WWII: Last Bridge to Freedom

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Jacob took in a deep breath of the early morning air and stood in awe of the beauty of the landscape. Believing that it would truley be a shame for the scenery to be destrtoyed, did not even phase his determination to hold the German forces back. It would still be a while before the Germans arrived or so he thought. Laid out before him was his equipment, his sidearm, a Colt M1911A1., was sitting next to it's holster and two clips. Next to that was his M1 Carbine and nine extra cases. All of his weapons seemed to be in good condition, even his knife. Satisfied that he was ready for the battle ahead, he grabed his weaponry and secured it all in their rightful place, finishing with placing his M1 Carbine's strap over his shoulder. Just as he finished a tall and, somewhat muscular soldier ran over to him. "Hey, Sarge." Jacob nodded at Ben. "Hey, Sapp, you ready for the battle?" Ben looked grim but exited. "For the most part. Are we really going across the bridge to hold the front line? Cause either way, I'm with you one hundred percent, man." Jacob let out a deep breath before responding. "Yep, me, you, Johnson and, Ramirez, will be up in front until we have to retreat."

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Jacob and Ben both marched to where there two other squad members were waiting. "It will be a while yet, before the Germans even come this way." Jacob looked at the other two and thought of a way to use the time to their advantage. "We can use the unknown amount of time to set up some resistance. Move out!" Jacob, Ben, and the other two all set out across the bridge, making it to the other buildings quickly. Jacob climbed into a tall bell tower and situated himself up there with his rifle. Ben took his Carbine and made sure that he covered Jacob from the door. The other two took positions across the street.

Monty stuck a clip into his B.A.R. as he took cover behind a wall. His cigarette was almost dead, but he was using it to his fullest. Cigarettes were scarce, but Monty was lucky to loot one off a dead soldier. After he could feel the heat, he stuck the butt into the wall.
Up in the tower, Jacob was his eye in the sky, and Monty needed an extra set. Monty swiped his brow and spit.

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Jacob sat in the top of the tower and used his scope to get a better view of the area. Nothing seemed to be nearby or back in the hills, so he decided to pull out a deck of cards from his napsack. Laying them out in the form of solitaire he began to play. He had made it about five minutes into the game when out of the corner of his eye, about thirty miles away, he could see German ground forces approuching. He leaned out of the bell towers windows and shouted. "We have about fifty approuching ground forces and some spare change. Stay on your toes men!" Jacob raised the rifle, even though he knew he could never hit them at that distance.

Monty looked up at the bell tower as he put his helmet on. He kissed his four leaf clover and ran into the building. A huge hole in the building gave Monty a great position, and decent cover. But if a grenade went in, he would be toast. Monty pulled the clip out of his B.A.R. and tapped it on his helmet, and stuck it back in. He spit again and strapped his helmet.

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Jacob thought to himself as he monitored the advancing Germans. Their tanks were slowed to the point that the ground forces didn't need to run after them. "Hm... about a good hour, hour and a half." Jacob made sure his gun was ready for the oncoming assault. Jacob rushed towards the window were he shouted down at Ben to make a trap for the first tank. Ben already knew what he was expected to do so he rushed out to the street and found a large piece of wood and, a generally flat rock. Placing the wood at an angle on the rock, he lifted the side that was on the ground and placed a grenade under it and made sure it was secured. Afterwards he removed the pin and made sure the spoon was down. Then he moved back to his station and waited.

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Private Denson approached seargent Mirez. "Yo' Mirez. Just got word from the forward line that the first wave of German panzers and troops are on their way."

"Really. Ok. Hey corperal Red'damn' get over here!"

Corperal Redman ran out of the Hotel building they had been clearing and approached. "Sir. And thats Redman sir. What do you need?"

Jake tapped the nozzel of his M1 Garand rifle against his helmet. "We got panzers approaching. I'm thinking we should set up a choke point further up the road. I guess I'm asking: Do we have composite 'B' explosives or mines?"

Denson turned and walked towards the rest of the squad as the seargent and the anti-tank officer spoke...

"Yeah we got some comp' 'B'. But the supply truck hasn't arrived with the rest of our anti-tank equipment." Redman said as he wondered what the leader had in mind.

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Seargent Jake Mirez called his squad over to a table that they had dragged from the Hotel to lay the map of the town on. Once they were all there; "Ok gentlemen listen up. We are here." Jake points to a marked portion of the map and runs his finger along the main road the Hotel was on. It was on a direct path to the outskirts and they were smack dang at the midway point of the road. "If the panzers take this route," Indicates the location of the forward line where a part of 'B' company was supposed to be. "Then its up to 'B' company. Otherwise if they funnell down our route then their panzers will get held back by the ruble and fallen buildings. We should place some mines or..." Jake glances at Redman and continues. "Explosives here. Redman thets your job." Redman saluted.

"Yes sir." He gave the seargent a funny look that said everything he thought of their leader, which was 'You b******.' As he headed off to get the suplies he'd need.

Jake smiled catching the semtiment of the look. "Private Ferka go with Redman."

"Hell yes." Ferka replied finally hoping to see some action. He lifted his M1 carbine and headed off after Redman to get the needed equipment.

"Private Denson. Do an inventory check. What do we got?"

Denson saluted and headed back into the Hotel where their equipment was.

"Sundown. Find a vantage point and keep an eye out. Report back when you know which rout the tanks and troops have taken. The krauts are more likely to split their infantry and head in several directions...."

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Jacob spent most of his time monitoring the German advance and movement. Looking through the scope, he made out the figure of a general that was pointing to different groups of soldiers and then pointing down various paths. "They're splitting to go in to different ways.. clever bastards." Jacob leaned out the same window as before and shouted to Sappington. "Get on the horn and tell A Company that they are going to try and flank us!" Ben immediately jumped up from his position and made his way to the man carrying a radio. "This is Private Sappinton, the Krauts are splitting in a flanking maneuver. Be advised that they are coming down with equal force on both sides. Stay frosty. Over and out." Ben hauled ass back to where he had been before and made sure that all of his weapons were ready for the oncoming battle.

"We gettin the strong side or weak side?" Monty crawled out of the building partially and yelled to Jacob. As he did a piece of rubble rolled over, and a pack of cigarettes appeared. Monty laughed as he picked up the pack. He opened it, and there was three cigarettes. Monty quickly pulled one out and lit it up. He looked back down to see a cockroach in the box. "Holy sh!t!" Monty threw the box out into the street before thinkinh. "What a waste...."

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Jacob looked at Monty. "No telling, too far to say for sure right now! Be prepared for anything. They may be bringing to big guns!" Jacob leaned back inside to make sure he had some grenades laid out for use in a dire situation. He counted four grenades and then he made sure to check for his sidearm. With the pistol looking in top condition Jacob finished off with his Carbine. "Come on let's do this!"

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Praivate O'Rhyne using the field radio, picked up the signal. He ran out of the Hotel and approached the sqaud leader. "Seargent Mirez!" He shouted as he approached. "'B' company reports that the krauts have split into several divisions and are advancing towards the bridge by different routes."

Seargent Mirez picked up his M1 Garand rifle. "Ok O'Rhyne. Tell them we're setting up a choke point. Ask them if any krauts are they heading our way." He turned back to the three remaining soldiers: private Denson who just returned from the inventory check, corperal Heart and private Rattenburger. "You three are with me. Ok lets move it! Lets go. On the double!" Mirez made sure his weapon was loaded and headed back towards the Hotel.

Denson fell into step beside the seargent. "We have three M1919A1's and about twelve thousand rounds." Mirez paused.

"We can fall back here. Ok there is a buildng further down the road that we can use as a hold-up." Dust blew into his face and Mirez wiped some sweat from his forehead. "O'Rhyne what did the forward line say?"

Smith marched quickly and quietly through the small town, checking around every corner and in every alley as he made his way to the bottom of the bell tower. Jacob and Ben are up in this tower, I'll need to find another to lookout from. He moved out into the street and saluted the men in the tower before pointing across the street at a three story home before he sprinted quickly towards the building and getting inside before heading up the two sets of stairs. He moved furniture and barricaded himself up at the top level. "Alright, now I need to let Jacob know my position and keep an eye out for any Krauts sneaking around." He closed the door to the room and kicked a couch into it along with a bookcase to keep it shut.

Panting, James moved passed a hole in the floor and set himself up in the corner next to a small window. He grabbed his helmet and dropped it beside him, tossing in clips for his M1 and Springfield. Standing, he then stuck his fist out of the window and used military hand signals to declare his sniping point and excellent view of the layout of the town.

Red Spartan
Jacob nodded at the hand gesture and got out a spare scope that he tucked away in his bag. Positioning it to where it would make a glare from the sun, he covered the scope twice to show that he had acknowledged Smith's position. Now diverting his attention were the Krauts that were coming ever closer to their position. "We're so not gunna make it.." Ben shouted from the door. "Ch' I ain't dying here. Especially not to a bunch of dirty Krauts.."

Smith gave a thumbs up and kissed the barrel of his Springfield before sticking it over the windowsill and looking through the scope lens to count the Infantry. "This is going to be Hell" He spat, his trigger finger already becoming itchy.

"**** I need a smoke.." He dug into his jacket pocket and pulled the last of his pack of smokes out and lit one, hunkering down into the corner and awaiting the gunfire of the battle to begin.

Fardin Vassisk
"No reply sir." O'Rhyne shouted. "Just static."

"Ok stay at the Hotel, corperal Bragger and privates Narol and Winchester((Another squad member(s))) will hold this place. Radio the rear for backup. Tell them we need anti-tank weapons."

"Yes sir." He saluted and turned back to the Hotel.

Seargent Mirez led his three-man squad down to a building with one side blown out and plenty of vantage ponts. Sundown approached from the building across the street. "The Nazi tanks have stopped further up the road. Probably to recieve orders. I dont know. But a scout squad of krauts will be along here in a few minutes." I'll set up in that building over there." He indicated the three story building with a gaping crater in its roof.

"Fine." Mirez said. "Take Ferka with you. He should be back with Red'damn' in a minute. I'll take this building. If your spotted we'll cover you but once those panzers get here we rig this place to blow and fall back to the Hotel."

"Right sir." Sundown said. Ferka and Redman approached. Sundown flagged Ferka and he followed him across the road.

"Wheres he going?" Redman asked as he arrived.

"To support the sniper. You get those charges set?" Mirez asked as he looked over the building they were going to occupy. It was empty but had a good vantage point for the road.

"Yeah their set. And I have to go back and get my Thompson."

'Well hurry up. We got krauts approaching fast."

James sucked in hard on his cigarette, letting a plume of smoke out of his mouth as he watched it sail across the room. "I have a bad feeling about this.." He sighed, sticking his rifle over the windowsill once again to scope ahead. "****.. Look at all those Krauts... And those Tanks.." He turned sideways and shot a gaze up to Jacob and Ben in the bell tower. "How the hell are we going to survive this?" He slung his carbine over his back and made sure his M1911A1 was securely strapped to his hip. He picked up his cases and tucked them away in his belt inside the pockets and put his helmet back on his head. They better be bringing some ****ing anti-tank weapons up here.. He thought. Or we're TOAST!

Monty took a big puff of his cigarette. It was almost out.
"Hey James! You got any more cigarettes?" Monty yelled sticking his head out again. "Hang on... I'm coming up." Monty got out of his position and jogged towards James position. After he reached James' position, Monty crouched beside him.

"What's there E.T.A.? " Monty asked, his cigarette flopping up and down. It slipped out of his mouth, and fell harmlessly to the ground."Sh!t....."

Fardin Vassisk
Seargent Jake crouched down behind th remains of the front and gable wall just short of the hole ripped into the building. He had a good field of fire on the road and also had the protection of the remaining wall for cover. Just behind him looking through a blackened, scorched hole; corperal Redman and private Rattenburger had the M1919A1 light anti-infantry machine gun set up on its tri-pod mount and loaded up. Redman and Rattenburger noticed Mirez looking at them and gave him grins.

"They won't expect us sir." Redman said enthusiastically as he lit up a cigarette. The plume of smoke drifted up from the rolled paper and tobacco. "We'll give 'em hell!"

"That stuff will kill ya'." The ground began to vibrate as the panzers began moving again. Jake reached for his M1. "Maybe the tanks are going ahea-" Out of the corner of his eye he saw something shining in the morning sun. Sundown was trying to signal them. Mirez waved his bayonet. Catching the suns rays. A hand stuck out the oppisite buildings top floor window in a 'V' sign. 'Two groups,' 'P' sign. 'Panzers.' Five fingers. 'Fifty troops'. "Shit...Guys we got two groups of Panzers and about fifty support infantry approaching." He raised his bayonet and signaled back.

"Shit!" Redman turned back to his M1919A1 and spat through the hole in the wall.

Lt. Bannon leaned against his Sherman and closed his eyes, running the CO's orders through his head again and again

You men will hold the region at all costs. Down to the last man if you need to, but hold that damned town.

Bannon opened his eyes to the cursing of his driver, Pvt. Webb
"Goddamn piece of junk!"
"What's wrong Sid?"
"Its our freakin coolant sir, its near done for. No more cruising in ol St. Paddy" Bannon smiled, and thought of the nicknames his men had given his 3 tanks: Joey Stalin, High Roller, and St. Paddy. His men had been through so much in so little time, thanks to the speed of General Patton. One minute they were pushing their tanks off the beaches of Normandy on D-Day +30, and the next thing they knew they were at the shores of the Rhine.
The smile faded as he caught the sound of tank treads in the distance. He turned and yelled
"Hey Brown, get out here!"
A stocky young Private, the shell-loader on High Roller, emerged from the tank and jumped down to Bannon
"Yes sir!"
"What are they?"
Brown took off his crewman helmet and listened carefully,
"Panzers, probably Mark 4's, maybe a Tiger, but I could be wrong."
"Okay gentlemen, get ready to load up, ill call the sniper."
Bannon got into his tank and grabbed the radio and used his call signals
"Eagle-six, eagle six, come in. this is Yankee-4, do you read me?"
He waited for jacob to answer the call...

Red Spartan
A call came in over the small radio that Jacob had with him. "With no radio man in our platoon this little thing is a life-saver." He clicked the small button on the radio. "This is not Eagle-6 over, this is Archangel-1, I've been sent to replace Eagle-6. I read you loud and clear Yankee-4." Jacob pulled his sniper to his eye and did a long view of the remaining area. "Closer by the second... Private Sappington!" Ben came running up the stairs to where Jacob was. "What is it Sarge?" Jacob pulled an extra clip for an M1 Garand and tossed it too him. "Use it." Ben saluted and went back down to his position. ((It's an inside thing.))

Bannon felt a wave of relief come over him as he heard the Sergeant Major's voice crackle through. He and Jacob had had their fair share of arguments in the past, but through and through they respected each other. Bannon tried to prove himself early on as not just another junior officer from West Point, and respected the Sarge, even though he was an officer.

"Roger that Archangel 1. Me and my tanks are about a quarter of a mile south of the church. we just got finished repairing. What are we looking at for Kraut armor?"
He held the receiver close as the tank engines roared.

Red Spartan
Jacob let out a sigh relief when he heard that an armored unit would be saving them the agony of fighting an army of tanks. "Looks like we are dealing with about twenty or so Panzers. They've split into four different squads. All heading into the town from different directions." JAcob looked through the scope again to try and find any possible weakness in their ranks.

Danny noticed the look of fear in his loader's eyes.
"Don't worry Chuck, just keep on putting those shells in the cannon and we'll be fine."

"Archangel 1, i hate to break it to you, but It's just my tank and 2 others. Battalion HQ couldn't spare anymore. The rest of my unit are up the Rhine holding off another counterattack. I don't know how we'll manage to hold off those Panzers, but we'll sure as hell try."

Fardin Vassisk
"Archangel-1, Archangel-1; this is Guardian-2. What does it look like up there?" Private O'Rhyne called into the field radio. Turning to private Winchester: "Can you do a scout of the surrounding streets. I dont feel like being flanked unprepared." He got a nod from corperal Bragger and another from Winchester who, with a glance to Narol, picked up his Thompson and moved out through the Hotels front doorway.


Seargent Jake Mirez crouched low as the first of eight German troops appeared on the street corner. "Here they come. Get ready but hold your fire guys." He whispered to Redman and Burgerman. He hoped sundown and Ferka would do the same. The Krauts moved down th main road, cautiously sweeping with their weapons but carelessly and quickly moving down the street. Jake instantly knew they were inexperianced. 'If this is Germanies last defence then they may aswell be f***ed in the ass by Hitler himself.' He thought. "Hold your fire, hold your fire until I give the command." He whispered quietly to them again. And metally hoped Sundown would do the same.

Red Spartan
Jacob had an perfect chance to score a shot, when his radio chimed. "I have a target. Entering radio silence." Jacob moved his hand over and clicked the radio off. He returned the scope to his eye and followed the seemingly alone German solidier. The soldier was like all the rest of his kill count: poorly trained and confused as to why they are still at war. Jacon instinctively pulled the rod back and listened to the click with a smile on his lips. "Sorry, but it's your time." The soldier that he was watching noticed the glare when the clouds moved away and pointed to his posistion while trying to call for help. Just as he did Jacob laughed. "You're just giving me a target." Jacob fired and the bullet hit directly on the soldiers finger, tearing to bits and eventually becoming lodged in his throat.

Fardin Vassisk
Jake fixed the sights of his M1 Garand and steadily aimed at the leader. A seargent from the look of his uniform. As the Krauts moved further up the road to a portion with no possble cover for twenty meters he pulled the trigger.

The shot deathened Mirez as it exploded from the barell of his rifle and another bullet was loaded automatically into the M1's chamber from its bangolier. The bullet zipped through the air and hit the Nazi on the right side of his visible back. Blood sprayed out from the wound as the bullet continued through tearing up his lungs. He crumpled to the street as the other Krauts began to react to the unexpected shot. "FIRE!!!" Jake shouted and emptied his clip into their stupidly tight formation just as Sundown fired from the oppisite building window cutting down another German with a messy head shot. Literally tearing off his entire cranium. Rattenburger with his M1 Carbine and Redman with his Thompson opened up on the Germans; their sustained fire taking down two more. Jake hit another on the shoulder spinning his targets body around exposing his chest for the approaching bullets. They chewed him up pretty badly; peppering his chest with dark red stains. The German screamed in shock. Sundown hit the last Kraut with a precise shot to the chest but it was Jakes last bullet ended the mans life; as Mirez's bangolier ejected from the M1 Garand; it pierced the Germans heart in a spay of red.

It was over in a matter of seconds and the Krauts hadnt even fired a single shot at them. 'Inexperianced indeed' He hought.

Fardin Vassisk
O'Ryhne heard the gun shots, he reconised the sound as american weapons and pushed his fears aside. "They'll be alright. Aint no kraut can kill the sargent." He said to comfort the nervous looking Narol. Corperal Bragger nodded; "You'd had better set up one of our M1919A1s" He ordered.

Red Spartan
Jacob looked down from the window, to the freshly killed kraut. He breathed deep and removed his helmet. With his knife, he made a single scratch and put the helmet back onto his head. With this done he turned around and shouted down towards Ben. "I'm already to one!" Ben grunted and shouted back up to him. "Yeah, just give me a minute and I'll have way more than you!" They both let out a chuckle and armed themselves for the larger group of Germans that were advancing into the small town.

Fardin Vassisk
Winhester rounded the corner of the building comin face to face with a squad of krauts and a panzer...facing the oppisite direction, he ducked back round the corner. They seemed to be waiting orders.

Bannon was near the church tower when he heard the gun fire. He popped the top of his tank and stood up on his platform, looking down the street. His tank stopped at the church, where he called on the radio
"Ok jake, tell us where you need the armor suppport!"
He spotted some Germans and pulled back the lever on his 30 cal, and began to shoot off rounds at them.

Seth admiring the view of a hole inside of a building. As the hole itself was big as a couch and you could see right the side of the red stoned brick wall into the wood floor bedroom of the building right into the roof. the ground shaking all around as planes passing by dropping bombs.

Seth snapped out of day dreaming as he saw two Germans passed by him. amused as they didnt see him seth ran around the corner to peek his head out. he notice the Germans were aiming at a tank.

He couldnt just sit there and watch them destroy the men on his side he had to do something. jumping out the corner like a crazy hobo not aiming properly shooting at the two Germans only to shoot one in the arm as he was aiming for the tank.

Click click. sounds coming from the rifle he was shooting from "Shit" he thought to himself quickly pulling out is pistol as other one fell to the ground. aiming at the second german who was preparing himself to shoot seth. Zoom bullet passed by his ear as the other bullet from seths pistol barreled right the through the second Germans right eye and came out from the back of his neck. Seth moved his pistol to the left to the first german still holding his arm from the gun shot.

HE mumbled something but seth didnt speak german so he didnt know what he said as seth shot the bullet the mans arm was extended as if he planned to give seth a high five. The bullet ran right through the mans hand and before the man could scream it twist and turned in the guys neck and before exiting with blood gashing out of the new hole in his neck. The german rolled around the ground for awhile before he finally gave out his last breath.

Seth looked at the tank to see if the man on it even notice his heroism!

Lt. Bannon ducked as a shot ran out, and yelled down
"Driver, put us over near that building, to you 11 o' clock!"
"Yes Sir!"
St. Paddy rolled across the cobblestone road, as Joey Stalin and High Roller moved up and lined up, creating a line across the street. Gunfire began to ring out across the city, barely sparking the men's interests, having heard it so many times before.
Bannon looked through his binoculars to see if any Germans were left in that wave. He screamed down to his crew
"Gunner! Half track coming up the road, load round and fire at will!"
Bannon smiled as, like clockwork, Chuck loaded the round and with a "ga-gunsh" the round hurtled out of the cannon and punched through the halftrack's engine, blowing up the front. He yelled out over the cannon to Seth
"Get some fire on them! they're getting off! pick em off before they get into the city,"
He pulled back the 30 cal's lever and began to let off rounds, forcing the germans to sprint and take cover, and ripped apart 3 of the squad of 9. He continued to fire.

Seth turned around to the nine germans running across to him. Falling on to the ground as he turned in laying down position ignoring as if the ground wasnt rocky and pictured as a pluffy pillow. Aiming toward them only to see two of them fall down and not getting back.

He noticed one of them was trying to be a leader to them. seth thought about shooting him as they all ran behind a couple sandbags. Seth went crosseyed to see a dead american soldier right in front of him with a belt full of gernades.

A smirk came to his face as he took the belt off of the dead man."sorry guy i need this more than you" seth said to himself. Seth pulled a pin off one held just for a right amount of time to throw it where they were hiding.

It landed right in there little hide and seek place. Just as seth knew the leader would've picked it up just have it blown the whole place up just right when he was going to throw it. The seven men were erased from the world as if they never exsisted.

Sargent Mirez looked down through the hole on the floor. "Denson?" He called.

"Sir?" Came the reply.

"Get those bodies outta there. Hide them," He turned to Redman. "You go too. Fast!"

"ME?" Redman asked in suprise.

"Yes you. Go! There is no time to argue"


The sound of explosions ccould be heard by the three soldiers in the Hotel. O'Rhyne was on the com. "Archangel-one, this is Guardian-two. What the hell are we up against?" He asked into the radio.

((Bit lax here. S B this one seems dead in the water of the river Rhine lol))

Swimming Bird
"This is Archangel 01! We are going up against Sher-" The comm went silent in Book's ear and he raised his rifle up. "Looks like they are a lot smarter then we think..." Jacob took as many shots as he could

O'Rhyne swore and chucked the radio reciever down. "Narol! Get to the Searge now!"

The nervous private nodded and grabbing his M1 Garande rifle he exited the hotel to run down the street.

Denson and Redman quickly hid the Krauts bodies from view behind a damaged wall and scarpered across the road back into cover. Jake looked up as they scrambled into the building. "Good work! Okay guys, stay low."


Winchester snuck around behind the Germans, he reached the back of the Panzer, a Panther class V Panzer. The soldier took out two grenades, chucked one towards the Nazi's and the other he threw into the Panzer turret. Then he quickly darted back behind the wall the into the building.

The Germans saw the grenade and dived out of the way. "Aching! Ist Pineapple! big grin "

The grenades exploded and the tank stalled.


Narol slid into cover behind a low wall as a Panther rolled along the road. About thirty troops followed along with a half-track and soon a King Tiger followed. The ground vibrated and Narol swore the wall would collapse from being shook.

am i able to join here, as you seem to be in the thick of combat.))

Sure.. I'm planning on bringing this back.. first post a bio in the sign-up thread.. its on the third page of the Unhosted RP index! smile ))

how should my char come into the rp?))

Well at the moment I have the Seargent of A company.. Jake Mirez big grin with Redman (the cocky one), Denson, Sundown(sniper) and a few other troops I have forgotten about, at an ambush point to attack the Panzers, while O'Rhyne, and some others and in the temporary staging area in a Hotel. Private Narol is kinda stuck halfway between the Seargent and the Corporal O'Rhyne, while another soldier doing a scout of the streets behind this one has discoverd a tank crew and grenaded them. If you wait till Hazmat is over then I'll help your intro because we will have more time.)) (Read the RP from the beginning to get a feel of the RP)

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