Turok vs. master chief

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Turok gets all of his weapons, MC gets a pistol.

is that the Dino hunter guy?


Burning thought
silly fight, this has already been done, only MC had all his weapons i think and so did Turok, Turok won in a landslide

Master Chief beats Turok just like Rock beats Scissor smile

Burning thought
lmao....no way will Turok lose to this guy

Turoks weapons are 100 times more powerful, one nuke blast, chronoscepter, tripple rocket launchers and i think the cerebral bore would not do Chief much good...Chief is going to die in this fight no matter what, even if Turok dies as well

Is this THE Turok? Or is this Tal'Set of Turok?

Burning thought
who knows, but does it really matter? they both had incredible weapons that MC would flee from, the Turok guy from Turok 2 has that Cerebral bore thing, Nuke cannon, Saw blade

then you have Tal'set who has Chronoscepter, that other nuke device, its like a red ball and all the other crazy weapons

I think it does matter. Tal'Set and Turok may both have a mighty arsenal but it takes more than big guns to kill Master Chief. Tal'Set lack the skills that Turok has and in order to beat someone as powerful and skillfull as Master Chief. Especially considering that they wear next to no protection smile

Burning thought
as they activate the NUke cannon, they are protected in a field that protects from the explosion of a nuclear weapon......whats MC gonna do, and excuse me? you actually think Chief would survive more than one shot from a nuke gun, it can fire about 5 times as well if ime not mistaken, Chronoscepter 4 times, they have too much power, they would rip MC into pieces

Tal'set is one of the wisest and most skilled Turoks around, it says that in the Turok 2 manuel....

they have the firestorm cannon, thats a minigun that launches blasts of plasma like a mini gun, i dont think anything in MC has a plasma mini gun or anything equel to the thing

trust me, chief at the end of one of their Guns may as well be fighting them Naked for all the good his armour is going to do

Tal'Set not skilled? Bull. MC wishes he had the skill of Tal'Set. Turok's weapons put MC to shame.


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