Nintendo world RPG(rules,register and chat)

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Hey everybody i hope you like nintendo because i will be starting a RPG based on the nintendo world type in a profile

Game that was featured in nintendo:

This will consist of Nintendo hero's going against Nintendo villians anybody from nintendo is useble oh and sonic and snake are availible as well so have fun


1.No god modding whatsoever no controlling or killing other characters that are'nt yours

2.If anyone needs a recap please give them one don't make people feel left out

3.No bad mouthing other people show them respect please immortality no one's allowed immortality

5.if something new happens please go along don't worry i won't kill your characters or take sides promise

6.each person is allowed 2 characters even me except for taboo and the master hands those are my villians but they don't count as my characters

Big tip

just try to out smart your opponents every move and its sure for victory


Game that was featured in nintendo: Super mario bros

Allies:luigi,peach,toad,any other mario bros character's

Enemies:bowser,wario,wart,cackletta,princess shroob bowser jr

Powers/gadgets/ability:fireballs,racoon feather,mega shroom,cape


Name: Pokemon trainer/red(hero)

Game that was featured in nintendo: pokemon

Allies: charizard,ivysaur and squirtle

Enemies: i don't think so

Powers/gadgets/ability: pokeballs
Squirtle:withdraw,water gun and waterfall
ivysaur:bullet seed,razor leaf and vine whip
charizard:flamethrower,rocksmash and fly
final attack:triple finish all of them combine their attacks into one

Appearence:my avatar

to choose good or evil put them in () right next to their names as so


Name:master hand(evil)

Game that was featured in nintendo: ssb

Allies:all who is evil

Enemies:all who is good

Powers/gadgets/ability:finger blast,punches,flicks,squish,and pounds enimies

Taboo won't be unleashed because each villian is going to have a chapter so until we beat an enemy we will still be in one chapter Taboo will be in the final chapter

the first chapter will start by 6/30/08 so get ready to play the gameand put your profiles and questions on this thread please

Did you get permission for this from Ush?

goooooooooood luck

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.