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Kumori Okami
(for those of you who have doubt: )

Originally posted by Ushgarak
Following approved:

Echoes of a Fallen Empire

Ultimate Doom

A Lover's War

Ultimate Fighters

Echoes of a Fallen Empire

In an age of swords and steel, one land is about to become the target of the greatest evil ever unleashed upon mankind...

The land of Tyrel, once peaceful and well-governed by its deities, is now in the hands of a demonic army, the very legions of Hell itself. Now the fate of this great medieval land lies with eight unlikely heroes (which will be split into groups of two...) Each is held by a specific curse that takes from them their most admirable traits, though together, they may find a way to free themselves, and in the process, their home...

A young sage, she is a sorceress who stripped of her spells, though her skill with a sword is relentless. She is called forth by King Raeimos.

A knight who is now devoid of loyalty. He is, without doubt, as useless in battle as a wet mop in a sword fight. He is also called forth by Raeimos.

A ninja who is without stealth. Her katanas are brutal, but only if properly used. She is called forth by Lord Tachigawa.

A samurai who has no honor. He has come to be known for his tendency to abandon those he is supposed to help if it means his own life is saved. Also called forth by Tachigawa.

A saint who lacks religion, she finds it more than difficult to believe in anything that she is unable to see with her own eyes. Called forth by Bishop Arlington.

A pirate without crew or love of treasure. He finds himself on land moreso than at sea, and is called forth by Arlington, as well.

A thief who is bound with the lack of ability to steal. She finds herself plotting constantly, but finds it somewhat immoral to follow through on her plunders. She is called forth by the Queen of Bandits, Ammie Terasu.

An assassin who is no longer able to kill. Somehow, the sight of blood now sickens him, though he finds it very easy to injure those he is sent after beyond the point of being able to battle. Also called forth by Terasu.

Now, bound by fate and lacking their most useful qualities, can they unite in a last-ditch effort to save Tyrel from its demonic overlords, or is the land simply doomed to implode upon itself...?

I would also like people to play roles of demons that will be fought, the Queen of Bandits, the Bishop, Lord Tachigawa, and King Raeimos, but we'll get to that later.

Here's who we have so far:

Me as Ninja
JediReaper as Pirate
Vathu as Knight
darkxbox as Assassin
Quincy as Samurai

Character Sheets should follow, but are not limited to, the categories from mine, which I will post here:

NAME: Shira Hitaka
AGE: 19
SEX: Female
CLASS: Ninja
HOMELAND: Kyoto, Western Tyrel
WEAPONS: Twin Katanas, Her own style of martial arts, which blends Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kun Do, Kung Fu, and Ancient Styles passed down through her family for the past six generations
BIO: Shira was born in Kyoto as a lowly peasant girl, though her family would soon come to be renowned as the greatest martial artists in Kyoto. She found that she had a knack for stealth and speed, and was quite deadly with a set of twin kunai, and began training alongside her brother, Kiryu, to become the next generation of ninja from her family. One day, the great evils came forth, plaguing their homeland of Kyoto, and Shira watched in horror as her entire family was cut down before her. She was stripped of her stealth capabilities when the curse spread throughout the land, and is now stepping forward to reclaim both her family's honor, and the freedom of Tyrel. She is convinced that her stealth will be regained in a matter of time with more training and discipline.

Her hair is blonde, eyes a brilliant green. She stands about 5'5", and weighs around 130 Lbs. Her outfit is primarily a crimson red, though the trim on it is a lighter blue, the colors of her family crest. Her swords are silver with cherry wood hilts wrapped in cloth (crimson for her right-handed sword, light blue for the left-handed one) and are sheathed to her back with black leather straps.

Sidenote, I am aware I originally posted Shira with Kunai in the permissions thread. I have thought it through, however, and I think I can manipulate twin katanas better. Sorry for any confusion.

I wil post the RP thread once I have three or more of you signed up.

i'll be the sage

Name: Kundry Mara
Age: 18
Sex: F
Class: Sage
Alignment: good
Homeland: unknown
Weapons: Her sword, what was her magic, and her wits.
Bio: She grew up wondering from town to town entertaining for money. But now without her magic she is penniless. Her past wasnt much. Her parents left her behind one day because her magic scared them. So she raised herself and is now trying hard to get her magic back.
appearance: will post later.

I've Initiated a trade with Jedireaper, his pirate for my samurai. so i'll switch the names, giving the name "Kumori" to the Samurai, and "Atamis" to the pirate. I'm sure it's not a big deal.

Name: Atamis More'
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Class: Pirate
Alignment: Good
Homeland: Childhood spent on Nami Island, Southern Tyrell
Weapons: Old Pirate Pistol, and a sword.
Biography: Atamis was born to be a pirate. Born on Nami Island, in the southern lands of Tyrell, he was always an adventuresome boy. He spent his summers cleaning out the local Tavern, where he would be entertained by the stories of passing pirates, buccaneers, and scoundrels. The atmosphere and sense of adventure and pride inspired Atamis to take up that lifestyle, and on his 18th birthday, got in a dinghy and set sail for the oceans and other lands of the great Tyrell. His dreams came true - he became a feared pirate, and a powerful one, living his life thinking only about himself, his crew, and money. But with the coming of evils, the curse has taken away everything that Atamis had earned since that day. His Adventurous nature, his love of treasure, his pirate crew, and his ship have all gone - disappearing in an instant, and leaving Atamis in the Middle of Tyrell. But worst of all, Atamis no longer feels the passion for the ocean that he once did...


Kumori Okami
Both approved, and, as stated in the Permissions Thread, Quincy, anyone may feel free to use whatever names they please for the characters. I'm just pleased we have a turnout for this one already.

I think this is going to turn out really well. I'm sure you'll be able to keep the story moving too Kumori.

Kumori Okami
I hope so. My last ten RP's have died before they got off the ground...

NAME: Hikari Muzikawa
AGE: 21
SEX: male
CLASS: Samurai
HOMELAND: No-where in particular.
WEAPONS: Swords, martial arts.
BIO: ((I hate bios! So I aint posting on yet))

Can I change the sex of one of the suggested characters???

Kumori Okami
Originally posted by TigerEyes
Can I change the sex of one of the suggested characters???

Sure, if you can integrate it to fit. smile

here is an image for my sage

Kumori Okami
Approved. I'll open the RP thread soon, but I have to go for now, I'm on a public computer. Look for it sometime tomorrow or the next day, though!

NAME: Ivy Tetskomi
AGE: 22
SEX: Female
CLASS: Theif
HOMELAND: unknown
WEAPONS: two daggers that was given to her by the Queen of the Bandits. She has only the talents that she learned off of the streets
BIO: Living her younger years on the streets all of her life the only person who showed any intrest in her was Ammie Terasu. Looking up to the Queen of the Bandits was nothing anyone else could do. Ivy loved Ammie like her own mother and would do anything she was told to do for Ammie.

Kumori Okami
Anyone got preferences as to whom will be his/her partner on this journey? I mean, I did say they'd be split into groups of two. Other than that, RP is up and ready to rock. Try to work your way to the High Council chambers for now, so that they can assign groups (which you can all choose here.)

Until we get some other people interested in roles such as Terasu, Tachigawa, etc. I suppose I'll play NPC's as best I can.

hey kumori-kun i can play as Terasu if youd like?

Kumori Okami
sounds good, if you're up to it.


Kumori Okami
I think I'd like to work with Ivy once the lead roles split into groups of two, as well, if you're good with that.

NAME: Isabelle DuBois
AGE: 20
SEX: Female
CLASS: Knight??? Can I, I really don't want to be the flaky saint...
HOMELAND: Paris, France
WEAPONS : Sword, shield, small dagger
BIO: Born into a noble family, her four older brothers were taught to fight for the king's army. Secretly being jealous of her brothers and the refusal to face her fate of being a house wife and object of aristocraticy, At 13 she cut her hair and joined the army as a civilian. Years of secrecy and great disguse, lead her to a high level of knightship. She is still known as Alexandre Francoeur to this day.

Kumori Okami
approved, TigerEyes.

sounds good to me kumori-kun, id love to be paired up with you lol

name: fal gom
sex: male
age: 27
An assassin who is no longer able to kill. Somehow, the sight of blood now sickens him, though he finds it very easy to injure those he is sent after beyond the point of being able to battle. Also called forth by Terasu.
homeland: unknown, even to him
wepons: throwing knifes, dagger, crossbow

I'm glad to see this is going somewhere....

Kumori Okami
Okay, the RP is waiting on a few more intros, those of you who have already signed up, but haven't gotten along to posting yet, or have had laptop issues. As for the characters that haven't been registered, I suppose we'll get around to adding them in once more people come along...

Jericho ZerÝ
Dead. No more posting, please. Lost train of thought too early in. Sorry all. Close please?

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