Writers Strike

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Well as you all probably know, there is a writers strike going on. Late night and other talk shows were hit immediately, going into re-runs. Now TV is starting to get hit, with the cancelation of Fox's 24. Well movies are next. Any predictions on what will happen there?

I see Heroes: Origins has been cancelled also.

Its simple, the strike will end with all parties satisfied. Right now, no one is talking but I believe this strike will not last a long time.

man im bummed about 24

i hope it doesnt last very long

Yup I think it'll all blow over and the writers will get their fair share of the cut, its only fair.

Good on the writers to go on strike as well, everyone always says things like "without that actor the show would be nothing"...but then again who writes what the actor does? THE WRITERS.

Only thing I am worried about is this starting a chain of events, perhaps crew members or movie caterers may go on strike? its something we would usually laugh at but these people do have big jobs and get little respect for it.

=Tired Hiker=
If the strike goes on long enough, maybe there will be some really unique movies written by scabs that come out in 2008 and 2009. Some might be really lame, but some might be fresh and extraordinary; and ten years from now you may be in a video store holding a movie called "The Blind Duck And Gymnastic Jack Go To Bakersfield." Your friend might say to you, "What the hell movie is that." And you will reply, "Oh, just one of those movies that came out back in the 'writers strike' era." And your friend will say . . . "Let's rent it! I just love those old writers strike movies."

And all will be well.

Reverend Axel
Steve Carrell of The Office says he's not going to cross the Pickett line.

I was told 24 was just put on hold, not actually cancelled.

put on hold it is. The shows won't be cancelled.

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