More star wars controversies(The force unleashed)

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Well i was reading this quote which was stated by one of TFU's producers or team members.

The Apprentice is the photo negative of Luke Skywalker. He's been raised by Darth Vader, and is what Luke would have become if he had joined his father. Vader's not a very nice daddy. This guy has been raised to be a Jedi. When the Jedi use the Force, they respect it and don't overuse it. The bad guys - the Sith - keep testing their limits. Vader discovered this person who had the potential to be the most powerful Force user ever. He's up there with the top tier. He's extremely powerful. Vader has trained him in such a way that he just kept pushing his limitations, seeing how far he could use the Force. So, where a normal Jedi might use the Force to trick his way past a few stormtroopers, the apprentice might use the Force to bring down an adjacent building on top of those stormtroopers. He's extremely confident in everything he does. He's been trained by Vader to be an assassin, an unstoppable force

Potential to be the most powerful force user ever? Wtf? More than sidious? More than luke?


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I doubt that, I see him being on the level of a Mace Windu or Malak personally. Remember that just because they say such a thing doesn't make it true.

Well your right in a sense that they can't just say shit and it getting approved right away, the fact is that luke and sidious are the most powerful force users.

POTENTIAL. He isn't as powerful, is not going to be. It'll be okay everyone.

It was said the same stuff about Jacen Solo and look how that turned out. Although I look forward to what this person's powers are going to be.

either way anakin had th potential to become the most powerful ever, not matter what anyone else says

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