KH2 Sephiroth run the Dead or Alive Gauntlet

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KH2 Sephiroth with every ability, including Heartless Angel


The dead or alive gauntlet:
1. Zack
2. Jann Lee
3. Ayane
4. Hayate
5. Bass Armstrong
6. Kasumi
7. Christie
8. Ryu Hayabusa

Can KH2 Sephiroth and CC Zack beat ever one of them in a 2 on 8 battle? Everyone is fighting at the same time.

Kirikaze Fuuma
dude, you're joking right? Seph would clear this.

Sephiroth could likely handle this alone but with Zack on his side it's like WTF PWNT besides RYU I can't imagine anyone giving them any trouble.

Zack Fair
Great spite.

2 guys with massive swords, magic and super human stats against guys with super human stats alone.

Nice spite.

NG Hayabusa(having weapons) can definitely beat either of them alone, but in a tag team he gets screwed over.

This is actually all eight on both of them.

So while Zack is busy cutting Hayate in half, Flying Swallow ftw.

Then Seph is overwhelmed.

Zack Fair
Actually Zack is quite fast. He won't be busy with any of them besides the Ninja, whose speed is up there with the former SOLDIERs.

And I am now confused about the OP. Did he mean only Sephiroth gets to use every ability(which would include summoning and magic in Zack's case) or do both SOLDIERs get all their abilities?

Magic which probably won't even hurt Ryu based on the end of NG2...

And Zack is not Flying Swallow fast, nothing is. 131

Zack Fair
Flying Swallow lags once Hayabusa lands it, and Zack has managed to deflect and dodge bullets with relative ease. He can definitely parry Hayabusa's FS. Not to mention FS is an extremely cheap gameplay mechanic that has been nerfed over the years.

Besides you're making that scenario where Sephiroth just stands there watching as Zack takes on 2 opponents at once.

How about this: Sephiroth holds his own against the Ninja while Zack slaughters the rest of the cast. Then both of them proceed to finish what is left of the ninja. Not to mention I don't see any "DOA cast get their weapons" in the OP so I assume they are all fighting H2H which means they all die terribly.

Oh. This is H2H?

Nevermind, that pretty much destroys my argument.

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