Outlaw Star bio and rules

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Outlaw Star rp!



We need:
Computer expert
an assassin who only kills at night(will fight later then will join outlaws crew)

We'll also need aliens and bad guys! (Kei Pirates) We can also have other chars ride along on the ship as doctors and mechanics also weapon specialists and scientist.

We Have:
Captain: Jedi
android/ships navigator- I'll play her.
an Aisha Clanclan character: Passione
Doctor: Lt. Valerian
Mechanic: EH
Pirate: Android

If you don't know the anime and you still want to join watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELv_00AkQQc

You all know the rules. I dont care if you ooc in the rp but no fighting. If you start fighting I'll kill off your char.

Weapons: (( this includes if you have weapons or if you control the ships guns))
Description: (if you need help pm me)

Can I be the assasin?

sure ^^

Cool... I'll post info later, I'm off to my tennis lesson smile see ya

Name: Rex
Race: Human
Weapons: Outdated g36, concealed blaster pistol
(guy on right)
Background: Rex was always a mercenary. He enlisted in the army only to drop out after receiving training and a weapon. After dropping out, Rex went to Heifong III and raised a small crew of inexperienced fighters and pilots.

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Mad Rex....coming soon to a thread near you

kk I'll post my info

Name: Melfina
Age: While her physical age appears to be seventeen, her real age is that of only two.
Race: android
Bio: She is a bio-android created by Professor Gwen Khan to work with the ship's navigator. Sometime after she was created, both Melfina and the Outlaw Star were stolen from the Kei pirates by the outlaw Hilda who intended to use them to find the Galactic Leyline. She's noted as having a natural talent for cooking and serves as the Outlaw Star's official chef in addition to being ship's navigator.
Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v105/Freya_heart/Quizilla/Melfina.jpg

the mad rex series will be the best series ever....

besides idiana jones, star wars, james bond, serenity/firefly, and some others i can't think of

and mad max 4 might be good... but no mel gibson

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mad max 4?

it was announced a while ago and production was postponed cause u.s. limited travel and shipping

The big EH
name: Typho Xuan
age: 17
job: mechanic
race: human
bio: born with a natural talent for building and repair things, intellect, parents dead
appearece: pictured


Name: Kurt Riveroll (aka "Nightshade"wink
Age: 27
Species: Human
Weapon: Slice-through-metal Swords and blasters
Description: (post a pice later on)
Background: He joined the crew and helps them against their enemies and pirates to go after his family's killer.
Other: ---

Here he is:

And I change my name to Verko instead of Kurt.

Name: Kiesha
Age: 18
Race: Ctarl-Ctarl
Weapons: small gun

Background: Kiesha is a female Ctarl-Ctarl officer. She is a fair-skinned catgirl with a very large appetite and the strength of ten men. As all Ctarl-Ctarl, Kiesha can assume a beast form that grants her tremendous strength but consumes enormous amounts of energy, depending on whether there is a full moon on the planet she is on. In her particular case, she turns into a massive tiger of sorts. Kiesha was originally in charge of locating the Galactic Leyline for the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, but after she unknowingly allowed for Hot Ice Hilda to escape, her government ordered her to stay behind on Blue Heaven to look for clues as punishment. Kiesha finds out that Gene Starwind is connected to Hilda and tries to pump him for information; however, Gene knows nothing of the Galactic Leyline. Later during the Space Race, after Kiesha was able to trick Gene into letting her on board the Outlaw Star, she finds out that the MacDougall Brothers have more information on Hilda than they do. Aisha then decides to join the crew

Personality: Kiesha can be rather absent-minded at times, acting on rash impulse and not really caring about anyone other than herself. And she tends to act like a 12 year old child


k i'm opening it up tonight and we'll begin ^^

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Has it opened up yet

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Lt. Valerian
My Doc,

Name: Jerek Quiller
Age: 43
Race: Human
Weapons: Even though he's the doctor, he likes to be adventurous and sometimes risky, and knows how to handle fireweapons pretty well. He's actually a good fighter... not as good as the captain, the assassin, etc.. obviously.
Description: He's not very tall, about 5'10, he's a "master medic", he loves his job, light brown hair, brown eyes.
Background Info: He was the best doctor money could find. His license was taken from him because he was blamed for killing a patient by one of his co-partners... although he is innocent. He later realized joining the crew would do even a greater good and decided to join.

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Pretty much, yeah :P

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