Broll runs the gauntlet

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- Post-Idol
- Furious
- Fully rested

Fight 1, forest terrain, Broll in defense Vs:
Varian Wrynn, 100 Orgrimmar Grunts, 100 Darnassus Sentinels, 100 Stormwind Cityguards, 100 Forsaken Abominations, 100 Scourge Gargoyles, 100 Burning Legion Fel Guards

Fight 2, rested, snowy mountain terrain, Broll in offense Vs:
Dar'Khan, 200 Crypt Fiends, 1000 Ghouls, 10 Flesh Giants, 50 Abominations

Fight 3, rested, desert terrain, open battle:
Thrall, 1000 Orgrimmar Grunts, 1000 Stormwind Cityguards, 1000 Night Elf Rangers, 100 Blood Elf Spellbreakers, 50 Forsaken Abominations

Fight 4, rested, extremely angry (As in, daughter = dead angry), Broll's choice of ground (Ashenvale), Broll in defense (/W Idol, bloodlusted, post-Dire Maul, Stormrage Rainment, 1 hour preparation), allied with: Highlord Bolvar & Uther Lightbringer Vs:
DK Arthas, 100 Necromancers, 100 Lighting Reverants, 1 Frost Wyrm, 500 Abominations, 50 Wights, 200 Gargoyles, 1000 Skeleton Warriors, 1000 Ghouls, 100 Crypt Fiends

Burning thought
lol thot you said "pop idol", who the hell is this guy? show me scans?

He could be a pop idol.. They say he has a strong voice stick out tongue

Broll is a druid with antlers, destined to legendary accomplishments.. Unlike any other druid, he has already become legendary infameously among the night elves for his anger "issues".. The more angry he gets, the more powerful he becomes.. and according to one of the elves, his temper is unnatural.. They claim that he has no limit to his anger, and the more angry he is, the more destruction can he bring.. The scans will show a few things:
1. Broll singlehandedly wiped out a magma avatar, a few hundred horde members and a few hundred alliance member, as well as creating a storm in Ashenvale when he was angry.. This anger was triggered by the magma elemental when it started raining fire over the trees..
2. Broll works in the defense of Mount Hyjal, where his daughter dies and he becomes "less happy".. He and only a few other men succeed at holding their own against numberless Burning Legion troops and against the pitlord Lord Azgalor for "many hours" and according to the elves, his presence alone in combat "significantly" held the demons and undeads back and his defensive actions worked greatly in the defenders benefit, resulting in Archimonde's fall due to successfully holding the demons back long enough.. A "big role" in the Hyjal defenses..

here's a few scans:

Thrall is tough in fight 3, but he has a shot.

He stops cold at 4 though. Arthas wrecked Illidan. I put Illidan a few steps above Broll.

Yes, Broll would probably lose to Arthas heads up, but Broll has the assistance of both Uther and Bolvar, two powerful paladins.. The power of nature and holy magic combined is a powerful tool.. Especially against undead..

Obsidian Fury
Depending on the level of Dar'Khan he would likely stop at 2. The other 3 would probably be cleared however.

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