Normandy Down: Deadly Planet Sign Up and Character Design

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Just Jacob
It was the year 2583. Humans had spread through the galaxy so quickly that the E.M.A. (Earth Military Alliance) had become the most powerful force ever known. There were many attempts to overthrow them, but all failed due to just the shear amount of the soldiers they had. No one stood a chance until one of their elite forces went rogue and escaped with one of their E.M.A.s most powerful warship. Now you and a force of five-thousand soldiers are en route to assault the ship and take it back. It would just be a matter of time until you were upon them, but something happened. A field enveloped around their ship as well as yours. Both of the ships were pulled out of known space and forced down to an uncharted planet. Contact with command is vert limited and the ship is no longer operable as a ship. Now you have to find the rogue ship and use it's comm unit to contact Command. The only thing standing in your way is a planet full of dinosaurs, and a really pissed off group of rogue soldiers. Survival just became a team effort. Are you up to the challenge?

Military History:
Motivation to Survive:
Special Gear:

Name: Jacob Book
Age: 26
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180lbs
Rank: Sergeant Major
Squad: Alpha
Division: 217
Military History: Jacob was always just another soldier, until one mission where they had to track down an enemy leader. The rest of his squad was killed off, but he completed the mission and fought his way back. After his promotion and a string of successful missions, he was assigned to Alpha 217 on this mission.
Specialization: He is a very skilled marksmen with some weapons, though it subtracts from his abilities with assault weapons. He also has mastered using a knife in close range combat.
Motivation to Survive:
Biography: Jacob was always a loner, and a surviver. Even in high school, he would always be by his lonesome out of choice. After his family was killed in a brutal auto-accident, he did the only option he had left and joined the E.M.A.
Weaponry: Generic army issued pistol, .50CAL Augmented Rifle, Combat Knife.
Special Gear: Ammunition, Radio, Rations, and medical supplies.

((That's what all of our suits will look like, but you can find picture of what they would look like out of the suits. You can also remove certain parts of the suit for customization.))

-Important Note-
Make sure you include your ammunition and radio in your Special gear, because you won't be able to communicate with the others.

Also, I request that everyone please do not make yourselves from the same unit. I can understand one or two, but it would lay out better from other units. This is only a request, not an order though.

Name: Loran 'Rek' Mirez

Age: 25

Height: 185cm

Weight: (avarage)

Rank: Seargent

Squad: Echo (if there arent enough people to have more than one team: Alpha)

Division: 247

Military History: Loran served sucessfully in several battle fields during some of E.M.A.'s many conflicts with the populases of the known galaxy. He earned distinction during a raid of a rebelling merchant vessel by taking spotting and disarming a seismic charge detonator bomb that would have obliterated the ships. He was not an explosives, "I just read a few manuals,". He was assigned to Echo 247.

Specialization: Is accurate with most weapons, though it is mostly with mid to long range assault weapons. An expert at hand to hand CQC and stealth weapons such as a dagger. Can also use explosives.

Motivation to Survive: War.

Biography: Born in Los Angeles, he was raised around two parents who were heavy militrists. His schooling left a little something to be desired however he was recruited into the E.M.A. at an early age during the third intergalactic war, where his father died and his mother had been captured by the enemy. Two years later, his mothers body is found in a prison colony mutilated and deformed, left to rot. He ledged his life to E.M.A. forces.

Weaponry: Generic army issued pistol, assault rifle, plama rifle, Combat Knife, explosives.

Special Gear: Ammunition, Plasma clips (2), detonators, Plasma grenades, Radio, Rations, and medical supplies.


(Is this ok?)

Just Jacob
Looks fine. Just don't go nuts and kill all of the dinos we see. Though we do need dino killing. I want it to be a gung-ho survival laughing

I'll play it realistically. ok! big grin no worries.

Just Jacob
Grenade blood fountain laughing big grin

Name: Jesse Lancaster

Age: 27

Height: 6'

Weight: 196 lbs

Rank: Corporal

Squad: Ex-Alpha (Rogue)

Division: None

Military History: Jesse was part of the D-squad Wraith, where he and his companions were given the defective gear. Most of Jesse's gear had missing straps, buttons, and visors. When the riots of Chicago erupted, Wraith was assigned to keep them in line. One of the rioters had thrown a brick and hit Jesse in the mouth. In retaliation Jesse opened fire into the crowd, killing six civilians, and wounding an eight year old. Almost immediately, Jesse was discharged, and court marshaled, but he had never showed up at court.

Specialization: Horrible with automatic weapons. His weapon of choice, though he was denied permission to use, is a sniper rifle. He excels with handguns, though they are frowned upon in actual combat.

Motivation: Live long enough to see E.M.A. fall

Biography: Born and raised in Boston. During high school he was often scorned for being too "rebellious". When he played basketball, he was kicked out for being too aggressive and refusing to listen to rules. Him and his few friends started a garage grunge band, which failed after three months. He joined E.M.A. after his parents had warned him not to.

Weaponry: Illegally modified assault rifle, custom .357 magnum

Special gear: Long antennae radio (pick up enemy chatter), armor piercing rounds (2 clips)


Name: Ania (an-ya) Snezhana
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 116
Rank: Lieutenant
Squad: Alpha
Division: 217
Military History: She grew up and was trained in a Russia atmosphere. Her training was hard and she could easily keep up with the men in battle. She is not very decorated, and yet she managed to move so far up... Hmm mystery.
Specialization: battle tactics. She is able to accurately predict the enemies movement from viewing their past camps. She can track and hit pretty accurately while on the run.
Motivation to Survive: dont die so she can move higher up the ranks
Biography: She grew up in a Russian town. She had little to no contact with friends, computers, or tvs. So without anything to do she worked hard in school and pushed her body to its limits just to keep up with the guy on the playground. She was often bullied at school for not having any friends or being able to carry a conversation about what has happened on the latest tv show. Her parents didnt know about her training until she joined the military. They were not very violent people, and yet their daughter was willingly drawing blood. They choose not to speak with her, leaving her yet again alone in the world.
Weaponry: m16 rifle, 9mm pistol, various sizes of blades.
Special Gear: ammo, com links, rations, rope, antitoxin, antibiotics (both in vials), pain killers, grenades, matches, flairs.
Appearance: She looks like a guy when she's in her army gear. But when she's not she looks like the picture below.

Just Jacob
Both approved.

Name: Tex Herron
Age: 20
Height: 5" 9'
Weight: 180 lbs
Rank: Corporal
Squad: Easy
Division: 247
Military History:Tex joined the E.M.A. under the false pretenses that they would provide a scholarship if he served one tour of duty. When the warship went rouge, he was pulled out of the Reserves, and into active duty.
Specialization:Medical Care
Motivation to Survive: To get home, go to college, and marry his beloved Payton.
Biography: At the age of 8, a terrorist attack on his home city Chicago caused him to spiral into a nervous break down. He has since been a paranoid, yet still fun-loving, hypocondriac. He went to college to become a doctor, be he joined the E.M.A. for a scholarship first.
Weaponry:Generic army issued pistol, 10 gauge pump combat-shotgun (clip fed), Combat Knife, 2 smoke grenades for fetching wounded on battlefield.
Special Gear:Medical kit(morphine, regenerative bandages, plasma, tournacets) 2 smoke grenades for fetching wounded on battlefield, radio, 5 8-round clips for pistol, 15 10-round clips for shotgun.
Appearance: see attachment

P.S. And Jacob, im sorry i was being such a dbag, i would really like to take part in this rp.

Just Jacob
Approved. And we all have our moments. No one should judge anyone. No worries, mate.

Name: daren herth
Age: 24
Height: 5"7
Rank: corperal
Squad: rouge
Division: none
Military History: nothing special. mostly gaurd posts on rear planets. at one point during a rebbelion revealed his skill with a sniper rifle.
Specialization: sniping
Motivation to Survive: cause he doesnt want to be munched by dino's. ((is this part even necesary?))
Biography: was born on earth and from an early age wanted to join the core.
Weaponry: sniper rifle. futuristic mini uzi.
Special Gear: 4 clips of ammo for each gun. night vision. radio headset.
Appearance: wears a gas mask and hood instead of helmet. ghille suit cover on armor.

Name: Alex Corvis
Age: 28
Height:6" 1'
Weight: 179 lbs
Rank: commander
Squad: alliance
Division: 228
Military History: this is Alex's first war. he was waiting for the day to come and now it has. he was never to kill others but will do anything to survive
Specialization: sniping
Motivation to Survive: to have a family one day
Biography: Alex was born and raised in Reading, PA, a city filled with ghettos and projects in which where he lived a couple of times. he lost his family in a gang war and went after the ones who killed them. he killed three out of the five responsible, getting himself a life sentence for first degree man sluaghter. he got out by his laywer, his cousin, who broke him out. he hid in the shadows and joined the military and is now waiting to go to war.
Weaponry: grenades, a sniper rifle, and two desert eagles for back up
Special Gear: three clips of ammo for each gun, a radio headset
Appearance: he has black and blue hair, or what was left of it. he has dark blue eyes that almost seem grey, he always wears an amulet his mother always wore. his skin is pale and most people call him a vampire, which makes him laugh alot. he hides his face with a mask most of the time. and he suit is always black

Just Jacob


Just Jacob
Remember, none of us can get back to command and we are very limited in our capabilities in using the Normandy. I am going ahead and getting myself on the ground so that after the Normandy is nearly destroyed, there will already be a base set up for the survivors of the crash.

Although, if DB wants to get the door opened, anyone else can get trapped in there and be on the ground when the base hits as well.

she wont get the door open in time


i didnt know we were all on the same ship o.0


Just Jacob
We are all on the same ship we just have designated troop locations and the like

Name:Joesph Buggatonei
Weight:213 lbs
Rank:ex- Alpha Gama
Military History: Ex-Soldier exiled to death for the murders of 62 innocent men & women
Specialization:Hand-To-Hand combat
Motivation to Survive: To one day find the sargent and kill him.
Biography:An orphan accepted into the Alliance at a young age, at age 15 he was in the top ten of hand-to-hand combat at age 20 he witnessed his first taste of battle apprehending a high class weapons/drug smuggler at age, 30 he was exiled for the death of 62 innocent men, women, & children now with a lust for vengeance stranded on an island by the Alliance, left for dead he seeks revenge.
Weaponry: Duel webley (.426), (Illegally upgraded) Spaz-12, Flash bangs, Tonto Sword, & a Cattle Gun
Special Gear: Communication gear, Armor piercing magnum Shotgun bullets, Armor piercing magnum pistol bullets, Binoculars, Suppressors for the Spaz & the cattle gun, Nails
Appearance: Basic Armor. Jet-black hair unkempt going down to his neck, very muscular, swamp green eyes, chiseled features and a slightly bold chin, Biceps of the gods yet his legs are a bit scrawny, his feet are slightly odd his toes curve inward and will have to be broken eventually.

(I'm sorry for not posting for so long.)

Just Jacob
Approved. Post away

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