and clean, she was going to leave it in a wild disarray. A cup lay broken in a shattered mess on the floor, the bed sheets thrown in heaps, the mattress laid at an odd angle, and on the rug were small blotches of red. She simply shrugged after taking one last look of the room, turned on her heal and made her way down to the tavern.

Upon entering, she took in her surroundings, easily remembering almost every face from the night before with the exception of some others. The creatures and beings that sat and drank were of a wide variety, yet one held the most striking contrast of those in the room. A princely figure, dressed in lavish clothing, sat at the other end. He stared intently at the table in front of him, and Dahlia was more than happy that he didn't look up as she had caught herself staring for far longer than necessary. Pulling up a seat, she sat quietly at her own little table, not bothering to buy a drink that wouldn't quench her nagging thirst. Every now and then, though, she would peak up from under her dark hood to steal another glance of the man across the room.

After deciding that he had nothing more to do and since everyone was busy, he would sharpen his blade wether it needed to be sharpened or not. He removed the blade from the sheath and took out one of his old sharpening stones. This particular one had a deep crevace in the middle showing that it had been used many times before. Placing the blade in the groove he slowly moved up and down on the blade trying to keep and even pull so not to unevenly sharpen the blade in many places. The rythm of the stone scraping againt the metal had a calming and intriguing affect on most people. He closed his eyes and kept the sharpening process perfect as he went. "I am still waiting on the key to my room, Miss."



Darth Extecute
"We sure should" Leo said to Ilusia with a smile and turned around. He cursed himself for not having a robe to offer the cold lady. All he had was his elven armor which was unfortunatly not shareable with this woman. He was glad he finaly interacted with someone. He had been alone for far too long and she seemed like a friendly person. He came to think of the fact that she was one of few unicorns still existing, if not the very last one. A natures miracle that had ruthlessly been exterminated by time, slowly.

He turned his head in her direction and placed his hand over her shoulder. He focused for a brief moment, before sending out energy vibrations out of his fingertops. The energy started vibrate the air around the elf and a minor heat was created, to warm the body of the woman. "That's unfortunatly all I can do.. Let's go back before it gets colder" He said with a smile and held his hand over her shoulder, to make sure the heat kept flowing around her. It was not a burning heat, morelike a sunny day heat. This woman was of a rare race and for some reason Leo felt the urge of protecting her. There was something about her that spoke to him, besides her voice. He did not have much left to live for, but the cause of this woman was worth dying for.

"After you" He said polite and motioned with his other hand towards the Inn.

Mhenlo waited outside the Inn, leaning himself up against it's structure as he waited for the keeper of the Inn to return. He looked up from his thoughts and saw a bird in shambles on the ground in it's own pool on blood. Mhenlo walked towards the bird and gently placed his hand upon it. Then, a white light engulfed the bird and once it lifted, the bird was completely healed of it's injuries. It stood up and stared at Mhenlo, who simply smiled. Then the bird chirped in delight and took flight.

"Fly away little one, may Dwayna keep you safe from harm." Mhenlo sighed and once again leaned against the Inn's structure. "If only she could've done the same for Ascalon. Then she wouldn't be in ruins like she is now." Mhenlo went back to his deep thoughts as he waited once more for the Inn keeper to return.

~Lol Rodgort, copying Guild Wars Prophecies, are you not? With Mhenlo and Dwayna smile ~

A few drops of sweat fell from Vash's forehead. Damn it! I forgot to take the potion today he thought to himself. Vash felt parts of his teeth, especially the canines to begin to grow. His eyes started to change hue, slowly turning to red.

Vash looked around and took his blood red cloak, throwing it over himself. Vash began to walk through the inn to the exit.

Ilusia examined the elve's face as he watched her, attempting to read the emotion it withheald. Despite her attempts she gave up. With a soft sigh she gaze dup at the stars. She frowned slightly, noting that the moon was hidden by a puffy blue cloud, the sky blazoned by its magnificence. Ilusia felt a new warmth then, and noted his hand on her shoulder. For just a moment she shrugged away, blushing as she did so. Catching herself, she breatehd deeply and turned her eyes toward the ground. Raising them, she managed to smile sheepishly. She was embarassed with herself. Never had she felt so inisecure...but why?

Twice today , she could recall, and both upon the sensation of touch. First, feeling the girls arms around her. Her tail wrapped around her leg. It brought on a curious remembreance. And now, This elf had his arm around her. She blushed to realise that years ago this was something she craved, but , this time it was difference. She worried herself. Maybe, she thought, It was because she....liked it.

His words roused her from her deep thoughts, and she nodded a bit.

" Yes..thank you. "

Leaning into Leo's chest she let herself absorb the warmth against the cold, icy gusts which threatened her with every mighty breath they took. With that, she began walking, remaining right beside Leo and his warm body.

Vash burst out the door catching breath, suddenly he found his way barred by 2 Mages.

Get out of my way! growled Vash contemptiously, but trying not to open his mouth to show his teeth. Vash looked up and saw the seal of the Royal Sylvissian Army on each of the mage's cloaks.

We have been chasing you, Vampire! You will be hanged for there is no place in this country of peace for the likes of you! declared the first one, who seemed taller but younger.

AARRRRGHHH!! yelled Vash in agony as he fell down on the dirty road.

Bind him! said the older mage as he looked at Vash with fright.

The young mage began the syllables of a binding spell, when he stopped as he saw two wings beginning to emerge from Vash's back.

Vash continues to scream in pain as his transformation continued. After a long time of being human, it was in deed great pain to transform again.

K Tragedy
The walls around him seemed to close in as if claws raking out. They hooked onto the flesh of those that inhabited its cage, tearing into the skin to hold them in place as if binding them to that tavern. One traveler had said it was the most peaceful building in the land, but he disagreed. He didn't like the feeling of those claws. They unnerved him. They sent chills along his vertebra, chilling across his digits as they glided over the tabletop. He loathed this place...

As his drink arrived, he listened to the voice of the flirty tender. With eyes full of reluctance and a pull chaining his heart to the thought of daring not to look at her, he soon came face-to-face with her cleavage. It hung out from her tightened clothing. Her red, curly locks hung over her shoulder and down her chest. With a girlish giggle she batted her emerald eyes at him, only making his stomach tighten with discomfort. If this whore was looking for a good time than she would have to find it elsewhere. He'd fed for the night. Drinking her blood would only result in an unbearable stomachache.

Curling his lips over his teeth, he flashed the sharpened fangs at her. So close was she to his face that the abrupt act of defiance sent her gasping and falling backwards. Flustered at the boorish act, she let out a little 'hmpf' and went back behind the counter to tend to the other, less hostile guests.

The drink went ignored. He couldn't stomach such things anymore. Years of being placed under that curse taught him such. There'd been a time when he'd seen the chocolate kissed strawberries hovering on display in a village cart. The night had befallen him, and the cart had been put away for the coming day. Reaching out, he plucked one of them from the cart and let his tongue drag over his lips as he stared at it eagerly. Opening his jaws, he sank his teeth into the sweetness of the fruit. Yet, the taste was no longer sweet. It stung his tongue and caused such a burning sensation that he reeled back with an animalistic hissing. Even his once-favorite treat had turned to poison.

Something caught his attention. It was the feeling of some heavy blanket draping over you. The feeling of something looming over your shoulder. Someone was watching him. But who? He had no true enemies. Sure he'd taken a bite out of a rich lord or two but no servant would dare hunt a vampire. And true vampire slayers were far too rare and expensive for the villagers to hire. Then, who was it that looked at him so intently?

Lifting his eyes, he let the blue irises dart right to where the feeling had began. It came from another table. To his disbelief, the one that stared at him was not a man donned in black with some wooden stake twirling in his hands. No. Quite the opposite actually. It was a woman. A young maiden that had a face that drew his eyes towards her with a lustful desire. Such beauty was only found in his race. He parted his jaws, taking a breath of the air around him. The scents hit the roof of his mouth. There were different scents. The smell of whiskey, the smell of demon, of witch, and, much to his dislike, the reek of sweat and urine. The Inn was very nice, but it would never hide the more distasteful smells of its past.

Then, one scent struck him. Vampire.. Ah, so she was one of his race. Interesting. He hadn't seen one like himself in months. He was beginning to even consider they had died out and he, being the traveling plague that he was, had not yet been affected by such a fate. This female seemed promising to him. Perhaps as a bed mate for the night, or... Hm. Bed mate seemed all she was of use to him for. He didn't much like to think of such a lovely creature as a sexual partner but the thought refused to leave him.

Shaking his head, he turned away from her. He didn't need a female confusing his thoughts. He didn't need a woman tugging on his heart. He didn't need to repeat history and fall for a creature that would only shatter his essence in the end.

He didn't need another Marina...

A man dressed in full robes and hood imerged from the shaddows of the surrounding forrest when he came upon the green dragon "ah so this is the green dragon" he said to himslef he heard that a grate number of hero's venture here every year and atlas so had he.
He walked up to the door and knocked on it with his cain and waited for a answer

Sarrin kicked his feet up on a chair, slamming back another shot of vodka as he counted his bounty from the day's hunt again. He was damned proud of the job he'd done, having taken only a few hours rather than his usual week to find the thing.

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