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Six months after the incident with the Norad and the Normandy, the infection seemed to have doubled in power. Northern and Southern America are left in a state of disarray, and the rest of the world is fearing the spread of the infection to Europe and Asia. Virtually everyone of age has been inducted into the military. Men, women, and children are all taken into the military without discrimination. Now, instead of well trained militaries, most of the world has a poorly trained, gigantic army. There have been rumors that they are preparing for a huge assault being lead by the infected.

Refugees, soldiers, and leaders of the new world all conviene in Great Britain to attempt and establish a plan of action. That's where the new heroes come into the picture. The infection spread faster than expected and is now at the door of England. It is up to the defenders whether the country is overtaken or not. Reports from China, Russia, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Korea, and Vietnam, of brutal attacks from the infected. Defenses are being raised, but it seems to be a lost cause.

Home Country:
Special Item:
Location at the Time Before the Assault:
Biography: ((Optional))

Name: Kamarov
Age: 37
Nationality: Russian
Team: Expirimental Hazmat Savior Unit
Weaponry: M16A1, Markarov Rifle, Glock
Speciality: Infiltration
Appearance: All black hazmat suit with a large machete hanging off his back
Home Country: Russia
Motivation: Complete his mission, and return to his friends in America in the last survivor colony.
Equipment: First-Aid kit, Ammunitions, lock pick.
Special Item: Universal Card. ((Opens all card reader doors))
Location at the Time Before the Assault: Crashed Normandy.
Biography: ((Optional))

Name: Loran 'Rek' Mirez
Age: 29- I think
Nationality: American/English
Team: Hazmat Alpha/Savior Expeditionary squad
Rank: Lieutenant
Weaponry: SCAR CQC Assault Rifle with 6x rifle scope attachment and a silencer, Dostevi pistol with laser sight and silencer, Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Explosives Pack: C4, DET pack, Sachel Charges, Experimental Explosives (if any), Incendary Grenades, Trip Mines.
Speciality: Varies. Good shot with most weapons, and loves explosives.
Appearance: Armoured Hazmat suit with undisclosed modifications.
Home Country: London, England. but truly his home in the U.S. Marines.
Motivation: To survive and have a family, and to see the world push through this epidemic or die trying to stop it.
Equipment: Med-pack, wire cutters, detonators, GPS, Hunting Knife.
Special Item: Hazmat suit (undisclosed modifications)
Location at the Time Before the Assault: Crashed Norad/Normandy
Biography: Survivor of the original Delta Contigion mission where all members of his squad were killed but him and was instrimental in the rescue of his comrades on Delta team. He survived the nuclear blast that decimated the original military lab and city and recoperated in a military coordened hosptal. He then went on to serve as a special ops officer at the Groom Lake research faclity in Nevada, and then onto Iraq before returning to America. Then another outbeak occured and he was called in to lend his expertiese on the playing field. (for the rest of this bio, you absolutly have to read Hazmat: Reclaimer RP)

Name: Frank Mistara
Age: 27
Nationality: American
Team: None
Rank: Commander
Weaponry: Any
Speciality: Any
Appearance: Regulation Uniform
Home Country: New Jersey, U.S.A.
Motivation: Save the world
Equipment: Any
Special Item: Any
Location at the Time Before the Assault: With Kat.
Biography: ((Optional))

OK? New characters coming soon...

jalek moye
how is this infection spread

Mando' Ade
Name: carlos sanchez
Age: 27 ((i think, im not sure.))
Nationality: hispanic american
Team: delta
rank: seargent
Weaponry: m4a1 sopmod, laser sight, red dot scope, grenade launcher, m9 pistol with trigger gaurd mounted laser pointer, barrett 50. caliber sniper rifle with limited ammo. 2 frags and an incendiary grenade. combat knife.
Speciality: sniper
Appearance: fair tan, brown hair, close cut, brown eyes, model 2 hazmat, gihilly suit model.
Home Country: USA, texas
Motivation: to end it, once ad for all
Equipment: tactical spotlight attached to his shoulder, david fentas dog tags on the same chain as his own, night vision, rangefinder, and comm unit built into suit.
Special Item: hellblazer laser designator for small tactical nukes ((rpg7 sized))
Location at the Time Before the Assault: crash sight of ch-47 chinook helicopter near nomad and normandy
Biography: survivor of the first two incidents, the delta contamination and the outbreak in the small town just a few months later. afer his helicopter crashed from the blast of the two airships explosions, he spent his time wandering around, searching for survivors, speciffacally loran mirez, who had fallen out of the helicopter while helping carlos back in, and jacob book.


and the infection is spread through bites, scratches, fluids, and touch. Though only a few of the mutations can use the touch to spread.

Name: Jacob Book
Age: 30
Nationality: American
Team: N/A
Weaponry: AK47
Speciality: Crack Shot
Appearance: New black Hazmat armor
Home Country: America
Motivation: Survive and find out where he is.
Equipment: Med Kit, radio
Special Item: Combat Knife
Location at the Time Before the Assault: Unknown even to himself ((American Country Side))
Biography: Jacob was the original team leader of Delta team, and found himself infected after everything was over and done with. Now, he is lost after the crash of the Normandy.

Oh and the Normandy crashed about thirty miles away from the Norad, and the Norad was destroyed for the most part, but the Normandy is still together, just broke as hell.

Mando' Ade

jalek moye
ok sorry for the not fully understanding but is the location before the assulat where they are gonna be when they start in the rp

Yes, because we will all be transported to the same place in different ways. That's where we all meet up and realize the huge assault is coming for the rest of the world.

Name: Selina
Age: 25
Nationality: Japanese
Team: Hazmat Savior Unit
Weaponry: Two pistols,Crossbow,two butcher knives
Speciality: Medical training,hand to hand combat
Appearance: Long brown/black hair,fair skin,Hazmat suit
Home Country: Japan
Motivation: Hopefully stop the infection
Equipment small amount of first aid,Cross
Special Item: Aarows
Location at the Time Before the Assault:Unknown
Biography: ((Optional))

Reks location: Not Known, though he is surrounded by his follower Infected, though few.


jalek moye
Name: Jalek Moye
Age: 25
Nationality: Egyptian
Team: N/A
Weaponry: M16, machete, 2 tomahawks. desert eagle.
Speciality: close quarters combat
Appearance: atheleticly built young african man, with starightened hair thats slicked back. he wears an armored hazmat suit like this http://api.ning.com/files/Hm6fIobnTufBlJPel-96VjGsCy46QG5F22kcCVVnAp8_/blackdye5.bmp
Home Country: Saudi arabia
Motivation: survive
Equipment: basic medical supplies hand bag with clips in a compartment of his armor, and combat knife strapped on his forearm
Special Item: thermal vision and night vision modes on his helmet(if thats ok)
Location at the Time Before the Assault: around the crashed normandy
Biography: will find out as it progresses

Mando' Ade
nice armor man


No one's going to touch the actual role play?

As long as we don't advance it all the way to where we are leaving, then we can go.

jalek moye
i will i just have to figure out how i should make my first post

Name: Simon Raynard
Age: 25
Nationality: American
Team: Hazmat Alpha
Weaponry: Heckler & Koch MP5
Speciality: Computer Hacking
Appearance: http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q196/griff189/guys80.jpg
Home Country: USofA
Motivation: Survival
Equipment: Standard med pack and combat knife
Special Item: Computer hacking pack
Location at the Time Before the Assault: A safe house somewhere in Europe.
Biography: Not much to say. In the first battle, he was thought to be killed after saving his commander, Loran Mirez, and the rest of his team from an ambush by a group of the infected.

jalek moye
lol caucasion isn't a nationality

laugh. i meant to put American. i was looking at something else.

jalek moye
so somone wanna help me with how i should start
for some reason i cant think of of a good start

Well not having a team means you're a survivor of the attack in the previous story. You're first priority should be to connect with other survivors and find a way to contact the main base

you can be on the side of the road. shannon and kat can pick you up.

jalek moye

i'll make my post later today.

Can post later...

if ok... honestly idk where Rek is atm.

Could someone volunteer to be the one who nursed my charatcer back to health? I can't think of a way to fit it in the way I want to.

I hate when that happens.two post and I edit one that makes the next post an total mess

So I take it that no one can help out my character? That's fine. I'll think of something.

I would but I don't even know where your charactor is seeing that you didn't post.I'm also not sure what team your charactor is on

Or did you post

i posted and i'm on the alpha squad. at least i was. my character was thought to be dead after the first outbreak in the first RP of this. i was just going to be wherever it is that whoever helped me was located.

oh I thought you had to be at the same place and stuff.So do you still wanna get nursed back or what

i'm already back to full health. i just need to get to where all the action is happening.

question. what are the infected?

Name: Logan Spector
Age: 26
Nationality: Irish
Team: Rogue
Weaponry: Two 24/7 Pro Compact 9mm with 4 magazine's of 25 shots.

VFC Barrett M82A1 Sniper Rifle 8mm Caliber Gas Power 40 round Magazine's Manual Short Recoil Barrel

Mark II Serrated Automatic Knife

Specialty: Hand To Hand Combat, Sniper Rifle
Appearance: Stands at 5'9, Gray eyes and pale Irish skin scattered with freckles. Strong Jaw line, with thin lips that curled at the edges, permanently making him look slightly insane. His teeth were perfect despite the lack of Dental work. His hair was dark brown, but tightly shaved. Other than the freckles, he was covered in various tattoo's. Nicely built. Fitted black tee shirt, and black camo jeans tucked into his standard issue black combat boots.

Home Country: South Africa
Motivation: Death of his fiancee and child
Equipment: Other than his weapons nothing else.
Special Item: His wallet containing pictures of his girl and son. Also a necklace that he wears his son made for him.
Location at the Time Before the Assault: The Grocery Store
Biography: ((Optional))

Unknown, and he doesnt talk about it.


where are we in the rp

i want to change my last name Logan O'Boyle

Well from my understanding the infected are living beings( Not undead) that are very violent.As for where we are .We're aboader the Normandy.

im placing my chara where ever you guys are at, or at least close by.

Ok.Just don't make hime pop out of no where and be talking with the group like he was there all along.I hope you get what I'm saying.

But umm ord I'll only go in to check on your charactor if your online

no. im not a noob lol. just had to make a new name

LOL.Good to know.

Kind of sucks because I can't post pictures until I get more posts in general.

Oh, and the Normandy crashed a long way away from the town.

and i didnt know this. thanks. still wouldnt see a propane explosion from where you are is that what your saying?

No, it's cause you said you heard the chopper a while back. You should be able to hear it when it leaves the hanger though. It's military after all

okay thanks.

i may have been confused is the radio from the helicopter or do your charas have one?

We have one, just it's a specific channel. Just make your character boradcast on all


sleep is important. hit this up tomorrow. peace out guysss

can i get a recap so i can bring Logan into the mix again.

also im leaving at noon to see my father. ill be back tonight or tomorrow. MWAH

Mando' Ade
nothing happened, we just went into the armory and met with an old friend.

Follow Carlos. Its only been one page.

couldnt find one with a shirt. heheheh http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2318/2207201942_db32d7d9ab.jpg?v=0

pick of my chara logan

shit im leaving for the day again. i suck


New battle armor

recap. i should be here till 2, then i have to work.

Name: Savannah Book
Age: 29
Nationality: American
Team: Omega
Weaponry: Customized AK47 ((Instead of clips, it uses specialized ammo drums that hold 300 rounds.))
Speciality: Making split second decisions
Appearance: Same as Jacob and Ben except her build is more like Jacob's.
Home Country: United States.
Motivation: Save her family
Equipment: Extra rounds, flashlight, thermite compound.
Special Item: A special gift ((Revealed later))
Location at the Time Before the Assault: Jacob's home
Biography: ((Optional))

i realised that the pics i put up dont work so here they are

kat is below and shannon... *sigh* this was a senior picture she got when she was still in school

I got a picture like that somewhere, 'cept I'm not a girl, and I am in full cammo. laughing



I finally found Jacob's appearance out of his armor. http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll125/Akwaman-811/blackwater.jpg

nice one XD

one more year and that WILL be me =D

thats awesome... now i gotta find one that kicks that ones ass

Nothing beats a Blackwater PMC cool

not even this

or this?

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Just think, this will be another day at work for me =D

i have the first one along with

Typical infected

More infected

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