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The Bone Eaters Well while Kagome is looking for him she gets pulled into the well by a youkai. When she finally gets back up she seems to be in a forest not Tokyo Japan. Kagome came across a tree with a young man about 16 yrs old with silver hair, dog ears and wearing a red kimono was pinned to a tree by an arrow.Kagome ends up in a village where she meets l"Lady Kaede" the younger sister of the priestes Kikyou.

When Kagome goes back to the forest Inuyasha is awake and the youkai is back.The youkai took the Shikon No Tama (shikon jewl: the jewl of 4 souls) Out of Kagomes body Inuyasha seems to want the jewl and acts evil at the time, Kaede puts a roasary around Inuyashas neck so whenever Kagome says "SIT" Inuyasha falls to the ground. On their journy Kagome gets bows and arrows, one time a bird took the Shikon Jewl and Kagome hits it with her arrow and brakes the jewl into pieces now Inuyasha, Kagome,Shippo,Sango,Miroku and Kirara must team up to find the jewl before Naraku or any other evil youkai find it.

Matroshka (Inuyasha)
Camille (Kagome)
Red Spartan (Sesshomaru)
Thunderfox (Naraku)
NBT (Miroku)
Genosis (Bankotsu)
Twilight Prince (Kohaku)
Wild Cherry (Ayame )

He sniffed his way to them "Hey whats the big idea leaving me !" Anime anger. A floke of birds flew out he looked back. Inuyasha's claws shining in the sun light. He stared into the forest. He saw two red eyes glow. He pulled out his sword " ALRIGHT SHOW YOUR SELF NOW !" He said. As he made a tight grip on his sword.

Red Spartan
Sesshomaru walked down the old dirt road with a far darker complextion he had ever shown before. Two small military units approached him, one from the front and the other from behind.

"Demon! We have come to slay you in the name of our leader!"

Sesshomaru just stared before he drew Tokigen from his sheath and slaughtered the entire front wave in one swing. The second unit rushed towards him and he used his whip to cut down most of the advanced forces. The outer forces ran off screaming and the scent of blood filled the air strongly. One soldier was near death and Sesshomaru sheathed Tokigen and drew Tennseiga. With one simple swing the soldier was amazed that he was alive and he bowed at his feet.

"My Lord, why have you spared me from the land of the dead?"

Sesshomaru looked down at him with his cold emotionless eyes. "So I could kill you again." With that being said he used his right arm ((or only arm =P)) to cleave the poor soldier in half.

A silver blur could be noted through the spaces between the densely populated forest of trees. The young wolf demoness ran swiftly and silently along the earthen ground, lean and limber; A sightly thing to behold. She took leaps over fallen trees, and balanced her center of gravity over narrow peaks as she approached her mountainous home. As she stopped suddenly, she let out a deep breath. Her eyes widened a something flashed before her in the sky. Like a small star falling...or something else.... The wolfess shook her head, and then turned back to her original focus. She had news to deliver. Two of her guardians met her at the entrance to her den.

" AYAME! Where have you been?!? "

Ayame took her human aspect and looked away for a moment. her turquoise green eyes scanned the space for anything unnatural, and her lips pursed a bit at the guards inquiries. Raising a n eyebrow, she pushed a piece of reddish brown hair behind a slightly pointed ear an smiled.

" Around. "

She paused then, and a serious look crossed her face.

" I need to speak to my father. I saw some demons..Some strange demons. And I caught the scent of, I don't believe it, but, it almost seemed like....- "

She stopped herself and took note of the guards sullen faces.

" Princess Ayame...We need to speak to you about something "

That day, she listened to how her pack, other than herself and a few others, had been massacred by the demons corrupted. She bit her lip, and forced tears back as they welled in her eyes, threatening to force through. Her father...was gone. Her sisters, brothers...all gone. Everything was just...gone. Shaking her head, the demoness took her wolf form and dashed off, her guardians calling out behind her, tried to to chase, but gave up soon after. She was a stronger demon, she excelled in her speed, strength, power. As the wolfess rain , one name hung on her lips. : Kouga .

A loud crack of thunder halted her. She had no idea how long or far she had run, or even where she was at the moment. She didn't even care. As the rain began to fall from the sky, like the tears that now stung her eyes, she took her human aspect and crawled into a small cave. she fell asleep to the rhythm of rain on the cave, and the word that repetitively fell through her thin, pink lips.


The wolfess awoke to screams, and the thick scent of blood. her ears twitched, and she flinched as the realisation of her situation hit her. She shook her head, and stood then, walking slowly toward the scent. She stopped dead in her tracks, noting a tall, handsome demon, hand stained with blood, standing over the body of a young soldier.

"Where are we headed next?"

Red Spartan
Sesshomaru grunted before answering. "You can head where ever you want. I am going to find stronger demons to kill. When we arrive at the next village I will not be with you so take Rin and make sure she stays happy." Sesshomaru started to walk away from Kohaku and towards the next town. "Hurry it up, Jaken." Jaken and Rin started to come into view on the dragon (can't remember it's name.) and arrived closely to Sesshomaru but still kept a small distance.

**he awoken...he looked around the room trying to find out where he was...just a minute ago he was being ambushed and was execut...**
**he shook his head and got up**where....where am I?**he walked around the room and noticed clothing that matched his...except these were more darker and contorted looking with the designes...a scroll layed ontop of the clothing. It read**

(its in japanese but this is what it says in english)
"Bankotsu, I Naraku, has revived you from the dead. You have been gone from this realm, the realm of the living, for 10 years. I have ressurected you for the soul purpose of finding the Sacred Jewel. It has been cracked into shards and scattered across the land. Find them for me and I shall reward you with women, wealth, unnatural powers, and even immortality. If u wish for these then do as I say and go forth to find the Shards of the Sacred Jewel."

"I dont take orders from no one" he begun to throw away the scroll and then he realized. This what he was waiting for. He put on his clothing and opened the door. "I think its time I went and got my Halbred"

Miroku had took notice to the demonic power as he stared into the forest. The demonic aura began to pump from the forest. Miroku already had two spell scrolls in his right hand, ready to throw anytime. He knew the business he would quickly throw the spell scrolls striking the demon paralyzing it. Why Inuyasha cut him down. Then they would continue onward to search for Jewel Shard. He took a quick look at Sango apparently she was still mad at what happened earlier as he began to recall. But apparently Kagome was also still mad at Inuyasha, reason being why she left him.


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"Why do you care so much about Rin? I thought you did not like humans"?

Red Spartan
Sesshomaru sighed. "If you must know why I care so much about Rin it is because she is the only human that was actually willing to help me. Even though I did not need help at the time, I repaid her kindness with new life." Sesshomaru walked on with his normal facial expression towards the next town even though he had no intension of stopping there. He caught a scent in the air and sighed. "Half-Breed.."

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