28 Weeks Later

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Rules: No player killing without there consent (Like sex embarrasment )
Try and keep it semi-realisitic, for instance kids with guns.
Have fun.

Location: England.
Time: A few hours after code red was announced.
Situation: CRITICAL.
The 'Rage Virus' has once again become out of control, most sectors have been evacuated but reports are coming in that more people are becoming infected by the number.
Decontamination squads have been dispatched throughout, their main purpose, kill anything that moves. Allot of US Soldiers have fled their posts and are in a panic and can't be fully trusted with your safety (Unless you wanna be a soldier...).
In a few hours the navy will be called in to stop anything from leaving the country.

Country: (Where you're from)

Name: George Blackmoore
Age: 29
Occupation: Royal SAS Member
Country: England
Weapon(s): M4A1 Assault Rifle, 9mm Pistol, Knife
Background: George served in the Army for just under 10 years, on his 5th, he joined the RSAS. He has plenty of combat experience under his belt and was also a POW in Iraq for 3 months.
Upon his rescue and return to England, within a month he was back in action. Things were quiet for a bit at the unit, until thatfateful day the Rage Virus broke out.
Georges section was ordered to escort one of the Royals to their personal jets, things didn't go accordingly as they were quickly overrun and they were made to flee.
Him and two others from his section of ten were the only survivors, but they were soon to vanish as time went on.
When the Americans momentarily reclaimed London, George worked with them as one of the recon teams that would go out searching for survivors and infected.
George was lucky enough to be outside the city when the bombs were dropped, but was it that lucky....

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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.