Hsien-Ko vs Taki

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(Read First, wait fnpbody reads these fully!)

Taki was successful at eluding Starkiller from direct combat, his power seemed completely unusual. Hiding, she looked at the tower and dashed to it, aiming to stop Seigfried and Nightmare from meeting, however, the person who distracted her made her late. A bright light flashed only to expand and eat away at the tower in a huge light and then shroud Taki withen it. When the kunoichi woke she was in a completely different place, looking around she noticed two women, Talim and Tira, ingoring them she walked off and explored the village. 'This is not Europe...' she thought as she ran across a roof. Looking away she felt a disturbance, holding onto Mekkei Maru she noticed a fragment of Soul Edge must be close. That was impossible... It was already completed... Unless it shattered again. She hurried to another direction to find the fragment.

In a furthur distance, a girl picked up the shard of Soul Edge. "Cool, hey sis, I think we found something intersting." she said. A girl wearing amber stood next to her, "Hsien-Ko, thats a fragment of Soul Edge, the legendary weapon that could..." the next thing she noticed, the book she read explaining Soul Edge vanished along with the book, "Wh- What?" she gasped. Hsien-Ko hid the shard withen her sleeve. "Well if it is Soul Edge it may help us out, lets go." she than walked off leaving the confused Mei Ling following closely behind. A day passed and the two left an inn and traveled only to see a woman in front of them: Taki. "You, have a piece of the evil sword. Give me the shard now!" she demanded. Hsien-Ko scoffed, "Evil sword? Soul Edge right? Look lady, I don't know who you are but we aren't giving back the piece, we can use this for something helpful and important so move." Hsien-Ko stated. The two glared down and Taki grabbed her Kodachis. "Fine, if that is how you want it, I'll take the shard from you by force!" Hsien-Ko smirked, "Ready sis?" she asked, Mei Ling sighed. "Hsien-Ko..." she groaned before making spell signals and transformed into a tag onto Hsien-Ko's hat, "Whatever, the sooner we end this the better." the Jiang Shi replied. The two than stared each other down, the small village was about to become a battlefield now...

* Hsien-Ko has all her attacks from Night Warriors: DarkStalkers Revenge

* Taki has all her attacks from SCIV EXPECT Critical Finisher

* Fight goes until one is down

Well by feats, Taki(but not by much).

But, Hsien-Ko by status should win...IMO.

Vampire Savior
Hsien-Ko...she's already dead. Taki can't kill her.

Plus I really don't see how Taki is goin to be able to overcome Hsien-Ko's outrageous special and supers. How will she avoid GIANT bombs and rainin GIANT maces and a shockwaves of GIANT blades comin out of the ground plus more, I'll have to play the game to remember more off her moves but she can be in MVC...unchanged wit her specials and supers. Plus she's so fast that she can disappear for short times and even run on air. She can also teleport and make herself intangible plus other things I can't remember.

Hsien-Ko just so happens to be my 2nd best character in DS3

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.