Master Asia vs. Gouki

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The battle of the two strongest fighters in their universes.

Master has been cured of his disease and is at full strength.

Gouki is at SF3 level, with Shin available if needed.

The battlefield is Southern Cross, the capital city of Shin from Fist of the North Star.

best out of 10. Win by death or KO.

The majin is back in VG versus. cool

This'll be closed.
I advise trying to make the fight in the Anime vs. Anything thread in the Anime/Manga forum.

I'd advise making a thread where Asia might actually win, cause Gouki crushes him.

Darkstorm Zero
Isn't Master Asia a Gundam Pilot?

Yeah....but you'd need a stronger Gundam than his to beat Akuma IMO.

Don't forget the Gouki Mech from CyberBots.

Project Jedah
The Master Gundam VS The Akuma Mech?

Originally posted by Dark-Jaxx
I'd advise making a thread where Asia might actually win, cause Gouki crushes him.

Actually, this is a much closer fight than you realize.



The dude destroys robots with a towel.

no expression

A towel.

Gouki is outmatched.

Yes, because that's clearly an ordinary washroom towel anyone can get.

Gouki is faster, more versatile, stronger, and would kick those no-name Gundams in half with a kick.

NECRO TIME! LoL Sorry I couldn't help it.

At first I was like, Pfft.. Wtf.. Gouki rapes. I mean, the man kicked a submarine up from the ocean floor 150 meters down. (That's about 3.2 miles give or take.) Yet, you also have to be equally impressive with some of the shit Master Asia did (considering his age and diseased state.)

Gouki kicking submarine: (I would post the links in full url form but it won't let me. Oh well!)

A decent sized submarine weighs anywhere from 5 to 25,000 tons. (I could be wrong but you can judge what you might think it weighed based on the video.) Also we have to take into account the added weight from the water resistance. I have no idea what that would sum up to but just wait until I give you Master Asia's feats.


Master Asia stops bullets blah blah. No.. Not amazingly impressive. (Unless you're stopping mobile suit fired bullets, .. which he did.)

He punched a skyscraper up from underground though! Can you say Holy Shit?!

(Domon helped but you have to take into account that he was weakened from combat, AND dying/old.) Also he used a NORMAL headband, that he snagged off Domon, and somehow morphed it into like 100x it's length to take out a mobile suit. (That is some wacky logic but implies amazing skill.) He also lifted the earth underneath one of the mobile suits like [email protected] superman and flipped it over.

(Somehow blowing it the f#ck up with his fancy ways.)

Take note that he was also RUNNING alongiside the core fighter Jet to the Gundam. (Although I can't really say how fast it was going, I'd like to say above average Vehicle "wtf?! Run away!" speed.)

Skyscraper Punching anyone?:

Master Asia multiple feats:

Average Skyscrapers weigh anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 tons. Take into account the fact that he also launched it from being partially buried underground, and I dare to say we have a very close match.

MAYBE I'M WRONG! But to me it seems the match is slightly in favor of Master Asia. (Perhaps Gouki is more impressive for actually being underwater that deep though.)

Oh and I forgot to mention, Domon once fought under 2000 times the earth's gravity. -_- ... That is more impressive than being underwater 150meters, BUT THAT'S DOMON! LOLOL!

Also I meant to say 150 meters = 3 / 32 miles or 0.094 miles. (Not 3) xD

Actually, about the depth Gouki was under the sea. I think it was WAAAAAAY deeper. I didn't notice they said, "150 meters until they meet their target." -paraphrase- Not that they were 150 meters down.

Anyway, it was uber deep. Figure it out for yourselves.

Frisky Dingo
Yeah, Domon did fight in 2000 times Earth's a Gundam. In Hyper Mode.

And Sky scrapper<<<<<<<< whole island.

Gouki sinks/destroys islands with a punch.

He can split mountains.

He can fight comfortably inside a volcano at base.

He has vaporised forests.

And recently, as Oni, he caused a volcano to explode by leaping down inside it.

While that is impressive (even if it was with some help) as said splitting and sinking small mountains and islands is a better feat than what they did to the skyscraper.

Oni ending was disappointing. Normal Akuma makes Uluru his ***** and as Oni whoes meant to be two forms above normal only makes a volcano go boom..

General Kaliero
Against the rules, necro is bad, etc., closed.

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