Tir McDohl (Suikoden) VS Kilik (Soul Calibur)

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Tir McDohl is the main character and Tenkai Star (Chief Star of Heaven) of Suikoden. He is a powerful attacker, as well as a fair magic user. Though not as a Star of Destiny, Tir appears in Suikoden II as a playable character "McDohl" if data was transferred over from Suikoden.

He is 16 years old at the beginning of the game. He becomes the Commander-in-Chief of the Toran Liberation Army and comes to bear the Rune of Life and Death. In combat, Tir wields a Bo staff his teacher Kai was Tir's instructor of bo staves and disappeared one day when going for a walk. He returns to aid Tir, who still calls him "master". He is eventually made one of the Six Great Generals after the war, and army combat instructor.

Tir Has a True Rune was Called Soul Eater or Rune Life and Death

The Rune of Life and Death, better known as the Soul Eater, is one of the 27 True Runes and represents life and death.

his rune was kept by the Village of the Hidden Rune until Solis 150 when Windy, along with Yuber and Neclord, destroyed the Village. The rune was passed on from Ted's Grandpa onto Ted, and Ted since wandered the world. Eventually, worn down by the Rune's curse and the social exclusion that it brought, Ted accepted the offer of the mysterious Fog Ship Guide to hand over the rune and disappear from the world. His exile lasted years, but when he saw the actions of the bearer of the Rune of Punishment (another heavily cursed rune) Ted decided to leave the Fog Ship and return to the outside world. The Fog Ship Guide was unwilling to part with the Souleater and battled for possession of it and the Rune of Punishment. Following the Guide's defeat Ted reclaimed the Rune and aided the Bearer of the Rune of Punishment in the war between the Island Nations and Kooluk. However, once the conflict was over Ted returned to a solo nomadic life. After his wandering, he befriended the son of Teo McDohl, Tir. After Windy realized that Ted bore the Souleater, he was attacked by Windy. Barely escaping with his life, Ted begged Tir to become the next bearer of the Souleater, which Tir accepted. Since then, the rune bent the fate of those around Tir and dragged them into the clutches of death, starting with Odessa Silverberg, then with Gremio, Teo McDohl, and even its own ex-bearer, Ted. However, it is uncertain whether having one's soul being sucked by the souleater means death, as the spirits of those who have died live on within the bearer of the Souleater.

Whoever possess this Rune will live forever whoever dies the souleater will suck them in unless ur near him

Tir is the only son of Teo McDohl. Because of his father's demanding position and his mother passing away shortly after his birth, he spent most of his childhood in the care of a soldier named Gremio as well as two of his father's retainers, Cleo and Pahn. He also became close to Ted, a young boy brought into the McDohl household.

Soul Eater Abilities
* Finger of Death: Drain 1 enemy's life energy.
* Stealer of Souls: 300dmg vs. 1 enemy; heal user.
* Final Bell: Instant kill or 500dmg vs. 1 row.
* Black Shadow: -300HP to all enemies.
* Hell: Instant kill vs. all enemies.
* Hades: Drain life energy of all enemies.
* Judgment: -1500HP to 1 enemy.

Kilik is a character in the Soul series video games. He appears in Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur II, and Soul Calibur III. He is set to appear in Soul Calibur IV.

I put the description done for Tir so if no one know who he is

What the f**k? Spite. The Soul Eater is a monstrous ability. Kilik has no way to protect himself from being soul-stealed.

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