Final Fantasy: Hades Halo, Heaven's Abhorrence (signup)

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Kumori Okami
As the opening quote states, Ivy-Chan has left me in charge of this until her return to KMC, and so I am opening the sign-up thread now before people lose interest. Below is a list of people who have given their support and the characters that have been laid claim to already.

Members include:

Characters already claimed are as follows:
Cloud (FF7)
Zack (FF7)
Sephiroth (FF7)
Yuffie (FF7)
Auron (FFX)
Rikku (FFX and X-2)

Go ahead and post a sheet for your character(s) and if you're missing anything, I will personally see to it Ivy-Chan lets you know, savvy?

Thunder Fox
could i join as Vincent Valentine?

Gloomy Ninja
Charter will be up soon,im in school right now :].

Kumori Okami
Originally posted by Thunder Fox
could i join as Vincent Valentine?

i don't see why not, as no one's taken him yet. smile

Originally posted by Gloomy Ninja
Charter will be up soon,im in school right now :].

take your time, Cam. no rush on anyone, as I'm not sure exactly how she wants me to run the RP itself until she returns... so until we have characters, I won't panick about opening this thing.


Name: Rikku
Age: 18 (so... a year after X-2)
Appearance: (will have pics at the end of both characters)
Other: Rikku is of the Thief class, and is known for her weaponry being a reflection therein. She uses claws in FFX and twin daggers in X-2, so I think for this RP, I intend to let her have the claws and a set of twin daggers used in conjunction. She is also known for speaking in her native tongue of Al-Bhed, and has an affinity for calling people a "big meanie" if she feels that they are being rude, intolerable, or just plain mean.

Name: Yuffie Kisaragi
Age: 19 (Dirge of Cerberus age)
Appearance: (once again, i'll have pics when this is over)
Other: Her weapons of choice are Knives, Boomerangs, and Origami Throwing Daggers. Yuffie has a nasty habit of being cocky and overconfident to the point of annoying those around her from time to time, and (like Rikku) is also a member of the Thief class.

First pic is of Rikku

This pic is Yuffie

The big EH
i'll join probally.....btw when i read the title i totally read Final Fantasy: Hades Halo, Heaven's Abortion stick out tongue

Name: Xeion Versh
Age: 32 (FF-XII)
Skills: swords-man/hand-to-hand/general-madge
Appearance: Black hair, armour.
Bio: After the happening in Ralennia (whatever happened in the end?), commander Versh of the Imperial army of Farsnek was ordered by the council to scout out the worlds on the otherside of the
gate that had opened up in the westerlands of Ralennia. Taking three sector air-fleets he scouted out each world and thats where Versh drops into RP with the fourth Ralennia council fleet hovering over the fair city of Rabanastre.

Cloud Strife



First Tsurugi; slips into six smaller blades
Fenrir; bulletproof motorbike


He's mainly quiet, stubborn, and doesn't seem to worry about what's going on around him. He also decided to gave up fighting after believing he had become weak and couldn't protect anyone anymore. However, when a mysterious man mentions the name 'Sephiroth', he brings his mind back into reality and decides to find out the presence of his 'so-called' brothers, Kadaj and Company.

Cloud was a young man who wanted to be in SOLDIER. But though injected with Mako, he lacked the ideal attributes to be in ShinRa and thus became ShinRa MP. But all that changed when his former idol, Sephiroth, lost his mind, resulting with Cloud becoming a test subject for the next few years in the "Sephiroth Copy" project to create a new soldier to replace Sephiroth. Though it was really meant to confirm another of Hojo's theories, the Reunion. However, Cloud was labeled a "reject".

The combination of both Jenova's cells and Cloud's own inner demons caused him to believe that he was SOLDIER. He's mainly quiet, stubborn, and doesn't seem to worry about what's going on around him. As a favor to Tifa, his childhood sweetheart who knew the truth to some extent, Cloud joined AVALANCHE in their anti-ShinRa campaign. Both his standing with the eco-terrorist group and his meeting with Tifa resulted in Cloud learning the truth and facing Sephiroth yet again.

During the two-year period after Meteor, Cloud worked for Tifa in a self-employed company called 'Strife Delivery Service', located in the new 7th Heaven built at Edge which also functions as an orphanage for children affected by the Geostigma. He also left the Buster Sword in the ground on the cliff that Zack died on; the cliff that is right outside Midgar. Cloud's new sword is called First Tsurugi, and it can disassemble into six smaller swords which he stores in the two side-compartments of his new bike, Fenrir. Cloud soon began to close himself from the rest of the world and his close friends, who fought alongside him two years ago. His reason was a combination of his guilt and Geostigma infection on his left arm (hidden under the black cloak).

(The entire layout of FF:AC Is long, so if you really need too, I'll link you to the page; )

(I'm back!!!! lol well ill post my characters now xD)

Name: Zack Fair
Age: 25 (the age he wouldve been in FFVII: AC)
Other: Zack is laid back and very caring.

Name: Sephiroth
Age: 32 (i'm guessing cause in crisis core it said he was 25)
Other: has a really bad temper and is the leader of the group of villians.

ill post Ivy later g2g

Is anyone playing Tifa?

Kumori Okami
not yet. smile

Name: Ivy Tetskomi
Age: 21
Appearance: (she the girl xD)
Bio: At the age of five she was saved from a group of nine year old boys by Zack fair. At the age of 13 she met Yuffie kisagarai, fought her, and became quick friends with her. Also she met Cloud for the first time but it was a short meeting. she met up agian Zack during that time as well and stayed with him. a year later Ivy's sisters and Zacks mentor made the two leave each other leading to Zack's intrest in Aerith. Now Ivy lives far away from people hoping to be forgotten.
Other: Ivy weilds two katanas called heaven and hell, when put together they are called ultimate chaos.

Name: Jeffrey Star
Age: 19 (so... a year after X-3)
Appearance: (will have pics at the end of both characters)
Bio: None
Other: Jeffrey is of the swordsman class and his weapons are a reflection there of. ....
Weapons Katana,Pirate Swords,Scythe,

Name: Tifa Lockhart

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Weapon: Gloves


Bio: Tifa Lockhart was born in Nibelheim and grew up next door to Cloud Strife. Though they knew each other since childhood, circumstances prevented them from getting close, and Cloud was left to admire Tifa from afar.
When Tifa was eight, her mother died, and soon after, believing that her mother's spirit may have passed through the mountains, she decided to follow the path leading up the nearby Mt. Nibel. Her three closest friends, who were afraid to follow her up the mountain, abandoned her one by one. Cloud, however, who had been following them unnoticed, continued on after Tifa. When Tifa missed her footing on a rope bridge leading into the mountain, he ran to save her but was too late, and both of them fell into the gorge below.
Cloud survived the accident while suffering no more than scraped knees, but Tifa was in a coma for a week. Tifa's father held Cloud responsible for the incident, and his relationship with Tifa remained distant. Cloud blamed himself for the accident as well and felt that he had been unable to save Tifa because of his own weakness. His self-reproach led to anger toward himself, which then led to him into fights with others. Later, he would hear of Sephiroth, a legendary soldier admired by many young men, and he would conceive a plan to prove to himself and to everyone else that he was just as strong as the other children.

At the age of fourteen, Cloud asked Tifa to meet him one evening at the well in the center of town. Cloud then told her of his plans to leave for Midgar and join SOLDIER. It is later revealed that this decision was largely influenced by a desire not only to become strong enough to protect Tifa, but also to impress her as well. Tifa was both surprised and disappointed at Cloud's news; she asked him to promise that if he achieved his dream and that if she were ever in danger, he would come to her rescue.
Springtime came and Cloud left for Midgar. Despite never really being close with Cloud, Tifa found his departure harder than she had expected. She began to think about him frequently, wondering whether he was well and whether he had achieved his dream. She began to read the newspapers, thinking there might be an article about him, but it would be years before she heard any news of him.
When she was fifteen, Tifa acted as a Nibelheim guide for a group of SOLDIER personnel inspecting the mako reactor on Mt. Nibel. The group consisted of the first-class SOLDIERs Sephiroth and Zack Fair, as well as two MPs, one of which, unbeknownst to Tifa, was Cloud. After the inspection, the group returned to town, and Sephiroth stayed in the basement of the Shin-Ra Mansion to read through the research notes left by Professors Gast and Hojo. What he discovered brought about a gruesome change in him. Without warning, he set fire to Nibelheim in the night and slaughtered the townspeople.

For more info.

(oh btw... heres a better pic of Ivy and her weapons xD oh btw... thats yuffie in that pic with her.)

i know im double posting but... im going to go ahead and start up the roleplay forum. so when you're ready come over there.

cmon ppl u all signed up and the RP is open but no one is RPing... it died before we even RPed sad

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