Tidus (FFX KH) VS Cloud (FFVII)

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Tidus is the main character in Final Fantasy X.

Tidus is the classical Warrior character of the party and uses basic Swords and Shields during battle. His stats are fairly normal for an allrounder: he lags behind Auron in terms of strength (explained in the game as being "inexperienced with the sword", if you cast Scan on him) and defense but makes up for it with high Agility and Evasion growth allowing him to easily dispatch the speedier fiends. Tidus begins the game with no commands but will quickly learn the abilities Cheer, Flee, Haste and Delay Attack, which are very helpful in the early battles.

He is an energetic boy who is confident in his athletic ability

Primary Job Class: Warrior
Secondary Job Class: Time Mage


* Spiral Cut - Tidus does a 360 degree spin in the air, and unleashes it at one enemy. Under water, Tidus doesn't do the spin. Tidus starts with this Overdrive.

* Slice & Dice - Tidus does 6 attacks at random on all enemies. Under water, Tidus does the same thing. If only one enemy is present, it will become the target of all six attacks. Tidus learns this Overdrive after executing 10 successful Overdrives.

* Energy Rain - Tidus jumps off one enemy, getting air, then charging his weapon while in mid-air. He then unleashes non-elemental beams of energy on all enemies, making smaller enemies do a back flip. Under water, Tidus just unleashes the beams of energy. Tidus learns this Overdrive after executing 30 successful Overdrives.

* Blitz Ace - Tidus charges, then leaps at one enemy in Slow-motion. He executes 8 sword attacks on the enemy, plants his sword in the ground and leaps into the air, using the hilt of the planted sword as leverage. Then, according to how you treated the female party members, (this is called the affection quest) one of them would throw a Blitzball at Tidus (or, if the female character is not available in the battle, or KO'd, it would come out of nowhere), who would then kick it at the enemy with the Sphere Shot. The overdrive meter appears before this final shot is taken. If the bar is not stopped correctly, Tidus will miss the blitzball and fall to the ground. If the overdrive is performed under water, there (naturally) isn't any ground to plant the sword in, so instead, he will simply swim away and perform the Sphere Shot with sword in hand. Tidus learns this Overdrive after executing 80 successful Overdrives.

Cloud Strife is the main protagonist in both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He also appears in the spin-off games Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Job Class: Warrior

Cloud is a ex-soldier who wields a gigantic sword the buster sword later gains First Tsurugi he is amazing fighter with incredible speed and amazing strength

Limit Breaks

Braver Already known Single physical attack with a downward slash dealing three times normal damage.

Cross-slash Use Braver 8 times. Single physical attack with three slices dealing 3.25 times normal damage (despite what certain publications might believe) and inflicting paralysis.

Blade Beam Kill ~80 enemies with Cloud. Strikes a single enemy with a heavy attack dealing 3.5 times normal damage, and hits other enemies for less damage with shockwaves.

Climhazzard Use Blade Beam 7 times. Strikes enemy, then jumps upwards running the sword along the enemy dealing 4.375 times normal damage.

Meteorain Kill ~80 enemies with Cloud after learning Climhazzard. Six meteors fall and hit random targets for 1.625 times normal damage each.

Finishing Touch Use Meteorain 6 times. | Hits all enemies with a tornado causing death and dealing 3.125 times normal damage for any enemy immune to death.

Omnislash Buy with 64,000 Battle Points at Gold Saucer on Disc One, and for only 32,000 Battle Points on Discs 2 + 3 (you probably wont need it on disc 1, anyways) Hits random enemies 15 times under the effect of automatic critical hits for .75 times normal damage each hit.

Cloud uses the new Omnislash Version 5 to defeat Sephiroth. Cloud can only use this limit break if he's equipped with the First Tsurugi and if all pieces of this multi-piece broad sword is intact.

From what we've seen by the 2, Cloud has a more impressive showing.

damn right

Kirikaze Fuuma

this is spite i mean tidus is inexperienced and young no specail strenght cloud on the other hand has been fighting for so long and his limit has more hits then tidus plus his sword is bigger and cloud is faster

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