Dante and Kratos run this gauntlet

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With the ever-too-common fight scenarios amongst the two, I thought I'd break the tradition and put them in a duo to get to know eachother before they'd want to kill eachother. Aside from eachother's polar opposite personalities, here's what they have to deal with.

Round one- A bit of a warm-up. I'll pull a Smash Bros. and make 'em a duo in Subspace Emissary. The objective is simple, have them fight, side by side, against a horde of the Subspace creatures known as Primid. 50 in all, the Primid types become more varied as more are defeated.

Round two- Next, these two must take on one firey Legend of Zelda boss each. Kratos dukes it out with King Dodongo, the Infernal Dinosaur. Dante's pitted against the Twilit Igniter Fyrus.

Round three- Here, these two need to fight back-to-back against King Bohan's (the totally awesome villain from Heavenly Sword ) army, consisting of 300 soldiers, before ending with Kratos fighting Whiptail, the fish-woman with a bit of a hissyfit, and Dante fighting Flying Fox (Flying Fox loooves style, after all).

Round four- Thought I'd end it with large-scale two-on-two Shadow of the Colossus battle. Kratos and Dante vs. Colossus #13 and Colossus #10, respectively (Here's a quick reminder of which ones they are: Number Thirteen, and Number Ten). Kratos takes to the sky against number thirteen while atop the Pegasus, and Dante takes care of the burrowing burden on the ground while driving Lady's motorcycle to substitute for a horse. The area is the desert where number thirteen was fought (so pretend the motorcycle is all-terrain now, Dante hasn't had much trouble using it anywhere else). EDIT: I'm gonna be have some fun with them and give them one final Colossus to take on together. You guessed it, Colossus #16

Our two (anti-)heroes get a two hour break after each fight. Any PIS that keeps the enemies from being defeated is non-existant here.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.