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Sol Valentine
My cousin got the game, it looks so friggin awesome.

I'm debating whether or not to buy this game. It looks absolutely beautiful, and the fact that is is strictly mutliplayer, as opposed to single player, might make for a very fun online experience. The Playstation Network has the complete Warhawk game available for download for $39.99, but players who buy the game from retailers for $59.99 will also get extra content such as behind-the-scenes developer interviews, concept art and trailers. In addition, the retail version comes bundled with a Jabra BT125 Bluetooth headset, allowing players to chat with other players online while playing the game.

The game takes advantage of the PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS controller's motion sensing capabilities, allowing players to maneuver aircraft by tilting the controller in different directions rather than the more conventional methods of using the D-pad or analog sticks. However, the developers have stated that a more traditional control scheme is optional. The game engine features procedurally-generated water and waves, as well as volumetric clouds. Warhawk features at least 32-player online battles exclusively, with the ability to have 4 players use one PlayStation 3 in split-screen mode. Either player can seamlessly enter or exit the game while a match is in progress.

There are three vehicles for each faction; a Warhawk/Nemesis aircraft, a jeep, and tank.

The Warhawk is the plane for the Eucadian forces. While it has a regular flight mode that resembles a fighter jet it also has a hover mode that resembles a helicopter. The official site says that it is an artistic mix of Curtis P-40 Warhawk and the A-10 Warthog. The Chernovan plane is called the Nemesis. Its design was a combination of the German Luftwaffe, Messerschmitt Me-262, and the Lockheed Martin F-35B.

An off-road jeep-like vehicle which can carry up to three soldiers; a driver, a passenger, and a gunner. Extremely fast with little protection, they have a mounted machine gun on the back. The jeeps of both sides are essentially the same, only with a different visual style.

The tanks are also very similar. The heavily-armored tanks can hold a driver/cannon operator, and a turret machine-gunner. Although one of the slowest vehicles, it can take repeated attacks and still operate.

Check out some gameplay from the aerial combat mode:

I, myself, have never been a big fan of games like this, but after playing a little bit of the game while in Gamestop, I am seriously considering this game. Anyone have any comments/reviews/recommendations?

Here is another clip:

Lana, I'm a dumbass.

I looked for an already existing thread, and didn't see the already existing thread on the first damn page. embarrasment Sorry.

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I aint played it and aint played the original PS1 version, but I have ordered it and have done so on the mountains of awesome reviews I've read.

It's been a long long time since I've played a flight fighting game. Ground assault wil be awesome too.

There is supposed to be thousands of people to play the game online with, can't wait.

Just bought this today, and it was worth every cent.

It's very fun and even more addictive.

Shouldnt this be called Battlefield?

Look! A behind the character version of Halo eek!

It may be inferior to Halo, yes, but it is still amazingly fun.

That, and I don't own an Xbox 360.

I searched, and this is the only thread.

I don't have the game anymore, since my house was burglarized a few years ago. However, I'm strongly considering buying it again, since I saw a used copy at Gamestop for only $13.

From what I remember, it was fun game with lots of aerial combat, jeeps & tanks, and mayhem. My favorite mode, on most any online battle game, is Capture the Flag.

Modern Warfare 2 is good, but I want to change things up a bit.

Does anyone still play this game? I want opinions so as not to waste my money and venture into an empty map asking myself, "Where the hell is everyone?"

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