Vegeta vs Goku Continued.

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Hey guys, I am die hard vegeta fan but I don't want any flaming or bias I would like some facts here on who in fact is the best character including dbz and gt.

My personal opinons are as follows.
Base- Vegeta ( He did win there first fight or would have hadn't everyone else interfere and thats just what I see many people saying.)
SS1- I say vegeta, Why is because when he got to ss1 he was clearly more powerful then goku was at ss1 as he EASILY handled the andriod problem.
SS2- I think it was Vegeta as well I don't really have any substantial proof of it, That is just what I've heard from many people.
SS3- Goku obviously as vegeta never achieved that level.
SS4- I put a tie and my reasoning for this is because number one everyone says he can no longer become a ss4 or he cheated but that is not the case goku's tail grew back and so can vegeta's can it not? also now I could be wrong but in the fusion process each person must be at equal power and seeing as they were able to fuse that means they are at a equal power level.

So over all based on my personal opinions and facts or atleast what I think are facts vegeta is more powerful in 3 out of the 5 possible stages. How ever I will admit that goku has a much stronger will power I think regaurldess of circumstances vegeta would win in base, ss1, ss2 forms. and would lose in ss3 obviously, how ever for ss4 I think its a draw because if the fight was on earth and it was to the death goku would win cuz he would need to protect his loved ones which is where he gets his strength on the flip side of things if it was on some abandoned planet with no life forms I think vegeta would win because goku wouldn't have that advantage and vegeta is a better instincts warrior.

Sorry for the novel I just have a very strong opinion on this matter and wanted to get all of my opinions out once again no bias's please just have some sort of facts.

If this is some sort of April Fool's Joke, I'm not very amused.

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yawn This thread is in the wrong forum. Since both fighters are anime characters, you should have made this thread in the Anime forum.

Yeah we don't like this crap here. Try reading the rules.

Closed as I'm 99.999% sure there's a thread for this in the anime forum already.

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