The Boss,Big Boss, and Volgin vs Vamp

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Ban Mido
Ah now I know many people probably think this is spite and it just might be if I meant for them all to fight him at once but that's not really the case! I actually really like Vamp and I'm just trying to get a sense of where to gauge talents ^_^!

Now there would be 4 matches..ehh heck just make it 5 =]

Oh and none of the fights are back to back, just think of them as separate fights all together!

Vamp is always given his standard equipment..since that's all he uses with his level of speed O_O;...

1. The Boss (Equipped with The Patriot, Grenades, Survival Knife) vs Vamp

2. Big Boss(Equipped with M1911A1,SAA,M37,M63,XM16E1,and The Fork..I felt the knife would be too much to add onto the already intense arsenal) vs Vamp

3. Volgin ( equipped with..well..since his body carries an electrical charge of up to ten million volts and since he can use that to manually discharge rifle rounds without using a gun....we'll just leave him with that and his ammo... ^_^;; ) vs Vamp

4. Big Boss(Equipped with M1911A1 and Survival Knife) and The Boss (Equipped with The Patriot, Survival Knife) vs Vamp

and well 5 will be all 3 (The Boss and Big Boss are equipped with what they had in the 4th fight and Volgin has the same arsenal as the 3rd match up) vs Vamp

Now for the sake of things let's say vamp can't revive himself from like 80 thousand head shots =P. Yet he still has a moderate healing factor for these fights (I'm fairly sure he must have one O_O).

Umm if you feel the need to check the weapons or anything here you go!

And awaaaaaay we go!

.......hmmm...I wonder how well Null "The Perfect Soldier" with standard equipment would do against Vamp......<_< >_>....curse me for constantly pondering things >o<!

I think Volgin can solo, and Big Boss...Well he and his son are PIS machines so he will win.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.