Slasher Rp

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Things to know:
In the start, The year is 1991,you are highly abused by your family, you are 14 years old, you have been having evil thoughts lately, thoughts of a massacre on you family. To help you fufill this dark deed, you have been watching a lot of horror films to help you get the edge on how to kill. You begin construction on your costume *write down your description for your costume, if it's taken, don't use it! you can also make it in like photoshop or gimp and post it on here* When you are done, you wait until midnight, you find a butcher knife. You walk downstairs and go into your Cruel Aunt's room. She is using her bathroom. You wait in her closet. When she comes out, you get to the back behind all the clothes. You purposely drop one of them, she hears the noise and goes to investigate. When she open the door and moves back the clothes where you are standing. You jab your knife into her throat, and, amazingly, you are able to lift just with your one hand on that knife! You raise her off the ground, her nerves are making her shake, before she cancels out she lets out a blood curdling scream. You take the knife out and she falls to the ground. When your dad walks in he sees you stabbing her repeatedly. You see him, he yells at starts toward you with a hammer (he has been working around the house) You get up, clean off your bloodied knife with your hand, as he gets closer, you shove the knife into his leg, he screams in pain, you grab his hammer, and shove the part that pulls out nails into his head. *find a way to kill the rest of your family* after that, you are taken away. Years later, you break out. the year is 2007, you are 30 years old. How are you going to continue your rampage? You decide.

Things to know about your killer:
You can never use any kind of gun, you must always walk, you never speak, and you can be super strong. But only up to michael myers levels. When you are shot or anything, you don't die. You fake your death. You can't be stopped, and you can have an ahab (someone bent on stopping you) and a main virgin victim that you attack but don't kill. No sex added into your story, and you can't be over 6'9"


((....holy hell. AWESOME!! Did you get permission for this?))

(( I can't imagine Ush okaying this.. but here's hoping he did. Finally, an RP for us horror-buffs!))

<<prolly didn't, muck101, he didn't get his Dream-Life Thread approved, either...>>

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.