How Many Fans Of The Movies Have Actually Seen The Young Indy Chronicles?

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Hey guys. I've got an interesting question for ya ...

I, like many of you on here I'm sure, consider myself to be a die-hard fan of the Indy movies (which I love, and have watched many times). And yet ... I've never seen a single episode (in full at least) of the TV series, "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"; I'm not quite sure why that is - perhaps it's just because I grew up after it ended ... I don't know. But it got me thinking - surely I'm not the only "Indiana Jones" fan in this position? So I'm curious - how many of you guys have seen the spin-off series, and if so, did you watch it religiously, or just casually?

All I have ever seen of any episode of the series is the beginning and end of the two-parter entitled "Mystery Of The Blues", and that was purely to see Harrison Ford (in his only appearance in the show) reprise his role as the adult Indiana Jones, circa 1953! I gotta say ... whilst it was undeniably cool to see Ford in his iconic role again, the ending of the episode in particular ... is pretty bad; it simply reeks of cheese, and features Ford acting in a very un-Indy like manner indeed! It must be seen to be believed! Check it out here, if you're interested:

Thinking of the upcoming "Indy IV", let's hope that not all of Indy's adventures in the 50's were this anaemic stick out tongue !

Seemingly Ford had the beard coz he was filming the Fugitive at the time and it was actually filmed in the grounds of his Jackson Hole house and he travelled to the set on his snowmobile.
I WANTED to like the young Indy chronicles but it just bored me. Proof that ONLY Harrison Ford can ever play the role of Indy.

Although I've gotta hand it to River Phoenix for doing a terrific job as Indy in "The Last Crusade" as well ...

Originally posted by Ahnold
Although I've gotta hand it to River Phoenix for doing a terrific job as Indy in "The Last Crusade" as well ... Shit, In my rant I FORGOT about River Phoenix! Absolutely, the mannerisms, the facial expressions, he got it all spot on. I wonder if he'd now be playing Indy in movies of his own if fate hadn't intervened.

Funnily enough, I did read somewhere that the filmakers were considering a second, prequel trilogy of Indy films (kinda like what they did with Star Wars), in which River Phoenix would've played a young Indy, and Harrison Ford would've played Henry Jones Sr. (i.e. his own father eek! !). Apparently, the "Young Indy Chronicles" were designed as sort of a 'test run' to see whether such an idea would work.

But in any case, as you said, fate had other plans ...

Not me, sadly

I've been thinking, It's weird but the Indy franchise is surely alongside Star Wars as the biggest trilogy on Earth (OK, I don't include LOTR as that's too "new"wink and we only have 7 threads here? What is wrong with the taste of the young people today? The Indy movies should be much more highly recognised on these forums yet we had to wait till a few weeks ago before having our own discussion thread? That sucks.

What's worse, people are *already* talking about this forum getting shut down! It's ridiculous!

As I've already said before, I'm sure that once Indy IV gets closer, activity here will pick up.

as a kid i loved the young indy show. There were two people i wanted to be when growing up. One was indy, the other was john mclane. Seeing indiana closer to my own age, i was just enthralled. I especially liked how they stated in the beginning of the show what indy accomplished before he turned 20. fought in a world war, stopped an assasination, and several other feats mounting to a laundry list greater than the accomplishments of jesus laughing out loud

exanda kane
Never saw an entire episode.

i watched a few of them, it kind of reminded me of the goonies, except the kids were alot smarter

the series wasnt that bad, but it wasnt good enough to keep on tv

History Buff
in response to your question I only watched a little of the younf Indy shows.

My main problem with the show was how utterly convienent the situations were that Indy was put into. Meaning, almost every episode had him involved in some major historical situation. From what i can recall a sample of these were: Indy helping Pancho Villa in Mexico during their Revolution, fighting in the trenches during WWI, chatting with Freud in Vienna, meeting a young Einstein, a passenger aboard Titanic (who obviously survived), and hunting with Teddy Roosevelt in Africa!!

I know this show was about to be about a young Indy and his adventures but imo, they went waaaaaaaay overboard with the historical adventures Indy was involved in. This guy was involved in nearly every major histoical event and person in the first 25 years of the 20th Century. I'm wondering when this guy had time to get his Doctorate in Archeology??!!

I watched some of them, they did not capture the same effect as the films.

History Buff
Just saw that Mystery of the Blues episode on YouTube. Yikes!!!! That was BAAAAD!!! Waaaay waaaaay chessy. Even to see Ford as indy again couldn't help it. Here's hoping Indy 4 is nowhere near as terrible. sick

Seen them. These are more like history lessons for junior high kids then real Indy adventures.

History Buff
Originally posted by DoomsdayClock
Seen them. These are more like history lessons for junior high kids then real Indy adventures.

that's a pretty good analogy.

Devil King
It is a good analogy. I've seen them all, and enjoyed them quite a bit. But considering how long ago they were on, I might have changed my opinion of them and don't even realize it. Like Scooby Doo and He-Man, I loved them as a kid, but they make my brain hurt when I watch them now. Such might be the case if I were to watch these shows now.

I, personally, would love to see them out on DVD. I made it a point to watch each and every episode, so I'd love to have my own copies.

Of course I have seen them. One must see the Indy Chronicles. It is a part of the modern movie history.

Devil King
They've been playing them on the History Channel for the last couple of weeks.

I've seen a couple. but the ones where he is a teenager gets old quickly really the ones where is like 10 are interesting.

Yeah, I watched every show when I was little but I saw one the other night on the History Channel and it

It makes me a little scared for that new Star Wars show they're planning.

Mark Question
Saw it at Target for 80 bucks. A little steep for that show.

I saw a few episodes on TV a good while back. Never saw Harrison in Mystery of the Blues, though I would have liked too for the nostalgia factor. He really IS Indy. And the boy in the series was not as good as River Phoenix in The Last Crusade. He tried though.

Never seen them myself.

I saw most of them. Very enjoyable series.

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