Heroes - Another Story Rewrite(Story)

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The Day was bright and clear. San Diego, California was the place were the latest comic-con was going to be held and a lot of people from the US were travelling for the cosplay contests and other stuff.

San Diego Convention Center
Rory James

Rory was going through the stands, she was there with a few friends though she wasn't all that really interested in all of this. Her friends Ryan and Maggie were huge comic fans and loved japanese anime. She had sat through a lot of movies like the latest one she saw, the anime version of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.

Sean Hamilton

Sean was there aswell, as a computer programmer he had a lot of stuff hanging from his walls, he was wearing a Full Metal Alchemist t-shit at the moment and was looking through some Star Wars stuff as well as some X-men comic books. He looked around and Rory brushed passed him, little did he know that his destiny was entwined with hers.

The Television showed several news of misterious murders in which the murderer did not stab or shoot his victims but rather left the victims bodies as if they had been dead for several weeks. Also their DNA strings were broken as if selected genes were extracted with no identified clinical device or means to do so which had the police worried.

St. Clair Household
Conrad St. Clair

Conrad woke up, brush his teeth, and put on his clothes. He went to his parents room to check if they were asleep and they were. He went downstairs to get a pen and paper and wrote dear family if your read this then I've runaway and never coming back. Conrad then walked out the door for good.

Jacc woke up, the bright sunlight damn near blinding him as it shone over the large buildings of San Diego. He stood, walking to the back of the alley he'd slept in and picking up his things. For three weeks he'd followed the path of the man who'd killed his sister. And those three weeks had led him here. He was no cop, and other than his sword, he had no clue how he'd take the guy. But he knew that her death had to be avenged, no matter the cost to him.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.