Bee Movie

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Anyone seen this movie yet?

I thought it was a cute movie, and I thought it was good for people of all ages.

My Dad and I are big Seinfeld fans, and we saw it together, and we laughed a lot, knowing Seinfeld's sense of humor. I could see why others wouldn't get certain things, or wouldn't find it funny, but we sure did.

What did you guys think?

was there any "Seinfeld" sort of humor?

I know it was a cartoon, but suing honey consumers was a bit to much for me

Saw this with my nephew today, both of us love it.

Originally posted by Morning_Glory
was there any "Seinfeld" sort of humor?

Yesh happy

Any other people that have seen it? Anyone?

I've seen it advertised and was a bit shocked. Is it actually written by Seinfeld? I was quite worried about him 'selling out'.

Yeah! But it's great! Some of the humor was just too quick for kids to develop, I did find myself laughing a lot more than the kids were.....

Well, I'm quite a Seinfeld fan, so I'll give it a watch.

I hope you like it!

Quiero Mota
This film is evidence that Seinfeld can't find any real acting jobs.

Meh. Seinfeld is very mediocre, in my opinion. I'll probably watch it when it comes to DVD.

I want to see it, but won't until I can netflix it.

Is it just me, or did it seem like this movie was really pushed a lot on television and in advertising? Like way more than other movies in this genre.

i just watched it yesterday, i thought it was garbage compared to bugs life. -_-

Nah, I thought the movie was advertised the same as all the other movies. It's mostly pushed for kids by the looks of it, very bright and colourful it looks.

I wont be seeing it,

Seinfield, how is that guy so rich? Seinfield must have been HUGE in the states because its not that big here, the shelves are full of the dvds but no one seems to even look at them.

Piggle Humsy
Saw it, Liked it big grin

I'll probably buy the dvd when it's out, I enjoyed it enough to wanna watch it again yes

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