just like Heaven

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Has any1 watched this film? Liked it? Hated it? Let me know.

I liked it quite.It had a simple story n good acting by Reese Witherspoon.

Reese has always been a good actress....I like this film too....i love this kind of stories...

Saw this in the cinemas a while back.

I must say I really enjoyed it, It was a modernised love flick with a not so bad plot.

Mark Ruffalo, for me, is under-rated big time. People may not think he is a top actor but I think his aproach to acting with a straight forward speech and basic acting is refreshing.

I liked the ending, thought for a while it may of not happened - but it came together greatly.

Discos - 7/10

i love this movie..so romantic...my favorite line from this movie is
" Love will bring you back"

Mark Ruffalo was really great in love comedy film like this.

Reese is really great in romantic comedy flicks. This is definitely a feel-good movie.

Cap'n Happy
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film (my wife came home with it and I couldn't weasel out of another movie date-night). The twist-which I wont reveal here- in what I thought was going to be another ghost and human fall in love bit was nicely done. Some good laughs. Witherspoon, Ruffalo, and especial Header, often grate on my nerves. Who would have thought that all three would turn in such good performances in the same movie (esp. Jon Header... he was actually GOOD here)?

Nice little movie.

here's the movie poster poster of this film.


I got dragged into seeing this movie when it first game out. It actually wasn't too bad. Good acting by Reese Witherspoon like always. Mark Ruffalo is the real star here, though. Hollywood needs to give this guy more work.

it's a feel-good movie with creative story. Another good quality film by the ever adorable Reese smile

I haven't seen it, but would like too, but I prefer Reese having roles like the one she did in "Freeway".

i like reese as an actress. i also love her in her movie Sweet Home Alabama

its only now that I've heard this movie., I want to see how good is this movie.,

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