Akuma (needs approval)

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Name: Akuma
Species: Demon
Clan: none
Class: rouge
Age: 17
Gender: female
Appearance: Blue skin, Long brown hair, A pair of small horns, two arrow tipped tails, emerald green eyes, sharp teeth and claws, from the hips down is dark blue fur, wolf like ears and retractable spines along her back, only items of clothing is a belt with pouches for medicine and a leather top to cover her chest.
Personality: Brave when faced with danger and will protect others blindly, has hatred for her own kind, she is secretive yet truthfull, her mood can swing from really energetic to really meloncholly at times. She avoids most contact if she can.
Wepons: Wrist blads that can retract into armoured wrist bands.
Skills: Makes medicines out of herbs and roots, she can heal minor injuries.
Abilities: Acute senses, keen eye sight, powerfull sense of smell, and pinpoint accurate hearing. Her tails can secrete poison and acid from glands near the base of her spine.
History: Since birth her father, king of all demons, tried to groom her to be as ruthless and evil as all other demons, but she refused that life and became banished from the demon world.
Wolf form: She can shapeshift into a wolf form with the help of the fang talisman, a trinket she took from her father befor her excile, her form is a large dark blue wolf with sharp green eyes, she still has her two arrow headed tails though.

ok you cant post this stuff here if you wanna make an intro go the to newbe thread. If you want to join an rp post a bio in the bio thread. if you want to start an rp post in the Read First thread. You need to read the rules.

The big EH
why do they never read the rules, ever though they are right there

Hostile greetings might scare potential members away, you know.

Apologies Akuma, but you'll have to post here:

and Post a general idea for your Rp.
Hope it's good. ^^

not hostile. Just reminding people. It is the third one we've had ya know. *grabs and hugs Akuma* see? i loves the people! :P you just jealouse. And I am so in for that rp if Akuma puts it up.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.