All-Pro Football 2K8

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Anyone excited for this game? I think its supposed to be out today.

I loved the old 2K football games, and ive grown very tired of Madden's bullshit, but there is something about the NFL license that I love. I like playing with my favorite teams and favorite players, so Im a little unsure about playing with made up teams, even though the players are legends.

I read that you can customize your team and things like that, so that does sound pretty cool, plus the 2K engine is just more fun than Madden.

I never played the 2k franchise, but if they're hockey and basketball are good, I cant see this being bad.

I read that they're isnt an dynasty mode, or a very basic one. If thats true, I'm never going to play this.

I like Madden, always had. This years Madden, I heared is really good.

I'm picking this up...
I've always played the 2k football games,since the Dreamcast.
I'd rather play NFL 2K5 than any Madden game.

I heard bad things about this game

No dynasty, just season mode.

Gameplay is alright, but rusty (read the 1up review to clarify)

I dont know, it doesnt look to hot. No dynasty for a game thats been developed for atleast 2 years...I dont know man, thats weak.

Considering NCAA is pretty damn good on the field....

I rented it because I obviously knew I would never buy it. I do like it however, though. It's fun using the Hall of Fame players. Running over people with Barry Sanders one play, then scrambling with Cunningham and throwing deep to Jerry Rice the next play is great. XBOX Live would be awesome if the server wasn't bad, since you basically choose who is on your team.

The running aspect of the gameplay is much better than it is in Madden. I always sucked at a running in Madden. Of course, I do have Barry Sanders, rather than Brian Westbrook, but still. Running was the only problem I had with Madden.

I'm sure I'll have fun with it while I have it rented, but it's not the type of game I pay $60 for, since there aren't real teams or anything.

The running game in NCAA 08 is pretty good.

I also heared that the run game in Madden 08 is good too.
I always liked Madden's gameplay, and I hate to say it, but I like playing with the real players and all, but the lack of dynasty mode is an travesty. Football games have to have it.

Im not sure about Madden this year, the last two "next gen"(ha) versions have sucked bad, supposedly owner mode and stuff like that is back, so maybe it will be alright.

If not there is always the Wii version, even though it looks like Madden did when it debuted on PS2. erm

I just know that Gamespot gave Madden the best sports game of E3 and alot of journalists have been saying its one of the best Madden's they've played.

One thing they have done is increased the amount of plays that an all star does. One problem I had with Madden, though small, was that if you had a player like DeMarcus Ware, or Shawn Merriman, the game didnt really play those players like all stars they are. But in this game, an blitzing LB who is amazing, really plays like he is that guy and is alot better than that rookie who is at 78OVR. A shutdown corner plays like a shutdown corner.

Hopefully it works out.

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