The King's Legacy

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Lady Fox
The king was dead. The kingdom was in sorrow. Each hour for ten days, ever since his death did the horn of sorrow sound all over Aggenda. Aggenda, the kingdom of the Gods was not custom to such sorrow and the loss of a great leader struck them all hard.

Aggenda was a kingdom of peace, until a hundred years ago. At the very day that the war broke out, the prophecy was revealed. Ten days ago was a dark day and the king had been waiting uneased for all these years. Upon the hundreth day exactly, the king was struck by the black lighting from Urok, the God of death. Upon the battlefield, the king fell and died hours later by his throne.

Feraith, the warrior Princess and heir of the throne summoned forth the near to be disbanded group of soldiers that had fought under her dad. The fastest carriers in the kingdom was sent out to leave the note with the news of the King and the meeting that Feraith summoned.

All nine soldiers from the king's high command was asked to attend there as soon as possible. Having the council hall prepared in the inner castle, in the center of Aggenda- Feraith and her council men waited.
Feraith herself was unsure of what the meeting was about, but the council of Aggenda knew exactly what needed to be spoken of.

After the king, the council was highest in command. Feraith had the power to remove the council from power, which would grant her a higher position. However, not for a thousand years had the council done wrong. They were wise, strategical and experienced with the world.

First at place was Mordo. He walked trough the crowded inner city of Aggenda, struggling trough the crowds. The days of sorrow had great impact on the citizens. Soon, he reached the inner castle. As he reached the gates, he had to show a certificate that showed he was one of the King's highest command, the ranger more specificly. As soon as that was passed, a number of other safety gates was passed.
Eventually he reached the core of the castle and the council chamber. With respect, he kneeled as he entered.

The chamber was big and round. In the far end was a round table, with ten seats. Behind the table was the council men and Feraith. He lowered his head and smiled, yet having a serious look on his face. The hood was behind his back, revealing his face clearly.

"I am sorry for your lost, princess Feraith"

Feraith gazed off distantly. Her eyes followed the the intricate designs lining the lavish walls of the chamber in which she stood. The council had called her here, and she felt dull, and almost as if she were in a dream. It seemed she had no time to even mourn the death of her father. In her hands she still held tightly the sword of her father; the sword of Kal'ek. As she heard the door being whisked open, she winced. The first had arrived. She knew even without looking who it was. Mordo's brusque manner always had been recognisable to the princess. When he spoke, the young woman had to fight back a sob, and did so with utmost willpower. As she closed her eyes once more, a picture flooded their blackness near instantly.

" Come now, Fera. Say hello. This is Mordo. "
" Now now. Be Polite Feraith. "

Withdrawing a deep, trembling breath, Fera managed to return Mordo's smile. His respect was a gem in this time of darkness for Fera; though she preferred the formalities be dropped.

" Thank you, Mordo. "

She let her eyes lock on his; and gave him a look of true gratitude. She gazed then at the council. Even they, never wavering, held a grim air as they awaited the knights. The grey sky outside gave the impression that even Mother Nature mourned for the death of a king, a father, a mentor. Fera let her eyes slip closed then, and she in took another deep breath. She knew alot would rest on her shoulders, and she would take it as her father would. She had promised him she would fight with the heart of a true warrior.

(the round table laughing out loud )
a strange stone in the corner of the room grew bright, and many wierd and ancient symbols appeared on its surface...with a flash of light that illuminated the room, and the rooms beyond it, niki the warlock appeared..
"thought i'd take the easy way" she said, nodding to mordo and going immediately to the princess.."Feraith...princess...i cant tell you how sorry i am...i would curse that vile heartless would-be god, urok, given any chance!" she said, her voice changing from sorrow to hatred..she appeared lost in her own memories..she shook herself...those days are over she told herself..

A soft clack echoed throughout the Council Chamber.

If Myra hadn't deliberately stamped with the heel of her sandal, she wouldn't have been heard entering at all. Not from this distance, in a massive place like the Council Chamber. She could have simply walked in normally, each measured step leaving no residual sound to echo in the massive chamber (she assumed it had been made to echo, to better hear assassins approaching); however, on this particular occasion she found no trace of amusement in the concept of startling everyone else by seemingly appearing out of thin air. This was a solemn occasion- rather, a positively grave occasion- and she was certain no-one was in the mood for a surprise right now.

It was in the same line of thinking, that Myra had opted to leave most of her weapons behind for this meeting. The only visible armament on her was her straight-bladed Shinobito, which rested on a strap by her back. A kunai had been concealed under both lacquered bracers she wore, just in case this gathering somehow did go sour. Myra had always been taught to have constant vigilance...

She crossed the floor of the Council chamber with a measured, respectful briskness, her dark ponytail softly trailing behind with the pace at which she walked. She blinked once as she stopped almost precisely two meters from Princess Feraith, put her feet together, closed her eyes for a moment as a sign of trust and bowed forward in a typical Oriental manner. She held the bowing position, as she addressed her new liege.

"Forgive me for my lateness, my Lady. I am at your service," With that, she stood up, looked meaningfully towards Feraith and took a step back, out of the way of anyone else who would wish to greet the Princess.

What else could she say? Enough people had already apologised for (and therefore reminded Feraith of) her recent loss. It'd just be more painful for the Princess if she had to mention it again. Besides, of the ten-odd warriors summoned today, she probably had been least in contact with the royalty, especially the late King. She'd spoken to Feraith before, but not nearly as much as, say, the Ranger Mordo had, apparently. Myra just hoped that what she had said, and the glance she'd given Feraith, had conveyed her sorrow for the loss of the King.

in her 450 years experiece, niki knew concealed weapons when she saw them, but for now, instead of deliberately pointing out the weapons hidden under the bracers, she ignored was probably just a precaution..but still, it made the warlock wonder...
does she expect something to go wrong? niki thought, eying the ninja as she took her seat at the table..
"something wrong, myra?" she asked..

Lady Fox

Ylf's entrance was, to say the least, a spectacle that was quite hard to not notice or even ignore. As the near-blinding glimmer of gold-plated armour caught the corner of Myra's slanted eye, she glanced towards the thickly-armoured man on impulse as he clinked his way from the doorway to the throne. Still halfway to her seat, Myra allowed herself a tiny smile of mild amusement before continuing her linear path towards her designated chair. The Ten certainly were varied, as always...

Uncannily, she also noticed, but was not very concerned, about the glance that Mordo had given her. The fleeting nature of it and the general kind of vibe Myra had gotten from it (it was the only way she could explain how she'd sometimes 'sense' people staring at her, which proved to be an invaluable Ninja survival trait, as she'd learnt long ago), told her that it was simply an appraising glance. People did it all the time, after not seeing an acquaintance for a while; they'd check what was in front of them against what was in their memories. Often it was just the basis for more meaningful observations or speculations, but the thought-process always began as such.

Myra had barely pulled her chair out and moved to sit, when the warlock known as Niki addressed her a chair or two away. "Something wrong, myra?"

The words silenced Myra for a moment, keeping dead still as she comprehended just what that question might truly mean. Myra wasn't under the assumption that she looked at all nervous, or anxious... and she was hardly armed compared to what she brought with her on the field. Unless...

"I'm fine, thank you, Madame Niki," Myra responded evenly with a small smile, placing her hands on the tabletop. Internally, though, she was grinning with respect for the Warlock. She'd been quite observant to notice the hidden kunais.

As Niki entered and spoke her piece, Fera bowed her head in thanks. The warlock was clearly angry at the death of Fera's father, but she had to fight hard to hold her tongue. The effort could be read all over her thin, intelligent face. her movements were tense with a feeling Fera knew had welled up from deep inside her. A certain emotion washed over the woman's face then. One that seemed to contort her face in ways Fera couldn't spell, but almost a moment after it had come about it had ended. It was well known Niki had dark shadows cast over her past; but the woman out aged Fera by long, and never had Fera the chance to know what could possibly trouble her so.

A sharp noise hoarded Fera's attention. Unconsciously her hand tightened on the sword she held so confidently, as if she would protect it to earth's end without second thought. As her eyes followed her ears, she met Myra's icy gaze. Her dark eyes locked onto Fera's as she walked, and in her every movement there was concealed a kind of dangerous beauty. Myra had always reminded Fera of such a being. Dangerous but beautiful. Once she had come across a stunning creature; swimming in a lake not far from her home. It's colors were vibrant and luring. How badly she had wanted to touch it. Caress it's extravagant skin. Then he stopped her. Oddly enough she couldn't quite place who it was that pulled her away, but the memory had kept a steadfast place in her mental cavities. As Myra spoke, Fera was snapped back to the present.

" Think nothing of it, Lady Myra. thank you for attending. "

She returned the woman's customary bow, and then snapped up as a ray of light reflected above her on the ceiling. The beam faded as the door swung closed, and Ylf's heavy armor clanked as he walked brusquely toward the group, and Fera. When he came before her, she offered a caring smile, and closed her eyes for a moment. As he spoke, Fera could not help but smile once more. A few tears pooled in her eyes at the generous words he spoke to her, but she refused to let them fall. When he finished she placed a tender hand on his shoulder, and bowed her head for a moment.

" Your kindness is truly a virtue, thank you. "

Following this, Fera gazed around the room silently, and waited for the others to arrive.

after acknowledging myra's reation, niki said "im supprised nobody else thought to use this", she picked up the meeting stone, the one she had used as a summoning beacon..she placed it back down again.."no matter, you can all wade through the crowds if you could be beneficial...especially in your case" niki nodded towards Ylf the paladin: the moral raiser..his presence alone could ensure a victory in any battle, no matter what the odds may be..
niki looked back towards the princess, noting her reactions...she was still upset, but was concealing it so well, the warlock couldnt have guessed if it werent for the tears begining to form in her eyes..i guess everyone's a master of secrecy here she thought..

Diamond Kisses
Aevil peaked inside, slowly sliding the doors open to the council chamber. This seemed to be the place, which she quickly decided when she saw all the familiar faces. She walked inside with a great shining staff with a crystal peak as walking stick. Her hair ran smoothly trough the wind when she walked and she did it with most elegant steps. Her silk bands wrapped around her body, mostly around the areas that had to be hidden, along with the transparent fabric that covered her entire body, covering being in matter of relativity, as they were in fact transparent to a large degree. The fringe at her forhead was held back due to a golden tiara with a gem on the front, matching her hair perfectly.

She walked up behind Ylf, as she had entered just after her. With a graceful curtsying, she gave Feraith a kind and gentle smile. Her eyes gave out a mosot noticable sight of sorrow, yet respect for the deceased king and father. She looked into Feraith's eyes with her own, blue and white bright eyes and as she did, she spoke:
"I know how you are feeling, princess and I am deeply sorry. We all are, for the loss of such a great leader and father. However, I am pretty sure he would rather want you to remember the times you have had, than the times you will not have anymore."

Teri entered the room and said immediately, "Sorry I'm late; lost track of time while hunting." She approached Feraith, bowed respectfully, and continued, "Forgive me. May Thuk watch over your father in death, and over you in life." Teri stood up and noticed the others. She sat at the table; she could see everyone where she sat.

"six people" niki counted, not looking up from the stone, as if expecting someone to jump out of it as she had.."surely a meeting like this would have made everyone attend immediately"

Darth Extecute
Dante wandered inside, calmly and near emotionless with a robe covering himself. He had a serious look on his face, for it was a serious matter that he was attending to. With a bow, he stopped before the group "I'm sorry for my late arrival. A couple of things malfunctioned on the way and I had to go by foot"
He turned to warrior Feraith and bowed "I'm sorry for your loss, Fera" He said and after that, had a seat by the table. He removed his robe and revealed his bearded self. By the look of it, he was the only one that actually aged in appearance. All the others seemed like they were early twenties, while he seemed at least tripple the age.. and a lot more beard.

((acutally niki is close to maleficient in age/appearance stick out tongue))

Lady Fox
The leading councilman walked a few steps ahead and the council stood in a circle a bit around the table and behind each of the soldiers. The council was a mighty pack of VERY old men. 20 of them, to be specific. Each of them under the guidance of a God. The leader, councilman of God and creator Himself stared Ylf right into the eyes and almost right into his soul.
If anyone had experience with the council, it was Ylf. Ylf knew the gaze and he looked around at the council, as the councilman started speaking.
"The twenty council members are gathered and the majority of the ten. We will have to start as the war will not wait for late arrivals" He sighed and continued "With the twently councilmen attending, we are ready to start in either case."

Ylf's heart skipped two beats. "Twenty?" He thought to himself looked around, focusing his holy energy. Indeed, they were twenty. This was not supposed to be, as the Uruk servant was removed from the council. They were supposed to be 19 and not 20. Ylf raised his hand over his head and pretended scratching himself on the head. He looked around in the room, as the council members stood in an even circle around the table. Each and all wearing the same dark red robes and covered their faces under the dark hood.

By focusing his paladin energy, he clenched his massive mace's handle and within a second he gave out a roar, as the mace was trough pure muscle force was the mace launched over his head, over the table and smashed with a big thud straight into the chest of a councilmember, who was launched backwards with the force, still having the mace push his chest. Then with a crack he impacted into the wall and fell crushed at the torso area to the ground. The mace fell down beside the dead councilmember.

Emotionless, the leader of the council nodded at Ylf, who panted from the sudden use of force and focus of energy. He then smiled and walked forth to the table, throwing out ten runestones.
"Indeed we have traitors among us. That servant of Uruk was only one of thousands in our kingdom. Take these runestones and keep them near you. Each and every one of them are bound to their respective master, which name is written in rune on the stone. Trough this, we will all be able to communicat telepathically with eachother, in here and over a far distance"

He turned to the dead spy, shaking his head. There was a dark time approaching, and not even the wisest in the council could forsee the end.

"can you please watch where you're swinging that thing?" niki asked ylf..she picked up her runestone.."interesting...why didnt i think of this before?" she asked herself..
"can we cut to the chase?" she asked the council members.."i think this has been delayed enough.."

Lady Fox
"I am sorry, Lady Niki"
Ylf spoke with a nod as he walked to get his mace back. The council leader walked forth, looking at Niki before speaking.

"Your impatience is understood, warlock. We do not have time for more delays, but I did not wish to tell what I knew in front of the former spy we had here. They are everywhere and we can not afford having our plans slip out to Uruk"
He paused, deviding the runestones into each and every one of the soldiers
"With these stones, I will keep you updated during your time in battle. Which there will be a lot of for the upcoming days. You see, Uruk is making Hamor marsch towards Aggenda. The outer walls are already at siege and they will break in if we do not go and relief the defenders.
At the far end of the siege, there is a man called Nefir, an arch demon and lieutenant of Hamor. Also, the lead of the siege.
You see, even though the demon forces are brute savages with a chaotic nature, they have a bond to their leader. If the leader falls, the demons will retreat- not of fear but due to lack of mind. The average demon is not bright and the arch demons are the masterminds of each battle, just like how Hamor is the mastermind of the arch demons and Uruk is the mind of Hamor"

He paused, walking over to the window and stared out. He lowered his head
"I know what your already thinking, Niki. We have thought about it too. You have the power to teleport yourself to Nefir's location. You probably alone have the power to bring him down, but.... we tried that once before. The former warlock, the warlock before your time tried it when Uruk was at the birth of his evil. Your former mentor was torn apart when he traveled the nether by Uruk's magic and disappeared into the underwold a scattered man.

At top, this group can be translocated trough magic to the outer walls- but once you pass those gates, the magical barrier of Aggenda will no longer protect you from the darkness that Uruk brings. Do not travel trough the nether outside Aggenda, Niki. You are capable of making it brief distances, but only a fair mile. The more you use the power, the closer Uruk gets to grasp you"

"i know too well what happened the last time" ninki snapped.."im not repeating my mentor's mistakes....especially if its only for some arch demon"

Darth Extecute
Dante was in a brief moment of shock from the slaying of the council member, but as he learnt it was a spy, he quickly settled down. He gave out a deep breath and turned to Ylf who almost cooldblooded walked over to the mace and picked it up. He then turned to the leader, who spoke about the plan. He listened carefully and understood what was going to happen. He simply nodded quietly and waited for the leader to continue. He turned to Feraith for a brief moment, to see her reaction about everything.

Teri listened intently as they were reminded of the historical events involving the previous warlock. She knew those events all too well, for she witnessed most of it herself. She didn't know what the previous warlock did exactly, but she knew that he was planning something with a large ammount of risk. She replied to Niki, "By so much as planning to teleport to him, as your mentor did, you're making the exact same mistake he made. He's not just an arch demon, Niki; he defeated your mentor, someone who was far more skilled with magic than you were and are." Teri was laid back and calm as she said this.

Fera was stricken when she heard that there were twenty in the council; as her father had taught her everything about his kingdom, his rule, his legacy. Still, she was thankful Ylf picked up on it. Before she could think , however, as the mace struck the "20th" She had drawn her father's -her own- sword instinctively. As the events unfolded in front of her, she felt herself tremble for a very short moment. Before regaining her even composition. At first she had asked herself; and silently others why this was all happening so fast. As his daughter, The king kept Fera notified - but protected. Partially shielded from what lay outside. On his death bed he had given her fair warning. She knew things were grave, but this exceeded her expectations. Drawing in a deep breath, Fera loosened her grip on the sword's handle and eyed the door.
I will be brave, father. I promise. I won't let you down.

Turning then, Fera gaze Dante a cool glance; locking her eyes onto his until they both drifted apart. As Niki spoke, Fera diverted her attention to the woman. Her manner was tense, and when Ylf spoke to her it was specified why. This was but another event Fera had only learned about by way of mouth and pen, occurring a few hundred years before her time. After Teri gave her input, Fera stepped forward. Lifting the sword with one hand, it caught the light, reflecting once in a wide circle of flickering light around the domed room.

" Perhaps..."

Her eyes followed the length of the sword before lowering it slowly, honorably, and sliding it into it's sheath over her left shoulder.

" A deception would be appropriate? "

Gazing at the warlock, Fera nodded slightly.

" I'm sure I'm not the only one who's realised by now what a weapon we have here. Lady Niki, you have the tools to hold Uruk in the middle of us all. "

With that being said, she gave Ylf a questioning look, and gazed around the room, giving it a once over, not sure if she should go on or not. It seemed if anyone was around, it would be the Paladin that would know it.

Lady Fox
Ylf lowered his head as Feraith spoke, after having nodded his approval to Teri. She had stated the obvious, that Niki were but a shadow of her past warlock mentor. However, this reason alone could be that Uruk abandoned her and thus' she got weakened. Even though Niki's mentor was defeated by Uruk himself and not the Arch Demon, Teri was partly right. Ylf knew Niki had powers, but she was no fool. She would never try translocate herself to the outer regions of the siege.

"A deceptive action has its advantages, Lady Feraith. However, it comes with a great risk. Niki has the power to distract Uruk, but he has the power to destroy her. He slaughtered Niki's former without being nearby and I for one am not willing to make that risk again. Niki is powerful and we need hear"
Ylf spoke with a blank gaze, looking at everyone and no one specific.

Mordo got up from his chair and put his hands towards the table.
"I say we cut the throat! You said that the demons are held active by the arch demon. The arch demons are held active by Hamor.
If we take Hamor down, the demon invasion all over the world will fall!"

Ylf shook his head and looked towards Mordo
"Hamor is far far away. And even if we would reach him, it would not be certain that we would be able to fight him of. Remember that he has the blessing of Uruk. His power exceeds all of us. And yet, even if we would reach him and be able to take him down, the siege of Aggenda would have breached our walls a long time earlier. We need to stop the siege before we can stop Hamor, or our kingdom falls"

Mordo frowned. He knew the man was right but did not like admitting it. Mordo was silenced by his own thoughts, as he with embaressment sat back down again. He would just let the rest of the group lead the discussion from now on.

"My lady Feraith, with all due respect. Uruk does not intervene in our current actions. The battle down on Earth is not something he care of right now. He is battleing the Gods themselves and unless we travel trough the ether, we are out of his reach. I recommend a swift but fatal blow against the siege. Go for the head of Nefir"

He lowered his head in respect for the woman. She was first in command and all the others could do was nothing but give suggestion. She alone had words powerful enough to be considered orders. As he waited for Feraith's response to what they should do, he held his head low in respect. He hoped that maybe would someone else take part of the discussion. There were many options and even though he believed in his, it may not have be the right one.

niki kept her silence throughout the meeting, knowing that, soon enough, that they will be in battle and this meeting long in the past..the words meant nothing, they were irrelevant..but niki had patience and was willing to wait a while longer, if only to put thee past even further behind her..

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With his head bowed, "I agree with Ylf, My Lady," Yrke said. "We should deal him a crushing blow before he expects us to do a thing. That way, we have the element of surprise on our side. I can see no way Uruk can do battle with the gods and with at the same time and pull a victory out of it."

Lady Fox
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The leader of the council nodded at Yrke. He was pleased to see the man both attending at the meeting and speaking.

"For the time being, you will be going the ten of you alone. I know you can do it and we need our troops in defense. As soon as this meeting is over, I will continue to try gather allied all over the world, like I have been for the past ten days. An old friend of yours might very well arrive sometime soon"
The leader of the council smirked as he turned to the group. He looked out trough the window for a brief moment and sighed. He could see the battle, even though the outer walls was out of sight. If nothing was done soon, the outer walls would be breached and Nefir's forces would be inside the magical barrier. Their greatest protection against the dark magic that the Arch Demons mastered.

"Time is of the essence. Let us brief this up. Is there anyone that wishes to add anything? Would Feraith be so kind and give us your orders? We are yours truely to be commanded. Before we dismiss the meeting, is there any specific orders to the council? Any final words in front of the council and all soldiers together? Anything you wish to talk about before we walk seperate ways?"

The leader of the council was kinda embaressed. He did not find pleasure in putting so much pressure upon the young warrior princess. Her father had just died and she was already highest in command, with the weight of the world upon her shoulders. He knew time was of the essence, but could not help to feel guilt when he gave her such a load to carry.

"Anyone else wishes to add anything? Teri? Myra? Dante? Aevil?"
He looked trough the room. He hoped, but did not expect for an answer.

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Teri thought for a moment before replying to Ylf, "Only that I'd be ever grateful to use the incredible accuracy, blessed unto me by Thuk, for Princess Feraith whenever she may need it."

Myra stood, hands clasped behind her back. Until now, she'd remained silent through most of the main body of the meeting, but no-one had yet pointed out the one thing that had occurred to her during the talks. Her dark eyes glanced from Ylf to Feraith, and then to the council before looking back to the Princess.

"I agree with the plan, but I must point out, My lady..." Myra cleared her throat. "...That we cannot hope to have the element of surprise. It would be arrogant to assume that Hamor would not expect us to launch a swift attack to the command-structure of the enemy. I am also certain he is aware of our existence and prowess... even ones like Mordo and myself, who work against being known of, have generated more than a few myths and legends amongst the people of the land through some of our more... prominent deeds."

She glanced towards the crushed body of the Spy who'd infiltrated the council. "That was one spy, my Lady. They managed to get a spy into our sacred Council. Who knows where else they have insurgents that are watching our every move and battle-plan?"

"Hamor is not stupid, My Lady... otherwise, Uruk would never have put him in command. At the moment, I think we'd have to assume that every single plan we make is compromised... in other words, if we want to attack the leaders behind the siege, we will have to expect a pitched battle."

She looked away for a moment, pausing to think. "In other words, My Lady, I feel the only time we can truly surprise our enemy will be on the battlefield, once the fighting has begun..."

Darth Extecute
Dante listened to them all, but said nothing. He did not know what to add, for most things had been said already. Most knew what he thought anyway, for he had always been neutral. He did what the group decided, and he was fine with that. He adapted after situations the way they were, and he had the power to do so.

As Ylf noded, then spoke to her, Fera listened intently, cocking her head just a bit. A slight, embarassed smile slid across he dainty lips and she looked down for a moment, and closed her eyes. Raising her head again she spoke.

" You're right. I should have fought that one through far more before speaking. "

Gazing at Niki then she bowed her head apologetically.

" I'm sorry for my rash asessment. "

When Mordo spoke, Fera looked up and eyes him. Going straight for Hamor was a thought that had crossed her mind; but she held her tongue for that one. She was young and inexperienced compared the the rest of the group. She had seen battle before, and she had given the virginity of her blade when her kingdom was under seige; But never had she experienced anything like this before. That in mind, she listened contentedly as Ylf spoke on. She took a moment to gaze at Mordo, smiling at him kindly as he stared at the rest with a seemingly annoyed expression. Turning her line of sight then to Myra, Fera nodded in a sullen agreement.

" Thats very true. I shouldn't have overlooked such steadfast details. For that I apologise. "

She bowed her head and gazed at everyone in the room. That being done she turned as the council spoke, and made eye contact with Ylf.

" Time is slipping by quickly. I say we act immediatly; We will withdraw and do away with Nefir. "

"it is irrelevant" niki replied.."we should leave quickly"

Lady Fox
"Then lets go. Lets bring Nefir down! Strategies can be discussed on the way, as we have no time to lose"
Ylf grabbed his mace and put it over his back. Mordo nodded approvingly as he got up from his seat and bowed before Feraith. He waited for someone else to make an action, and as Ylf walked out of the chamber, Mordo followed.
The councilman raised his hand quickly
"Wait. Remember that you can safely travel the ether inside the walls of Aggenda. You can be translocated to the outer walls from here"
Ylf stopped by the entrance, turrning towards the councilman with a nod. Aggenda was huge, and walking would take them maybe over a day to reach the outer walls if they moved at normal rate.
"Niki, will you have the honor?"
Ylf turned to the warlock, who was one of the few that could actually translocate the entire group quickly enough.

niki sighed.."this is going to cost me" she muttered, raising her hands which were now glowing a deep black...after muttering strange incantations for 5 minuts straight, she suddenly clapped her hands, completely the starting phase...what appeared to be a hole appeared on the table, and one by one, the other 9 were sucked in, niki's power being the only thing that prevented the councilmen from the same force...
the warlock finally dropped her hands, and she too was sucked in, the hole closing behind her..what appeared to be an eternity later the hole reopened just outside the outer walls, and everyone was violently thrown out..niki, knowing what was coming, was the only one to land on her feet...
the spell has drained her, however, and she was barely standing.."well.....that wasnt too bad" she said with relief...then just as she finished her sentance, she collapsed..

Tanya stood, examining her surroundings. She suddenly heard something and quickly pulled out her bow and an arrow, pointing the armed weapon away from the wall and saying, "Everyone, I don't think we're alone here."

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niki lay unconcious on the ground, forcing everyone to have to fight while protecting her at the same time..

Tanya glanced at Niki for a fraction of a second and asked, "Would someone please wake her up?" Then Tanya suddenly heard voices in the distance, coming from the forest, and they were getting closer. She was right, they weren't alone here.

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