New Resident Evil Roleplay Old School

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Hey i'm New to this forum so i'm setting myself up a task so one, i won't be bored at work and 2 gives me some well desired inpiration again.

I've been roleplaying resident evil for over 7 years, now its been reduced to 3 individuals i know on MSN which makes me very sad...:: sniffle::

SO! I thought id be pro-active and come up with a forum anyone can join. As long as there is no modding and such i'm fine with everything.
So long as we don't have any of those invincible tyrant thingy's and guys with unlimited ammo and hundreds of guns and bombs. Thats a no no! Realism is the key objective in this game.

So lets set the scene:

Now we all like new outbreaks in certain cities and stuff like that, but a friend of mine passed this idea by me one time and i thought it was pretty damn good. Anyone Read S.D.Perry's Caliban cove?

Well it's not going to be exactly like that but how about:

A facility under the ice of Antartica, a Prison camp of sorts filled with enemies of Umbrella, people who have seen too much, scientists who have threatened to talk, even old BOW (Bio weapons) such as people like Wesker is, infected with a certain virus only its under control. no mutations ZIP just certain powers or Experiments which didnt have the umph Umbrella needed.

Example: A guy with claws but no stength to use them. (stupid example xD)

yeah ill hop in on your RP if you want me to

didnt mean to say the same thing twice

Thats Cool, Dincht my fav character from Final Nice to see some people taking interest already. I looked up some of the other threads on other RE roleplays but most of them stoped functioning.

So where should i start....setting the scene?

On top a cold perilous landscape of barren ice, cruel winds ravage the tundra which no prepared human being could ever withstand for more than a couple of hours. But below the ice around a mile down lay Umbrella's darkest secret. Not only did they turn upon the STARS but even their own colleges, scientists and the odd failed BOW.
Even though this Prison of sorts held many criminals and evil masterminds, Umbrella being Umbrella thought they'd make even more money out of this sespit of diabolicals.
With their money low and their reputation in tatters they thought they'd kill two birds with one stone and make this the Primary Testing Facility Umbrella needed without the risk of an outbreak. Even if there was, no one would miss who was held there, and even if they got out the experiments could never survive in the freeze of the artic weather.
They pitted the inmates in battles with monsters, jut to see how cost effective their monstrositys would be in combat. It didn't matter if the inmates died, there were always more, coming in. People who needed to be kept quiet.
Out of all the inmates there were very few which survived the battles with the undead monsters Umbrella had created, and the few that did where experimented on, used to enhance certain features in their monster stock. A Man with a faster healing capability to the others would be genetically links with the tyrant Gene. Umbrella hoped this would make something indistructable. But unfortunatly through lack of funding and thei bad reputation, experiments were put on hold and the unfortunat inmate, left to live in his decrepid state in a small holding cell until more money came in.

Character: Hope
Age: 20
Occupation: Unknown

:: She had been shacked up in the plane now for well over 2 hours. The small base she had been transfered to didn't support the kind of needs a person like herself needed. Umbrella seeing her strengths thought they'd test her out at the artic Facility. Anaginst her wishes of course. She had been on the run from Umbrella since the Raccoon City incident. Along with the mass of leeches set free, and the panic that ensued the Mansion Lab she had managed to escape from her Cell in the labs and into the city. Bumping into survivors and not so luckies (as she called them) along the way. Running for well over 5 years she was caught by Umbrella in Japan.
Looking down to her feet the shackles around them only gave her a foot of chain to work with. She hobbled around the the penguins below feeling embaressed and ashamed. Attached to that thick piece of chain was another which links to the shackles around her wrists. Atleast they'd taken off the mittens by now and the face mask she was getting used to. She looked like Dr Lecter when they first shacked her up in the new lab. Anyone that got close enough felt the brunt of her wrath. But after a time and a long line of drug therpy they'd dulled her down to nothing more than a machine.
Her Dark green eyes peered down to her booted feet ad the orange overall she wore. She was tired, she was always tired now. And if she didn't fight, she wouldn't get hurt so at the moment everything was alright for her::

hmm lets see if i remember correctly ill be Steven inside the book i think thats his hame hes the guy who survives at the end in the explosion or is that jonathan?

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