Dianar (Recruiting)

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Dianar is a roleplaying campaign based in a fantasy world named Amnorill.

Amnorill is in a dangerous age called the "Age of Trouble". War is brewing among nearly every civilization on the face of Amnorill during this time. This Age began when the Karnech (kar-NEK) race began their quest to annihilate all other races. They believed that their god, the God of Death, sent them a message telling them that they would be the ones to rule Amnorill. The other races all fought to destroy the Karnech but were greatly outnumbered. The other races all had a scarce amount of food, and needed to raid the nearby civilizations to simply live. This brought uproar among much allying nations and most were thrown into a life of war. Children were recruited into the military without choice, and many died. Magic, the only hope against the Karnech, has been forgotten over the years as the Karnech demons killed off all wizards that they found. Some thought this Age of Trouble would end in the Karnechs destroying all life...

This is the world your character lives in at the start of this campaign. You are a soldier in the military of Amnorill, and have been asked to transport a highly confidential man named "Dianar". You are not even released the details of this man, but don't mind as you, like everybody else, need food.

Some more background information of Amnorill:


Kendar - The Kendar are human-like in appearance but much more muscular and taller. The average height of a mature male Kendar is 6'1". This is the race your character is.
Elvandell - The Elvandell are much like the Kendar in appearance, but are more slender and shorter. They live in areas with heavy trees, growth, or other things that their archer guards can hide in due to their sneaky nature. Most travelling through their woods do not know that they are even there when they die.
Seltan - The Seltan look like Kendar in appearance but are more uncivilized and warlike. They generally have darker skin than Kendar and usually attack on sight.
Karnech - The Karnech are an extremely dangerous race. This race is taller than Kendar and even more muscular. They have two small horns coming from the top of their heads and the only clothes they wear are small loin cloths.


Yeldar - The Yeldar were an ancient race full of wisdom. The average Yeldar male is almost half the size of an average Kendar male. This shortness does not mean they are not as strong as Kendar, some Yeldar have been known to out-wrestle a Kendar. The Yeldar were killed off by the Karnech.
Other Races - There are many other minor races that were extinct in some way or another, whether the Karnech killed them off or they just died.

This campaign will be very large and therefore will be played on another forum solely dedicated to this campaign. This allows more flexibility and organization of the campaign. It is much more in-depth than stated above, I just do not want to give everything away just yet. Post your character sheet here temporarily until I get the forums up in this format:

Skills: (Everyday skills)
Military Position: (Archer, Spearman, Swordsman, etc.)
Weapons: (Just a regular weapon such as a sword, bow, etc.)

Thank you, I am hoping for this to be a very fun campaign!

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