What if...

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1. Master Windu managed to kill Palpatine at the end of ROTS, but Anakin did not go after him.

2. He managed to kill Palpatine, but Anakin did go after him.

What changes? What would be different?

1. The Jedi would take control of the Republic. Padme would live, Anakin would rise the children with her. They might become Jedi, Anakin might leave the order or be kicked out. It's hard to say. The Jedi would be able to control the Republic until a new, uncorrupted Supreme Chancellor took over. Then, the Jedi would return to being peace keepers of the galaxy, but not soldiers.

2. By "did go after him", do you mean Anakin went to Palpatine's office, or Anakin attacked Mace? If he attacked Mace, Mace would probably win... and then the rest would go pretty much like in #1 I think.

The real question is, what if Palpatine killed Mace, but Anakin stayed at the temple? Would Sidious be able to seduce Anakin still? Or would he release that Palpatine is so evil and kill him, or try to? Or would Yoda and/or Kenobi return to Courscant in time to control Anakin/the Palpatine situation? Would Palpatine still issue Order 66 and the attack on the temple after killing Mace if Anakin was still just a troubled Jedi.

With that I meant he'd gone to Palpatine's office.

1. Until the war was over, either some kind of deputy chancellor or the Jedi Grand Master (Yoda) would be chancellor. The Republic would win the war and a new chancellor would be elected. As for Luke and Leia, they may or may not become Jedi. But the second-biggest question is Anakin. If he's allowed to stay a Jedi after Luke and Leia are born, he'll reach his full potential and be able to help crush the Yuuzhan Vong (which of course are the biggest question) when they come (possibly on his own if stupid pacifist senators like Padme get the Grand Army dismantled after the CIS is defeated). If he's expelled from the Jedi...he may turn to the Dark Side anyways and get to a full, Dark Side potential. Then we have an ultra-pwning, FP, DS Anakin on the loose. Can you say, Empire?

2. Anakin sees Mace has killed Palps, and fights Mace. Mace kills Anakin (probably) and same scenario as part one. Until, of course, the Vong come. When the Yuuzhan Vong attack, and the Grand Army of the Republic has been dismantled by the Senate, the Republic will get pwned. The Jedi can't fight the Vong on their own... even the New Republic had a larger military than the Old Republic minus Grand Army.

As for what you said, darthsith19, I doubt Palpatine would issue Order 66 without a strong right-hand man to slaughter the Temple, go after Kenobi and the Separatist Council, etc. Also I doubt Sidious could convince Anakin to go DS without a quick-decision situation like with Mace about to kill Palps.

Tangible God
I love "what ifs." They're so definitive.

1. The Republic goes on, Padme lives, Anakin's stoked but gets kicked out of the Order. He later comes back from a self-imposed exile to save the Republic and the Jedi from A.) A resurrected Maul, B.) Darth Krayt, or C.) A mace Windu driven mad by what he did.

2.) Anakin gives in to the Dark Side, Mace uses that against him and kills him. If somehow he doesn't, Yoda hunts him down with Obi-Wan's help and chops off his hippie-haired head.

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