Gene (Godhand) VS Akuma

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this is Gene with just the godhand. no devilhand. and its against SF3 Akuma. Can gouki beat this crazy psycho.

those who participate get free head sad

Kirikaze Fuuma
Gene is an extreme fighter...

the way he pummel Dr. Ion( ), fought a gorilla, his power is... nasty. his punches sent his opponent flying while Gouki... never did anything like that. but since Gouki able to cut a ayers rock but that's a special move. he blow an island? doubtful since his tenma gou zankuu didn't create any heavy damage. speed? you see how Gene fight. I believe he'll trouble Gouki a lot by his power.

I guess it can't be helped. Gene is too strong. fighting a gorilla, an iron made robot, etc. Gene win.

P.S : give me SF fanboys head mad

okay, you SF'ers! mad
you heard the man! on your knees! work the shaft!

I'd partipate, since it's Gouki, but I kinda know absolutely nothing about Gene. At all.

Kinda stuck in the water here, all I can say is "Gouki wins cause he's cool, man!"


Vampire Savior
This thread has been made before and not to long ago. Gene still kicks'im into space.

DarkC, you can check out this site. its not too in-depth, but from the videos (if you have DSL) you can get an idea of things.
here's the link:


Akuma takes it with experience. However, if he's clipped it's gonna hurt.
But pretty much, Raging Demon and it's gameover.

honestly i doubt akuma'll last that long. full fledge demons barely could touch Gene. i doubt the ones in hell can. and again, akuma probably wouldn't last that long. Akuma's in for a spanking laughing out loud

its like the "hulk vs akuma" argument: even if akuma takes him to hell, he'll go HULK SMASH and kill them all (something he's done before).

No way hozay.

a very convincing argument no expression

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.