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Jacc woke with a start, a phone ringing in the distance. "Asha, answer it." He laid back down, covering his head with a pillow as it continued ringing, the shrill bells hurting his ears. "Asha! Phone!" He stood as he said it, knowing he would have to answer it. It had been all of two months since he and Asha had started the Crimson Deepground Resistance Faction, and this was actually their first call in... ever. "Probably some punk kid wanting to order a pizza and got the wrong number..."

Asha rolled over, her head splitting with a hangover from sitting up drinking vodka all night with Jacc. "Never... again..." She rolled out onto the floor, then walked over to her medicine cabinet on the wall of her room, pulling out a bottle of aspirin and downing the whole thing. "Jacc, phone's ringing..." She walked slowly toward it, knowing he'd probably beat her there...

Jacc reached the phone, noting Asha swallowing an entire bottle of aspirin. "Oh yeh... Hangover..." He nodded. It had been months since his last hangover, his alcohol resistance rising exponentially over the past bit. He picked up the phone, answering it as though they were no one, not wanting the feds to find them over a simple mistake. "CDRF, how can I be of... service" He emphasized the word, knowing that anyone who KNEW what they were for would catch it and respond as necessary.

Asha walked over just as the phone was being hung up, the look on Jacc's face saying it all. "We got work?" She smirked as he nodded, knowing that their financial problems were about to end. "Where?"


The two entered the building as they had been instructed, sitting at the large table and leaning back in their chairs, obviously the first to arrive. They exchanged a glance and nodded to one another, never speaking.

Jacc pulled a cigarette package out of his pocket, lighting one for himself before passing the pack to Asha, who lit one in turn. "How long you think we'll be waiting, Ash?"

She shook her head, inhaling the smoke from the cylindrical deathtrap with a smile. "Dunno. What'd they say on the phone?"

Jacc took a draw from the cigarette and then exhaled, the smoke circling his head before dissipating overhead, near the crystal chandelier over them. "They needed our help, along with some others. Meet here, and the meeting would take place soon after everyone arrived. Dunno how many are coming, though..."

Arcade Fire
Arthur stood on the ledge of a building, staring across the vast city. His gray hood hung over his jet black hair and now golden eyes, and his hands were in his pockets. A sharp beep came from his pocket, and he removed his hand with a small device in it. He flipped the cover of the device over, and it was revealed to be a communications device. A message played through, a plea from the resistance against the government. He was more of a loner, and he didn't really want to be apart of this group, but he hated the government just as much as they did.

The device displayed map coordinates that stretched across the California city, over to the resistance base. Arthur jumped down from the ledge, landing on some metal steps just below, and he ran down to his motorcycle. Starting it up, he darted off into the horizon.

Tsubaki walked into the meeting room expecting to be the first to arrive but it seems she spent more time then she thought on papaerwork, Asha and Jacc were already there. She walked over to them and sat wnear them for the time being because she would just feel weird sitting in a huge chair far from the only other people here. She took a seat next to them and greeted them "It is nice to see you..." she is horrible with names when she has to remember a whole organization full of people.


Melena finally got her things prepared, she was so excited about her first mission, she only hoped to make Tsubaki proud of her. She glanced at the time and realized people should be showing up now. She quickly left her room and ran down the hallway ignoring all the weird looks, she hoped she was first to show Tsubaki she was serious. When she entered the room Tsubaki and two others were already there and she looked at Tsubaki weirdly as she noticed she wasnt in her respected chair.

Arcade Fire
Arthur arrived in a small garage, and he parked his ebony vehicle inside of it. There was a door leading into an underground bunker which was one of the entrances into the base. He opened the door there and followed it down until the dark hallway was illuminated with the florescent red lights that trailed along the corridors. Arthur kept walking until he came to a massive metal door with an access panel on the side. He punched in his six digit code, and the door slid open to reveal the meeting room beyond. He pulled down his hood from his shaggy hair and glanced around at the others who had already shown up.

Ordained I...Why is it so cold and dark...Where are all of those tiny lights coming from...I don't remember these buildings on the outside of my apartment.....Oh no...Not again!

Simon Raynard awoke once again to the cold, blackness of the night sky. He didn't remember how he got there or why he was there but all that mattered was getting back to his apartment.

He tried to find some clothes because he was always naked when he woke up without any memories. Unfortunately, there was nothing around that he could cover himself up with this time. After thinking of what he was going to do for about ten minutes, he decided to run.

His guest was that he was in a park because there were a lot of trees around and not a lot of people. The few night owls that he did pass gave him the expected looks of disgust and shock at seeing a grown man running naked through a public park. He also started to feel really shocked and disgusted himself and got really angry. Where those feelings were coming from, he didn't know but that was quite normal for Simon.

He found his way back to his apartment and had to climb through the window because his keys were in his pants pockets. He was grateful that no one was out this late on a college campus. He had to get to the bottom of this and fast. Too bad he didn't have even the slightest idea where to start.

"Johnson! Lay supressive fire on the right flank!," Daniel shouted. An expirement had escaped, was holding out in a warehouse, and he was sent to exterminate it. It had an m4 and a stolen set of armor, which made it harder to handle. Daniel fired three shots towards the expirement. It responded by firing a burst fire back.

Johnson ran up to the flank of the demon, his shotgun armed. The expirement noticed Johnson, and directed his attention towards him. Daniel took the opportunity to charge the expirement. He reloaded his glock and ran at the creature. It was taken by surprised as 7 shots hit it directly in the chest. The expirement flinched its right armed and fell back. It fell out of the window behind it. Daniel walked up to the window and stared down.

The expirement was gone. Daniel grabbed the m4 the expirement had dropped. He turned to Johnson and emptied the rest of the clip into his chest. Johnson looked down at his chest to see most of the bullets were sticking out of his armor.
"Oh your a lucky bastard," Daniel grinned. He shot Johnson in the face with his glock. His body fell back with a loud thud.

The two nodded to each person as they entered, Asha casting a smile to the one who spoke to them. By this point, their cigarettes have been extinguished for a good few moments.

Jacc leaned back in his chair, propping his feet up on the table. "Anyone know why the devil we were called here?"

She swats his feet back down. "Jacc... Business. Not home." She turns and smiles at everyone else present. "Sorry, overlook him. He's a bit underdeveloped in the whole dealing with social matters thing." She leans over toward Jacc, whispering. "No wonder we can't get any work..."

Jacc smirks. "Thanks... mom..." He emphasizes his sarcasm on the word, knowing that Asha will back off. "Look, all I'm saying is, we were all told to gather here, and no one knows why. Or if they do, they aren't speaking up. Lemme finish, Asha." He lowers her hand without even turning to her. "And if I don't get some answers in a minute or two..."

Asha placed a hand over his mouth, attempting to silence him. "Sorry about him... He's already a bit wiped... was up all night... drinking... In any case, I apologize for him..." She blushed a bit

Tsubaki gave an uncertain smile, she only hoped they were good fighters when it came down to business. She sighed "my name is Tsubaki Toshiko, and you are?" she finally asked when her memory of these people completely failed her.


Melena sat down next to Tsubaki and looked at the two she was talking to, one she found nice while the other was just completely rude, she couldnt figure out why Tsubaki just didnt tell them who she really was, maybe she was testing how they would act around someone who wasnt their employer.

Jacc sat down, though showing a bit of contempt toward Asha at this point. He ran a hand through his hair, brushing it back out of his face, and took a deep breath. "My apologies, all. We've been without work for so bloody long that I'm afraid I've lost what little patience I had to begin with..." He leaned back, crossing his arms, and pulled a pair of sunglasses over his eyes. "Now then, let's start anew, shall we?" He raised an eyebrow to the crowd, knowing they'd already passed judgement on him. Good, he thought. They may hate me, but there's a binding purpose for them, other than the fact that we all hate the damned government. Maybe I can manage to turn them all around to show a bit of that hatred outwardly toward the enemy now they've grown so agitated at me...

Asha cut her eyes around the room, wondering how many people had already signed out a death warrant on her and on Jacc for the fact that he was so brackish. She blushed a bit as she met eyes with them all, her entire persona growing quiet as they returned her glance. She noticed Jacc had managed to withdraw into personal thought, something he had done a lot since Meteorfall. Perhaps there was a method to his acting so immaturely? Or was it that he was just tired of the lack of labor and funds? either way, she had to break the silence. She turned to the girl sitting near them. "So... er... sorry, I'm Asha." She pointed at Jacc. "And this idiot is Jacc." She smiled a bit, though it was a nervous smile. Knowing their luck, it would turn out that this had been a test of patience or something irrational like that, and Jacc would have failed it for the both of them.

Jacc raised forward a bit upon hearing Asha introduce him, not ever having heard anyone ask for names. He had obviously been fuming at Asha for far too long to notice, though he was well over it by now. His temper, while easily upset, was very quick to subside. "We're the founders of the Crimson Deepground movement. Though I'm afraid we're all that there is to said movement. Makes for frightfully stressful environments, that... Puts you on edge. You never know what's going to happen... Who you can trust..."

Asha looked back at Jacc incredulously. Surely he wasn't implying that the two couldn't trust anyone in the room, save for themselves? She may have misread it, though her eyes filling with that uncertainty hadn't exactly been unnoticeable. "This may sound terribly brash of me, but... might we have the pleasure of knowing all of your names, as well?" She was nervous now, and it was showing, quite obviously. She knew that if the attention was taken off of her and Jacc for a bit, she may stand a chance of breathing for a moment and calming herself down, and introductions to their peers could prove to be just the stress reliever that she needed.

Tsubaki smiled at the attitude change and glanced at Melena who was still staring at her, she wondered if she would be the first to introduce herself since she always tries to impress her.

Melena stood and glanced around at the people in the room "My name is Melena Espiona, I am a member of the Resistance organization." she glanced at Tsubaki and smiled and gave a small bow "And you will always have my life Leader" she said quietly and then sat down.

Tsubaki smiled and shook her head, melena was so weird sometimes. She listened as other members from the resistance group introduced themselves as well as members from other members of other organizations. After everyone finished Tsubaki stood and made her way back to the head chair "I do believe we are ready for this meeting to start?" she asked everyone.

Jacc kept his mouth shut and his eyes straight ahead, lowering the sunglasses just slightly below the top ridge of his eyes. Finally, we get down to business. I wonder just what it is that we're here for... He placed his hands on the table, fingers intertwined as his hands were clasped together, trying to remain patient. He knew another outburst might not be tolerated, and they really needed the work...

Asha wondered as Jacc leaned forward if he realized just how important it was that he not f*ck this up for them. Funds were tight, and with him spending what little they had on alcohol, they were managing tat this was a paying gig, bute wasn't even sure that this was a paying gig, but she knew that the work would have to provide room and board for them until they were done fulfilling any contract agreements that they came to. It was standard courtesy in these troubled times. "Excuse me, I don't want to sound rude or forward in any way, but... for lack of better way to present my question... How can we be sure that this isn't a government setup? I mean, yes, there are a LOT of members of the resistance here, but... how do we know that it isn't a trap? I mean, there are leaders of several threatening factions here." She noticed that she was getting odd stares from everyone present, including Jacc, though she knew his stares were likely a cry for a quick meeting AFTER the meeting, to which she made a mental note to kick him in the shin after they left. Standing after a moment of awkward silence, she bowed to all present and sat back down. "I apologize if anyone was offended, but it had to be asked... We can't be too careful in these times, am I right?" She let out a nervous laugh.

Jacc smirked a bit inwardly. He knew that Asha would misinterpret his glare and he may even receive some form of attack later... Regardless, he had been doing nothing more than look over at her awkwardly just as everyone else had. He knew it was a good point, and had thought of raising it himself. Of course, he hadn't in hopes that another person would, though to his surprise had managed only to find Asha guilty of that which would have gotten him into trouble with her...

Arcade Fire
Arthur sat down in a chair, saying nothing. He listened to the woman named Tsubaki, who was the leader of the organization, speak. But she was not in charge of him. Not him.

Tsubaki listened to this Asha with interest, but she knew for sure it wasnt a trap but if it is one she was one of the few that knew that there were more then enough members here to support a full on attack. "Please do not worry Asha, I assure you it will be fine" she turned to the rest of the people in the meeting "We have called this meeting on behalf of our fellow fighters in Michigan who cry out for our help, the government plan to attack the base because they somehow found out the location of the base, we are still investigating but we have beliefs that there was a leek in the michigan base. The sole purpose of this mission is to join them in a fight against the attack since we have reports that the government is sending more then they can handle so it is basically up to us to aid them in their victory." she looked at each of their faces seriously "If you plan to join me then we leave out in 3 hours, we meet on the roof with our air forces to fly us to michigan" and with that she stood straight "Any questions?"

Melena smiled as she silently was thankful to have such a great and loyal leader, she knew tsubaki would give her life for anyone of them even though she wouldnt say this straight forward.

Arcade Fire
"What's our battle plan? I assume you know this base's layout." Arthur said, leaning back. "We'll have to defend each specific point depending how the government decides to concentrate their forces."

"Better late then never right?"
Senna said walking into the room smiling. She brushed a couple stay strands of hair away from her face. She sat down in a chair and crossed her legs. She was sure carefree for what was going on.

"Well I heard what happened to the other base." She said sounding serious now. "We can't afford to lose that base."

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Tsubaki nodded "Yes I will be supporting you guys with your own layout of the base and where you will be stationed, me myself, I know the base by heart since that was orignially my first base to lead over, so if you have anymore questions then you should head over to the room next door and there will be folders with each of your names on them and inside this folder you will find layouts and your orders and also a number" she gave a smirk "You will find out later as to why you are getting a number" she turned to the woman who walked in late "Well, Senna, its been awhile, glad you made it in time" she gave a serious look "And we wont loose this base and our people in it, they are depending on us and I know we can do this" she gave a quick smile "Any other questions before I get ready myself for this trip?"

Melena just sat back in her chair, she already recieved her folder and her number #14, she knew Tsubaki had a major plan since she always had a way to get people used to the people around them before a major fight but she never seen her do this method. She smiled, maybe it was some other reason, Tsubaki was a weird leader and unexpected as well.

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Jacc stood and walked into the next room, picking up his package and number, then proceeding to sit in the hallway outside, reaching for a new cigarette.

Asha picked up her folder and number, anxiously opening them to look over them. She spared a glance around momentarily, then walked out to the hall looking for Jacc. "Hey, you ready for this? Are you totally PSYCHED?!" She smiled and kneeled down next to him. "Our first big job since we opened the CDRF... I'm so excited."

"Try to contain yourself, Ash." He smirked. "Excitement only leads to death on the battlefield. These government people know anything and everything about us and our powers, and they will not hesitate to use them against us."

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