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Welcome to the RPG of Nocturne: Fantasies & Delusions. You are a high school student at the Central Park High School so let's begin.

Character Sheet
Grade: (9-12)

1st Period:
2nd Period:
3rd Period:
4th Period:
5th Period:
6th Period:

<Picture> (optional)

Name: Jake Walters
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
Bio: There's not much to say. He's been going to CP High School since the 9th grade and he's ready to graduate. He decided to go on this field trip since it was his last year in school.

ESB -1138 field trip. It's the first day of school I guess I should have said that.

Name:lucas giles
Bio: smart, hates projects, loves tests.

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We'll wait for one and/or two more before we begin

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So just two huh...oh well. Tomorrow I'll get this one up.

P. Isaac
I'm in.

Name: Everett Webb.
Gender: Male.
Age: 16.
Grade: 11.
Bio: A rather isolated student; he doesn't get out much, at least not in socially normal ways.

Name: Kaia
Gender: female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
Bio: Bright girl, doesn't particularly enjoy school but tolerates it. She grew up in France and moved here when she was 12. She lost her accent pretty sound after but still can speak french like a goddess.

what's the plot of this?

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At the Central Park High School life was normal. Students came and went throughout the years but one day a fire took the life of a student. 20 years has passed and that event has all but vanished from the minds of the teachers and students alike. But one student has begun seeing strange images...the spirit of the one who was killed in the fire 20 years ago. It would seem that the fire wasn't an accident and that someone (who is now a teacher here) was trying to kill them to keep a dark secret concealed. Now that dark secret must be revealed.


so what do we do? I'm interested.

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Try to figure out which teacher killed the student and why

Wait so, this is like a psychotic game of Clue? 8D

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........umm sure

I'd like to join this one.

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Awesome, fill out the character sheet (see first post) and jump one has yet to post in the RP thread for some reason...

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