Team Ninja vs 10 Kasumi clones

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Snafu the Great
Three months following the Tritower Incident, Donovan isn't dead.

The person in the aircraft that Ryu Hayabusa shot down was his decoy during the Tritower fiasco at the conclusion of the fourth Dead or Alive Tournament.

And now, he plans his revenge. Apparently, DOATEC has kept samples of Kasumi's DNA after creating Kasumi X and ALPHA-152 and using the ultimate advances in cloning and growth technology, has created the ultimate instrument of revenge.

Inside a hidden DOATEC facility in Kyoto, are a squad of Kasumi clones, inside their tubes. The surprise attack on the DOATEC Tritower had Donovan unable to use them in combat.

Now is a good time. Each clone is an expert in both styles of Mugen Tenshin ninjitsu, thanks to the combined combat datas of Kasumi, Hayate and Ayane.

Donovan will take pleasure in using this squad to wipe the three siblings and their meddling superninja of a friend off the face of the earth.

At the Mugen Tenshin village, Ryu Hayabusa manages to convince Hayate to change Kasumi's death sentence to one of exile from the village. Before he can make the edict official, the clones attack the village.

Imagine the three ninja's shock that they look like Kasumi, dressed in DOATEC riot gear. Only difference is they they have short hair, pale skin and red irises. The clan, led by Ryu, Ayane and Hayate put up a fight, but is beaten back.

Before one of them can kill Ayane, the Kasumi clone is struck down from behind. It's the real Kasumi, clad in a spare Hajinmon uniform (ala Ayane's from Ninja Gaiden, only blue). She had decided to turn herself in when the clones attacked.

Eventhough Kasumi is on Team Ninja's side, there are still 10 clones left. The Tenshinmon and Hajinmon ninja evacuate the wounded and defenseless from the village.

It is a Japanese standoff. Kasumi exchanges glances with her estranged family. Hayate merely smiles, while Ayane simply nods her head.

Now Team Ninja goes on the attack. Anything goes.

Superboy Prime
I hope these clones do not develop Alpha-152 attributes or Team Ninja is in for a nasty stomp.

As for Busa and the others...if anything goes Ryu better get crazy with his arsenal of weapons...and even share if he can.

Sol Valentine
Hayabusa's gonna be like 'SOOWOOP!!!!!!' And use Art of the Izuna

Wandering Flame
Um, ok, so are they all fighting at once?

And are these clones ALPHA-152-like clones or like the one in DOA2 that Kasumi fought? (which is identical to Kasumi unlike Alpha who isn't even affected by swords)? Since I would say one ALPHA-152 would solo this, and probably easily.

Superboy Prime
Ok. 1 Alpha-152 is an exageration. Alpha-152 could not even defeat Kasumi, and fled when she sensed the Tri-Tower's destruction--which implies she can in fact be hurt.

We're talking about Mr. Hayabusa, Miss Ayane & Kasumi here...there is no way in HELL Alpha 152 can handle them by herself.

Wandering Flame
Ok, there are two things wrong with the first statement. Alpha-152 could kill Kasumi seeing as how with an effortless gush of force Alpha knocked Hayate out with ease and causes explosions by merely putting out force (cutscene showing Ayane and Hayate landing on the bridge in DOA4).RVkxSFIN7egAnd I hope I don't read well then how did Ayane beat her, because actual showings are what should be used as opposed to who happened to beat who, but I think that's common knowledge, also keeping in mind that Alpha wasn't defeated in DOA4.

The fact that she didn't kill Kasumi in the fight proves nothing, actually.

And during the fight with Kasumi demonstrated no sign of fatigue whatsoever while blocking her katana with the edge of her hand. Why would she be afraid of an explosion she can cause by just releasing energy from her body? erm

And since when did Alpha demonstrate the ability to sense when bombs will go off? haermm

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